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Therapy Dog DIES After Being Left In Sweltering Car!

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We are so worked up over this! We don't CARE if you claim there was a scheduling mix up, why would you ever leave a dog in the car??

Ruby is a therapy dog, and the excuse of her being left in the car at all was that owner Dave Carden, 53, a PE teacher, would drive her in and leave her in his car for another teacher to pick up for class. This time it didn't happen, and Ruby was left in the hot car for SIX hours when Dave returned to find her dead.

We don't care how much this guy 'loved' his dog, because if he truly loved her this whole leave-in-the-car swap arrangement wouldn't exist!

Ruby had been on hand since 2010 to help with lower-ability student. THEY loved her, and were devastated by the news.

Here's what the principal had to say:

'Ruby was a much-loved member of the school community and died in what can only be described as a tragic accident. We've got a number of very upset pupils and staff and we're trying our best to provide the necessary support to those concerned.'

Accident? Accidents are things that can't really be avoided! Mistake, maybe. Mistake means you went in with one intention but the result was a failure. This one cost a poor doggy her life!

There's no word on what's going to happen to Dave, if anything!

[Image via Swale Academy Trust.]

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