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Chicago Pet Shop Lied About Getting Dogs From Puppy Mills!

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Puppy Mill

This is just despicable!

It's bad enough to be a pet shop who gets their puppies from cruel puppy mills, but to lie about it too??

And to force your employees to lie about it for you?!

That's just too much!!

That's why Tracy Ross, a former employee of Furry Babies pet shops in Chicago, quit her job!

She had worked for the pet shop on-and-off for about a year, until she looked into some of the places where the shop got its pups from. She found that "a lot of the names that were on [the] disclosures were puppy mills."

She said:

"It became fairly obvious that there was something suspicious going on. I felt as if I was steered in the direction of lying to the consumer every time someone came in there and asked questions, and I didn’t want to do that. We lied to the consumer every day. Every customer that comes in here, we lied to. I was completely freaking out. I didn’t want to lie to the consumer any more. I didn’t want to lie to people."

She was literally encouraged to not be up-front about where the puppies came from!!

Because if people knew, they wouldn't be buying those puppies!

They might even investigate and get some puppy mills shut down!

Way to stand up for what you believe in and expose this pet shop for what it really is!!

[Image via Michigan Humane Society.]

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