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Bumblebees Are Stone Cold Killers!!!

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Bumblebees always seem the friendliest of all the bees!

They usually don't sting, and they look kind of funny as they bumble along.

But apparently it's hard out there for a bumblebee!

Here's some TERRIFYING bumblebee info from a recent science-tastic report:

"In mid-summer when the females suddenly turn on each other and the nest is rife with cannibalism, infanticide and incest."

And the worst part is that the females usually end up killing their mother aka the Queen Bumblebee!

What happened to thou shall respect thy parents???

The female bumblebees also aren't nice to each other, and they are all trying to kill as many of their sisters plus their sister's eggs as they can while protecting their own eggs.

Talk about multi-tasking!

What about the male bumblebees you ask? Well, when they're born, they try and impregnate the closest female bumblebee - which usually happens to be their sister!

And when they succeed? The male bumblebees die.

That's definitely some unsatisfying sex!

The surviving female bumblebees are crowned queens, and they soon enter hibernation where they await the next round of who'll survive!!!

Like we said - life ain't easy for a bumblebee!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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