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Glow-In-The-Dark Roach Discovered! Yuck!

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Glow Roach

Science always seems to be finding new species every year.

It also seems like they're always discovering some new gross bug or horrifying spider monster.

Why can't they ever discover unicorns or wood nymphs or something like that??

Science has made a top ten list for new species discovered and guess what gross bug made the list…

Glow-in-the-dark cockroaches!!

The committee chair who builds the list said:

"We look for organisms with unexpected features or size and those found in rare or difficult to reach habitats. We also look for organisms that are especially significant to humans those that play a certain role in human habitat or that are considered a close relative."

He should've continued saying, "We also were looking for gross bugs that can keep you up at night with laser light shows as they sprint across your face as you sleep." LOLz!

Because that's what we bet this cockroach is all about.

At least these roaches glow so you can steer clear of them at night, but still, pretty gross.

[Image via Peter Vrsansky & Dusan Chorvat.]

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