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AWFUL! Cops SHOOT Dog In Front Of Owner!

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Cops shoot dog!

Omg!!! This is seriously unbearable!!

In Hawthorne, CA, police were arresting Leon Rosby for "obstructing an investigation" when he was video taping them responding to a call.

He had his Rottweiler dog with him and so he put him in his car, with the windows down, and approached officers, turned around and complied fully as they handcuffed him.

As he was being arrested, the dog started barking like crazy and eventually jumped out of the car window.

It approached the officers and they drew their weapons, when the dog appeared to lunge at one of the cops, he shot the dog several times!!

It's seriously the most awful thing EVER!!

We can't believe the cops shot this man's dog right in front of him!!!

It's so awful, he's just stuck there, watching his dog writhe around on the ground, dying, unable to do anything.

Very, very sad.

[Image via Youtube.]

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11 comments to “AWFUL! Cops SHOOT Dog In Front Of Owner!”

  1. Preen03 says – reply to this


    This is absolutely awful!!! I hope the cop feels like shit, because he should!! There was no reason the cop should have shot the dog!! Take out your damn pepper spray instead!! I think the cop did it to piss off the owner because he was antagonizing the cops. Regardless, I hope that cop doesn't sleep over this, because he should feel like shit!!

  2. Home of Free and Brave says – reply to this


    Shame on you perezhilton.com for NOT showing the full uncut video. Is that because you'd rather cause a raucous and garner readers, instead of showing the uncut conspiring video revealing a carefully laid out trap for blood money?

    You are the AWFUL WRONGFUL ONE here perezhilton.com

    Home of the Free and the Brave. We don't need inciting cowards, connivers, and conspirators who "don't carry guns" but cost you and me settlement remuneration.

  3. Mats says – reply to this


    [re=6460731]Re: Home of Free and Brave[/re
    You are retarded.

  4. katie says – reply to this


    I am sorry but that wasnt the full story!!!! the dog was attacking the police, unless the cop wanted to be attacked by the dog he had to shoot the animal!!! I hate ignorant people and I also hate sites that encourage idiots to bad mouth the police!!!!!

  5. Phil says – reply to this


    Re: katie
    Shut up. Just shut up. You fucking idiot. You clearly have no idea what happened here, so just shut up. Do everybody and myself a favor and just stop. Burn whatever device you typed that on. You're the ignorant one.

  6. @Offical_Olivia says – reply to this


    Disgusting they easily could have gotten the owner to take his dog and put him back in the car! I hope the cop gets his badge taken!! Some people shouldn't be cops I can't believe this happened what a disgusting person I hope he is crippled by guilt!

  7. Bone thug says – reply to this


    Ur fucking stupid the dog barley touched them shit ive been bit by a pisseed off rotweiler before n i took that like a man n im weak af n this cop should have takin out his pepper spray or something non leathal. This guy wasnt doing anything to the cops just walkin his dog. This shit makes me a sick pup.

  8. DOG LOVER says – reply to this


    Go Official Olivia!! BTW, pepper spray does not work on dogs, helpful info if you think you will protect yourself.
    And I clearly have the idea, my friends Mats and Phil, I saw the full 3:35 minute video!!! Did you?
    Clearer heads should have prevailed, the cops should have asked the owner to put the dog in the car. Poor dog Max,the irresponsible dog master in hand cuffs can not control his dog who responds to the stimuli around him. Funny how the car window wasn't closed enough to protect Max.
    Would you have left your car window open enough for your dog to escape (AKA rescue you in this particular scenario)? Poor Max :(

  9. preen03 says – reply to this


    Re: katie – You clearly did not watch the full video!! Because it clearly shows the cop shot the dog not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR TIMES!!! Was the dog carrying a gun that it was that dangerous to shoot it four times!?? NO!!! That cop was irresponsible and trigger happy!! The dog was just trying to protect his owner, that's it!!

  10. Raven says – reply to this


    I agree, there were other alternatives such as pepper spray. But at the very least, if the officers felt threatened, a single shot to the head would have taken the dog down instantly and painlessly. I'm not saying that would have been any less traumatic for the owner, but certainly more merciful for the dog. The reason I was so horrified at this video was the sheer brutality of this shooting. I hesitated to watch the video, but I really thought the worse thing I would see is the dog getting a pop to the head and falling down. Instead, I saw an innocent animal being shot FOUR TIMES and left to die an agonizing death in the street-and after pumping four bullets, damned fucker coudn't spare one additional bullet to finish off the job with "some" mercy. I do admit, I believe the owner bears some fault as this was obviously a tense scene and the best thing he could have done was to ignore it and go home. BUT he was also within his legal rights as a citizen. And for those saying the entire video wasn't shown, what else was there to show? I have seen the entire clip. There is no "unseen footage" that shows these cops being attacked by the dog. There is no "unseen footage" that shows Rosby resisting arrest. At best, you see a man recording a crime scene in what "could" be perceived as a taunting manner. Foolish, perhaps. But a crime? No. Against the law? No. But let's not forget, the DOG is the real victim here.

  11. Candice says – reply to this


    What?!?!?!? Dogs can't protect themselves or heir families without being branded a dangerous dog or being shot?!?!?!? What if it was your dog, Huh????? Dogs don't understand, they see their owner who looks like to THEM, mistreated, they will go after people. The police should have let the guy go and given him a ticket for interference. Dogs shouldn't be shot in their own backyards either. I rather have my dog get whacked or peppered sprayed, even tazed rather than having a boiled hot object in my body. The dog started running off after the first shot. He could have been saved. It's fucking bogus.