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New Animals Shows Coming To Television!!!

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If there's one thing we cannot get enough of, it's television shows involving animals!

We want 'em, love 'em, and adore 'em.

Which is why we're happy to hear that there are a TON of new animal television shows coming this spring.

Here are some of the new television series coming:

ANIMAL BFFs (wt) tells the irresistible stories of odd couples from the animal kingdom. They say opposites attract, and there’s nothing cuter than the moment when friends from different species meet for the first time. Each tale begins with the story of how these creatures met and follows them on a journey that reveals surprising truths about their unusual friendships. Whether these fuzzy pals are taking their first trips across the yard or conspiring to steal food from the kitchen together, ANIMAL BFFs’ tongue-in-cheek narration brings out the drama, comedy and occasional romantic connections that occur along the way.

Whether it’s a lion, tiger or bear, no grooming design is too crazy for dog groomer extraordinaire Angela Kumpe. The Arkansas groomer specializes in outrageous transformations, and her “my-way-or-the-highway” attitude combined with her amazing skill has all of the South talking and her ornery employees squabbling. Kumpe lets her imagination run wild to fulfill the requests of her demanding clients who have very colorful imaginations. No request is too outrageous, but things can get crazy when Fido enters the shop as an ordinary dog and comes out looking like a bumblebee!

In MY TINY TERROR (wt), Animal Planet’s small dog trainer travels the country and trains some of the naughtiest and tiniest dogs. While these teacup pups may look sweet, they’re causing mayhem in their owners’ homes. From incessant yapping at strangers to ankle bites that end with hospitalization, our expert has seen it all. He helps families on the verge of giving up these small nightmares and restores harmony to these homes.

It takes a special type of person to live with bears, and the townspeople of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada live with thousands of polar bears year round. In POLAR BEAR CROSSING (wt), the residents of Churchill have chosen to accept these unpredictable creatures as their aggressive neighbors, but their lives are shaped by the “tides” of the migrating bears. Knowing danger could be lurking around the corner, the residents of Churchill are outnumbered two to one by polar bears, so they’ve learned to co-exist with them by braving frequent attacks and living their lives.

PRIMATE PLANET introduces viewers to our extraordinary, colorful and fascinating extended family scattered across the globe. Primates are our closest relatives, yet we know so little about their peculiar lifestyles and behaviors. Getting up close and personal with black-eyed lemurs, patas monkeys and olive baboons in Africa; slow lorises, red-shanked doucs and orangutans in Asia; and titi monkeys, red uakaris and tufted capuchins in South America, this three-part series reveals the beauty and diversity among primates.

In every corner of the Earth, weird and wonderful animals swarm together in massive congregations. SWARM CHASERS (wt) showcases some of the most extraordinary natural events on Earth, including one-and-a-half million bats that emerge nightly from their home beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX, and the 100- million crabs that turn Australia’s Christmas Island red during their annual swarm. Scientist George McGavin sets out to learn what drives creatures to flock together. Taking viewers deep into some of nature’s greatest mysteries, he uncovers the truth behind these huge gatherings by traveling the globe and surrounding himself with millions of animals at a time.

Twice the size of Texas, Alaska is America’s largest state, but with a population of about one person per square mile, it is also home to America’s largest wilderness frontier. In WILD ALASKA (wt), travel to this ancient and remote land where each day is a fight for survival for the animals and people who inhabit it. In the Arctic north, join the largest concentration of polar bears on the planet as they scavenge for food on land while they wait for the ocean to freeze and seals to arrive. On the southern coast, witness the uneasy relationships between grey wolves and brown bears, two of Alaska’s top predators, as they fight for prime position before the annual salmon run. Visit Denali, an area located in the shadow of North America’s tallest mountain, for a rare glance at the remarkable Arctic ground squirrel, the only mammal that can cool its temperature below zero and still survive. Learn about the people who call this remarkable wilderness home and their struggle living at the wilderness’ doorstep. This is WILD ALASKA, an incomparable land like no other in the United States."

That's a lot of new animal shows to keep us occupied!

Better get your Tivo's ready, because it's going to be one hell of a television season for animal lovers!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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