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New Laws Consider Animal Abuse Exposers Terrorists???

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Well this doesn't make much sense! Terrorism? REALLY?

That is, unless the lawmakers are super into abusing animals. Or being paid off. Those are the only ways we could EVER see this happening — because the collection of wide-reaching laws will effectively make it impossible to collect evidence of animal abuse from here on out!

We're talking about cutting off whistleblowers with good hearts or even videographers working with the Humane Society when their evidence usually ends with prosecutions, fines, and even reform among producers! Which is a GREAT thing! Those poor animals!

With the new bills, deemed "Ag-Gag," the people who collect the evidence must turn it into authorities as soon as it's collected, instead of being able to accumulate any detailed or significant body of evidence. Which normally would lead to better results against the offenders!

It's all justified by saying that the quick turnaround would give authorities more leverage to enforce the law. The hidden benefit, however, is the ability to paint the producers in a bad light and to avoid 'PR nightmares.'

Here's what one of the assumed pro-animal abuse legislators said about those abusers who get caught (his name is Don Lehe, and he's a real piece of work):

“That property owner is essentially guilty before they had the chance to address the issue."

YEP. THAT'S HOW IT WORKS. If they're not being held accountable, the evidence makes them accountable!

Seriously, these laws are crazy! Take for instance the "Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act," which would ban photos and video taken by anyone seeking to "defame the facility or its owner." Isn't that part of the point, too? To not only save the animals, but to stop the sleazeballs that hurt them from ever hurting again?

Under that act, if you're found guilty of taking pics and vids like that, you're going to get some complimentary criminal charges and you'll be added to a 'terrorist registry.'


All these proposed Ag-Gag laws are absurd and blatant catering to owners who don't want to be punished for being inhumane (which is usually cheaper). They've got deep pockets, and deep pockets mean they can get to our government officials. It's great how that works, isn't it?


[Image via AP Images.]

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