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Former Miss USA Winners

Miss USA 2013 is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time for some former winners to grab your attention.

Shanna Moakler, Shandi Finnessey, Susie Castillo, and Alyssa Campanella, all former winners, joined together to get butt ass naked and raise some awareness about the cruelty of the fur industry!

These former pageant winners explained how many of them were awarded furs as prizes, not knowing the disgusting way those furs were taken from the animals.

Animals are beaten, electrocuted and skinned alive for their fur.

All in the name of fashion.

It's so ahmayzing that these women are willing to strip off their clothes to bring attention to the plight of these poor animals!

So glad PETA got these beautiful women together to stand up against the fur industry!

Check out the NSFW video to see some naked, beautiful ladies (but also some GRAPHIC animal abuse) AFTER THE JUMP!!

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16 comments to “Miss USA Winners Get TOTALLY NAKED For PETA!”

  1. lesley says – reply to this


    Why is this ok, but other times when pageant girls pose nude, it's not ok??? What's the difference? Also: Miss USA = biggest slut in the pageant competition!

  2. Melanie says – reply to this


    I saw a PETA video where cats where boiled alive and skinned, I couldn't get it out of my head for months, I check all labels of shampoo, cosmetics, if it doesn't say 'not tested on animals' it IS. To do this for fashion is insane ~ for mascara, eye liner and fur/coats, just disgusting!!! Companies that do not test include St. IVes (my fav-the mud mask is amazing) Jameson, and anything at the Body Shop. Who gives a shit if they are sluts, being a slut doesn't rip someones skin off, missing the point here.

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    Don't give a rat's ass about PETA, but its always nice to see a bunch of naked beauties pressing the flesh.

  4. 4

    Ridiculous! How many of these women have had breast implants and other cosmetic enhancements for the sake of beauty contests? "Feel beautiful in your own skin, but take a knife to it if you don't like it" is more like it.

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Skanks. Why must being a vegetarian have anything to do with no morality? And for the record, I know the human body is beautiful, but we have allowed media to sexually objectify women so the masses have becom an embarrassment to decency. The true skanks are the corporate power structure behind this.

  6. 6

    I'm a member of PETA
    P eople
    E ating
    T asty
    A nimals

  7. 7

    Perv-ez, you're using the Joseph Goebbels rule of the BIG LIE again. "and skinned alive for their fur" there is NO "skinning alive" by ANYONE. I know you've NEVER killed or skinned an animal,but come on FOOL. do you have ANY brains. Skinning any animal while alive would be nearly impossible, difficult and a major waste of time and damaged fur. ALL of PETA's propaganda is LIES.

  8. 8

    Re: Melanie – "I saw a PETA video where cats where boiled alive and skinned," that video was produced and filmed by and at PETA's behest. THEY did it then blamed someone else for their heinous act.

  9. 9

    .. and don't forget to kill your fellow human being because they are awful… love peta

  10. olivia says – reply to this


    PETA, making you want to save women instead of animals since ages ago…

  11. bree says – reply to this


    God, PETA makes me sick. First of all, they immediately kill every single animal they take in, instead of trying to find a home for it. Seriously. Thousands and thousands of stray puppies and kittens. Killed. Immediately. Secondly, they are not a charity, they are a corporation. Only a TINY percent of their income goes towards helping animals. The rest goes towards these stupid ads and campaigns. Thirdly, why the hell do they think it's perfectly fine to exploit women, yet it's immoral to hurt animals? Yes, I agree that hurting animals is wrong, but I care WAY more about the rights of actual human beings. Fucking PETA. Fuck them.

  12. Linz says – reply to this


    Everyone commenting on the fact that these women are sluts are the biggest IDIOTS ever. This ad has nothing to do with their sex lives. If you actually watched the video it shows you the inhumane treatement animals endure all in the sake of fashion and if you viewed that and your immediate comment afterwards is to be negative you are ridiculously stupid. PETA uses SMART marketing to catch peoples attention, get over it. If these women weren't naked I bet half of you wouldn't have even played the video, but you did and if you have half a heart it would of touched you. YAY for all these WOMEN and yay to all those who support animals!

  13. Yea says – reply to this


    Susie is the fakest person going - go figure she'd do a peta campaign that supports the non wearing of real fur. i guarentee she has furs. Sick of seeing her face!

  14. Mimikatherine says – reply to this


    Oh please. These girls could care less about PETA, as could I. At least three of them probably own leather jackets.

  15. 15

    I'd rather see someone wearing fur than someone who's naked. Cover the fuck up.
    I love my fur. I have fur mittens, hats, scarves and ear muffs. ALL OF MY FUR comes from the First Nations Indian Reservation I live by. Soooo. if these dumb-ass airheads are going to tell me that an aboriginal person first abuses the animals they trap and then skins them alive, I would encourage them to actually go to the reservation and see how it's done. They've been doing it the same way for 10,000 years.
    But it's wrong now, because some asshole in California, where it NEVER SNOWS, thinks it's bad.

    Come up to the -50 Alberta winters. You will be begging for some fur.

  16. Lesleytard says – reply to this


    Because they are doing it for a good cause lesleytard