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100s Of Dogs Abandoned In The Everglades!

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dog rescue everglades operation

In Florida, in the Everglades, a dog rescue foundation called 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida is doing whatever they can to help lost pups.

It's a sad fact that some people are heartless monsters and simply abandon their dogs when they no longer feel like caring for them.

Amy Roman is the founder of the rescue operation and her nonprofit group has rescued over 700 dogs and 40 cats since September 2011.

Even though it's a $5,000 fine or a year in prison for abandoning a pet in Florida, owners still do it, often.

Amy said:

"There's tons and tons of dogs on these nurseries. The mothers are found covered in snake bites. Puppies are orphaned. We may be driving around and then hit the mother lode where all the dogs are."

The great thing is, Amy has dozens of volunteers scouring the Everglades for dogs to rescue.

Then they always make sure to find the dogs a good home!

Thank goodness for people like Amy Roman and her rescue operation!

Keep on saving those pups!!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

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19 comments to “100s Of Dogs Abandoned In The Everglades!”

  1. Alanna says – reply to this


    Let's get real about this psycho money grabbing con artist because I went on said 'rescue mission' on the 2nd and these women are the biggest wimps I have ever seen!  I run a real rescue and I would have fired my volunteers in a second for conducting themselves like these women did.  Granted some dogs were saved and even one life saved is a great thing, however, people drove from all over Florida and were prepared to bring dogs to other rescues just to find out this was a big money grab.  These women made $2,000 plus in the first 15 minutes of showing up via tshirt sale cash money.  They take off in their spanking new van with their glitter tits hanging out in full makeup to the first location.  Which btw was NOT in the Everglades it was another 501c3 rescue with 20+ dogs in horrible conditions.

  2. Alanna says – reply to this


     I work full time and rescue digs on top of it and this is not rescue.  Real rescues don't make up dramatic stories and edit videos and have 20 morons chase a scared dog to get it on camera.  Princess Glitter Tits has two goals in life 1 make a crap ton of money and 2 get a reality show.  Dogs were left behind because at the end of the day the volunteers were just there to make it look good on video not save a dog or put them first.

  3. Alanna says – reply to this


     It was raining and the dogs were in chain link runs which stunk of feces and they had not a single place dry to sleep.  Suddenly some lady shows up and surrenders two dogs to 100+ which later ended up on their Facebook page as "found abandoned in the Everglades" let's get real Glitter tits those dogs were handed to you in the Redlands farm area at another rescue by an owner surrender!  You didn't find them in the Everglades!

  4. Truth says – reply to this


    Amy Joy Roman/Amy Roman Restucci is a con artist! First off her lesbian act is the funniest as she was, and I quote from Amy "happily married!" to a MAN!!! just in 2009. Do some research on her, she rescues full time now, why? because she is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help dogs but it just pays her personal bills and her tank top biker lesbain crew! She is a scam artist! She came into the picture a couple of years ago partnered with a local rescue learned the ropes then got involved with No Kill Nation and Debi Day ( another pyscho scam artist)—she saw how much money was being scammed from public and now she runs her own bogus rescue raking in the money! I went on on of her bogus rescues and it was all staged and scripted as the cameras rolled. I am shocked Peresz you didnt do your research on this one. She sets up staged "rescues" with her cast of employees and takes her green volunteers along on a wild goose chase to end up on private properties and picking up a dog here and a dog there being surrendered.

  5. truth says – reply to this


    The sad thing is there are tons of dogs suffereing out there but Amy Joy Roman Restucci is no dog savior. She is a scam! Look at her sun sentinel paid article June 3rd about the rescue mission on June 2nd …she is quoted " I was pulling ticks out of ear canals late at night" Thats a lie!! She was at a dive bar playing twister with her lesbain rescue crew with all the cash she made from tshirt sales that day!!! I saw the pics. The real story here is Amy Roman is a con artist and the dogs are suffering. She is capatilzing on the dogs pain and suffering and laughing her way to the bank! It is time to get the real story out there. She is NOT a hero she is a ZERO!!!!! Look into that Perez……

  6. dogrescue says – reply to this


    Dogs getting rescued is great. Just need some transparency from this Amy– she collected 23000 to rescue 23 dogs most of which were rescued form another 501c rescue who is being closed down and these dogs are supposedly already vetted. Why the need for all this money–cause she has stated this is her fulltime job and just how much does she pay herself from donations?? There are lots of great groups saving dogs in Everglades–donate to the ones you find are transparent and honest!!! The last "rescue" was nothing more than an audition for a reality show and 150 people being made to purchase their tshirts at 20 bucks a pop–thats 2500 in cash ??? think about it!!!

  7. 7

    Alanna and Truth you people are ridicules , jealous, liars. How dare you say this bullshit. These girls work all day every day on saving lives, you on the other hand poor excuse of a person, and OBVIOUSLY not a dog lover. I see first hand the lives that have been saved. What is wrong with you. Just for the record, sun sentinel contacted them, and wanted to do a story, and they got a great story. Who cares if Amy is a lesbian or straight or bi or whatever. what is it any of you fucking business?? you are ridiculous, get a life find a purpose leave the hard working people along., you poor excuse of a human being.

  8. Carol Daniello says – reply to this


    Alanna you are a poor excuse for a human being. I was on that rescue and have been a supporter of 100+ for a year and have been on many rescues. 100+ has saved countless lives. What does it matter to you what Amy Roman's relationship status is in 2009 and what her tits look like? you need serious help!! Right now at Imperial Point Animal hospital there are dogs that were brought in from the last rescue who have been tested heartworm positive.. one has several drains for her wounds…one lost her fight and died it goes on and on. You have no right and you should be sued for defamation of character and slander. Your words are filled with lies hatred and jealousy. You do no justice for the dogs. Amy Roman and 100+ has saved so many lives and continues to. get a life and go get some help. Your sorry tactics do no justice for these suffering animals. Keep up the great work 100+ you are the real deal!!!

  9. Amy Roman says – reply to this


    Facts..June 2nd 23 lives saved over 800 saved and homed. 23 lives 5 heartworm positive. 2 missing eyes. 1 needs a leg amputation. A puppy we transported back and forth to a 24 hr hospital lost her fight. 25 dogs in boarding until homes are found. Countless suffering out there still. Vet bills climbing, close to 40,000 this rescue will cost 100+ Sun Sentinel news spent hours along our side rescuing 10 suffering dogs. Hours looking at our vet bills at Imperial point animal hospital. Over 24,000 supporters who have seen first hand the lives we save responsibly. Funds must be in place in order to follow through with 25 critical animals. No Glitz, No Makeup My personal life is my own. My life is dedicated to these animals 24/7 there is nothing else. What you are doing is so evil and only hurting the helpless animals. Your lies will bite you. The way you treat others is your Karma. The way we react is our own. With this said. I am done here. Back to saving lives. Try getting the help you so desperately need.. Please. Amy Roman

  10. Carol Daniello says – reply to this


    Re: Alanna – You need help you sad sad soul. Sun sentinel had to block you because of your false accusations. Anyone can go to the 100+Abandonded dogs of Everglades page and see what this group does. How dare you even try to take a second of the attention off of these suffering dogs. You are sick and should be sued for all of your inaccuracies , lies and hatred!!!! How dare you try to minimize the work that these supporters volunteers and crew members do? You are PATHETIC!!!!

  11. beachdogs says – reply to this


    Amy Roman I think it would make everyone alot more trusting if you would be transparent with what is taken in and what is spent including how much you pay yourself for your salary for this rescue. Heck I will give you credit, someone that was just a manacurist and you have the marketing thing down pat the way you have gotten the 100+ rescue out there all over the place newpapers, Huffington,etc… I think it is a little unsettling how you made 150 volunteers purchase tshirts for 20 bucks each all cash that day over 2500 is that in your accounting books on intake??? I don't care about you personal life thats your business so the refernces by the other two seem petty but I do care about honesty. I have lived in Florida long enough to remember Palena Dorsey who even conned Animal Planet as was named Hero of the Year and now she sits in Florida jail convicted of money fraud of using rescue funds of 500000 for her personal purchases. I do also think the fact that most of the dogs you got on Sunday came from another 501c3 rescue who one of your 100+ people said that that rescue had done vetting, so why all the need for more money for basic vetting? Why did you let all the folks that travelled so far think they were going to the Everglades to rescue dogs when this was nothing more than picking up dogs from a rescue hoarder–which is fine cause those dogs deserve a better life but seems like a bait and switch to me!!!

  12. beachdogs says – reply to this


    I want to beleive there are good people saving these dogs in the most dire sitautions in south Fl, but I want honesty and some accountability. It would be nice too if you could just be like most rescues, silent heroes go out and svae dogs not need –lights, camera action-the dogs are not your pawn for a reality show audition nor are the kind volunteers!!!

  13. Charice Zajic says – reply to this


    "Alanna", If you had serious concerns about the dogs, rescuing or money, you would have just stuck to that. But soon as you started with the glitz, glamour and boobs, you lost all credibility. Since you claim to be a "real" rescue.. why didnt you rescue a couple of dogs yourself? Oh thats right… these dogs are not worthy or good enough for you. The condition that most of these dogs are in is pitifully sad, and we save what ever is in our reach… we do not discriminate. You have no valid complaint about our rescue efforts, maybe just bitterness it seems. Very sad that you would begrudge a sucessful rescue and much worse, begrudge the safety of these abandoned dogs. Your bitter lies are just that! You couldnt care less about the dogs. And maybe you are a little upset that you can not fit into a tank top… or fill one out. Charice- 100+ tank top crew

  14. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Ok Alanna, Truth, Dog rescue and everyone else making FALSE accusations regarding this rescue, listen up because I am only going to say this once. You are LIARS! First off lets talk money, seeing as I was the one who took and counted the money for the t-shirts, we collected $900 dollars, NOT $2500 as you keep saying, most of the people there already had a shirt because they have been on rescues with us in the past. AND that $900 did not even cover 1/4 of what the cost was to try and save little Tabby's life that day, with an emergency blood transfusion, and constant care, fluids, and 2 nights in the emergency 24hr hospital only to sadly lose her 2 days later..how much do you think just HER bill is?? Now, for the other $23k we raised for this rescue, ITS ALREADY GONE! ..if you know ANYTHING about rescue, I'll let you do the math..23 dogs taken in, 23 dogs that need to be spayed/neutered, 23 dogs that need to all receive a 4dx test to test for HW and other diseases, 23 dogs that need ALL of their shots, 23 dogs that need to be microchipped, 23 dogs that need to be started on preventatives, 23 dogs that need to be bathed, fed daily and cared for until their forever homes are found. NOW that would be costly enough if we had all HEALTHY dogs, which ofcourse we DO NOT.

  15. Tiffany says – reply to this


    We had 2 emergency surgeries, little Amy, who had to have 4 gaping attack wounds cleaned out and closed up with drains, she is also HW+, and may also have to have an eye removed. We have little Millie, who had to have surgery on her jaw so that she could eat and drink on her own again, a mass removed from her leg, and possibly surgery on the other leg. Papa, who we found out yesterday may have to have a back leg amputated. Gigi, mommy dog who may have to have an eye removed. and 4 other dogs, Homer, Eddie, Boris, and Lola that have all tested positive for HW and will need to be treated. Now I ask you, how much do YOU think that bill will be??!! Now take into account that we only charge $150 for an adoption fee, and YOU explain to US how you do not believe that we are almost ALWAYS in the RED! Our bills are available for ANYONE to see at ANYTIME they want, we do not HIDE anything!..

  16. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Now as far as all the other BS..That shiny new van..it was RENTED for the day.. the fact that Amy at first said no to going over the hill, that was because her first instinct was for everyones SAFETY!..DID YOU GO??!! Cause if you did, you would have been in a trench, in knee deep water, and then over the hill realized as we did we were in waist high, thick sawgrass with NO IDEA what could have been hiding in there. NOT SAFE for ANYONE! BUT we did TRY to catch that dog…And WE ALL WERE AT THE ANIMAL HOSPITAL TILL WAY AFTER 7PM.. Picking fleas and ticks off of dogs, getting them settled in, feeding them, and I myself drove little Tabby over to the 24hr clinic after 8pm! We have more than enough witnesses that were there with us, that cared enough to try and help the animals, not like you who went home and decided to sit and hide behind a computer and start making up lies..who is that hurting other than the animals?.. You are saying you are in rescue..PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WTF does anyone's race, religion, sexual orientation, body type, clothing, whether or not we wear makup or ANYTHING else have to do with ANIMAL RESCUE??!!!! That is where you have crossed the line into defamation of character..and can and probably will be sued… Have a nice day!

  17. beachdogs says – reply to this


    Re: Tiffany – So WHY did a 100+ person post that that woman who is 501c3 do vetting on the dogs already?? OK so beyond the vetting the boarding will take alot of money I will give you that. Probably the thing I don't like was feeling like it was an auditon for a reality tv show—don't like the drama out all of it—I am not a rescue –nope BUT donate and give of my time– have done many volunteer transports and no drama go and get dogs from a high kill ac in Florida or Georgia– put all these dear souls in their crates on soft clean bedding and they snuggle like they have never had a blanket before and give them some water and a treat and get on road and cry for their trust and for those left behind– I meet up with the rescue and there is no drama — the rescues that I have helped are just silent angels

  18. Amy Roman says – reply to this


    As far as 100+ helping another 5o1c3 as you put it.. This is a 70 yr old woman who has lived in this hell for over 20 yrs. day in and day out finding almost dead dogs daily. I ask you, what would you do if you saw emaciated suffering dogs daily? Adela takes them in and does what she can. We help her with food and try to take in dogs from her as she is ready to snap.. Outside kennels 24/7 is No life. She does the best that she can. Now with over 100,000 dollars in citations leans against her personal home for having too many dogs on a property. While thousands are out suffering Animal control has threatened to shut her down leaving these dogs facing death if we do not help her. Are you offering to take any of the 21 dogs left that are facing death? When she called me over a yr ago she had 100+ dogs. Some of her dogs are vetted. We still do a 4dx test to test for tick born disease and also boarding until forever homes are found. These are not easy dogs to place. Older in age and petrified of almost everything.. They have lived their entire life in outside kennels. I a can put you in touch with our adopters and show you how long it takes for these dogs to adjust and trust. Your words are hurtful.. Not to me but only the dogs in need. Try being part of the solution.. Their is no drama.. No spotlights. Media contacts us.. We of course welcome it , it brings much needed awareness to a DIRE situation. Thank God for the Media.. Amy Roman

  19. beachdogs says – reply to this


    Re: Amy Roman – understood– I know dog food alone can cost the Earth…it just seemed from the other post on your fb page that her dogs were already vetted… wish you all the best and I admit I do have my defenses up about rescues and am very guarded as to where my donations go… when I hear of new vans and all the media there –red flags go up… wish you the best and hope it is all honest for the dogs sake and all of your sakes cause karma is a bitch ask Palena Dorsey