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Cops SHOOT Dog In Front Of Owner: Tragic New Details Revealed

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We previously mentioned that in Hawthorne, CA, a man's dog was SHOT right in front of him by police officers as he was being arrested!

He was complying fully with the cops when his dog jumped out of his car and started barking at the officers.

Then out of nowhere, a third cop comes in, gun drawn, and shoots the dog several times!!

It's seriously the most horrible thing to watch!

The video has gone viral and so someone went out and found the dog's owner, Leon Rosby, and had him tell his side of the story.

Check out the video (above) for a description in vivid detail of what exactly went down!

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70 comments to “Cops SHOOT Dog In Front Of Owner: Tragic New Details Revealed”

  1. mktb says – reply to this


    What the fuck. I hope one day these entitled, power abusing cops get arrested one day and their families come out screaming and they get shot. I wonder how he would feel. Oops, nobody cares. This is the reason why people hate most cops and won't respect them. They're pieces of shit and deserve to be beat. Repeatedly.

  2. 2

    Cops are such liars, if you give them a dirty look your resisting arrest, they say it out loud to make appear to be true so you in return must repeat " I am not resisting" over and over again………………

  3. ss says – reply to this


    fuck the police. fuck fuck fuck the police. mutherfuckers.

  4. T says – reply to this


    Was he fully compliant when he was interfering with an ongoing police situation
    Refusing to comply with requests only to put his dog in his car and pretty much beg to be arrested? Had he been compliant to begin with and done what a normal person would do he would not have put his dog in the middle of an already volatile position and the dog would be alive.

  5. actright says – reply to this


    Re: T – not to mention, the police were dealing w/a bank robber held up in a house and this 52 year old fool, is playing his music loud and just wouldn't leave. So sorry for the dog but this fool, did this himself and the fake crying on TV was truly sickening.

  6. meag says – reply to this


    Re: actright – dont forget the fact that he broke at least two laws and was antagonizing the cops yelling things like "yo where all the black cops at?"

    i hope he gets prosecuted for ALL the laws he broke that day, including animal endangerment and animal cruelty for the chain of decisions he made that forced the officer to make a split second decision that was impacted by the fact that an ARMED robber was in the vicinity. if i was trying to deal with an armed gunman and i had to neutralize a dog who made movements to possibly attack me, i probably would have not thought twice about grabbing my gun and not my taser.

  7. LookatYou says – reply to this


    Why don't you show the video from youtube of the entire event and not this guys version. First, he was hanging around with his dog running his mouth. Then he put the dog in his car unrestrained with the windows completely down. Then when he got arrested the dog jumped from the car and started to attack. And, the officer shot him. I would shoot a Rottweiler too if he began to attack. No fan of the police but lets be reasonable.

  8. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: actright – Look at the neighborhood . Most of you obviously have neer been harassed by police officers. When it gets up to a daily base of harrassmebt you get to a point where you are tired of it. He gets arrested for a citation? 2 laws really ? When is freedom of speech illegal? He wasn't threatening or promoting hate. Now with that being said he was being obnoxious but enough for the officer to have killed an animal ? Police officers get threatened by the slightest things . Sheeple these days..getting manipulated by government

  9. fuck u cop says – reply to this


    Re: LookatYou – well i would shoot you without event thinkin u prick u must be a cop. but guess what i don give a flying fuck about the us so come try to arrest me in israel i will scream loud and clear i am resisting arrest and ill make sure that my dog will bite ur head off.

  10. primou812 says – reply to this


    I hate cops and this is exactly a good example of why. They are mostly cowards to begin with and 9 out of 10 do not become cops to protect the public…they do it because they want power over others…classic philological profile. They watch too many cop shows on TV which just adds to their ignorance. You do not have to be smart to be a cop…you just have to suck dick

  11. John Doe says – reply to this


    This guy already has a pending lawsuits against the department. Just an fyi, he was looking for trouble, already a run in with an officer, whom he supposedly receive a broken rib in an altercation.

  12. john m says – reply to this


    He needs to get as much media involved and sue the department.

  13. anonymous says – reply to this


    Why was this guy interfering with the police who were trying to do their job? He was asking for trouble. He says himself here that the dog jumped for the police office and well, what else was the cop to do? Get bitten in the throat by a rottweiler? It's unfortunate but this guy showed really bad judgement and it got his dog killed. It's sad - poor doggie just wanted to protect his owner, but it's the owner who got him killed.

  14. Jason says – reply to this


    "He was complying fully with the cops when his dog jumped out of his car and started barking at the officers." - Did you not watch the videos because from what I saw both officers had to put there hands on him when they were trying to escort him to the police car because he was starting to resist, that isn't "complying fully" in my book.

    "Then out of nowhere, a third cop comes in, gun drawn, and shoots the dog several times!!" - Again, did you not watch the video, the 3rd cop walked over EMPTY HANDED and only drew once he saw the dog charging them. Is your website not just full of lies when your not even stating facts? The video is viral, you can see it for yourself!

  15. 15

    American Hero Chris Dorner was right all along; HERO INDEED!

  16. simeroth7 says – reply to this


    There's a special place in hell for animal killers!! they could have pepper sprayed that poor innocent dog just protecting his owner!

  17. cnm says – reply to this


    First of all Its not like dogs understands that those were cops "protecting" the community, to him those men are man handling his master. Not only that the dog hesitated before jumping towards the officer. AND after the cop shot him once the dog started running away, he should have just let him go so the owner could have a chance at taking him to a vet, he didn't deserve a death sentence. Was it even lawful for that man to be handcuffed?? You can see the officer kick apart the guys legs, um use your words moron tell him to spread his legs more, he dont have to be so aggressive. This video is why so many people have a negative view on Police officers and why mine has certainly changed. Its a good thing Karma is a bigger B**** then that cop.

  18. Char says – reply to this


    While I agree this guy should have left when told, the cop had no right to shoot an innocent dog. He wasn't acting aggressive at all!! And neither was the man - he was complying with them! This cop was also a little rough with this guy considering he wasn't involved in whatever activity they had going on. I hope this cop gets sued personally and loses his job. He almost looks like he got enjoyment out of watching the dog flail around! He made that dog suffer! Totally unnecessary!! I definitely wouldn't want him around me, my family or my pets!!

  19. Char says – reply to this


    Re: ChrisRe: Chris – the dog was not attacking anyone!! Were you watching a different video??

  20. Ariana says – reply to this


    Poor doggie…i hope that cop looses his job and karma bites his ass off!

  21. beachstrong says – reply to this


    There is no way that you have a dog four times to stop it from attacking…. There is also no way u can tell me that two or three grown men who are also "trained" police officers can not restrain a dog without killing it…. Furthermore, its the majority of law enforcement that gives the minority of good law enforcment agents a bad name

  22. James says – reply to this


    First off, the cop didn't come in out of nowhere and shot the dog, guns blazing. Why don't you accurately report what actually happened. The cop came in and had his gun drawn because rottweilers are known to be a vicious breed. The cop tried to get the leash peacefully then only shot the dog after the dog lunged at him. Now, why the man was arrested in the first place I don't know since we can't hear what's going on. Plus, they just finished with a mad gunman so adrenaline's high and mix that a vicious dog, one bullet might not slow down the dog due to grazing it, because rotts are very strong, muscular dogs. He put his other hand on the gun for a more accurate shot, then fired 2, 3 and 4. And apparently the guy was patronizing the police and NOT being as compliant as he and others say he was. I love dogs but I'm gonna side with the police on this one.

  23. Stacey Rodriguez says – reply to this


    Re: primou812 – awesome comment :) that dog an owner deserve. Justice!

  24. Gabriel says – reply to this


    Re: Jason
    He wasn't interfering with police. he never crossed a police line, was not asked to move first and was on public property, the sidewalk and street. I worked for the media for ten years. he has a case and he will win.

  25. 25

    Leon Rosby, YOU killed your dog by being ignorant and stupid! Nobody asked you to be there and interfere in the first place.

  26. Officer Sunshine says – reply to this


    1. DISCLAIMER : I'm a cop
    2. I love me some perezhilton.

    So my biggest issue with every ones opinion seems to be people having an issue with the amount of bullets used (4). My question is, as experts as you all are, how many bullets would stop a dog?

    Officers are trained to shoot to stop the threat and that dog sure as hell was a threat. You can't say a dog who barked and jumped out of a car to run at you was going to be friendly.

    Say what you want about this officer but feel free not to call 911 when you are robbed next time because the police are such horrible people.

    Don't judge something you've never done or someone you've never been.

    Just sayin'

  27. bugsexy says – reply to this


    Re: Officer Sunshine – Exactly! This officer should be commended for reacting so quickly. Truth is that the man brought it upon himself by starting problems with the police because he thought it would be funny. I have family that are police and people forget that they are human and not above emotion. I would shoot that dog 10/10 Times. The man blatantly taunted police and made a spectacle of himself and he got what he deserved as sad as it was. Truth be told the man will be let go as a courtesy over the death and he would lose and lawsuit he tried to peruse. He could have faced charges over the dog attempting to attack the officer officer but they will let him go on those.

  28. V says – reply to this


    You guys are all some ignorant biased poor ads motherfuckers, the only reason you hate cops is because you hate authority. Just like students of this generation hate teachers for telling them what to do. You guys just haste cops because you don't obey the law and then they come give you a thicket. Some of you are mad because they giving you speeding or parking tickets, and that's why. You guys are like students who hate cops like teachers because they tell you what to do and you guys just get mad and don't listen to them.

  29. Karma is a..... says – reply to this


    Then all the other people with there camera's out should have been arrested and there friends killed in front of them for being like he's not doing anything BANG. That cop should off himself. When a police k9 is attack someone and leaving a lot of damage on that person and that person kills the k9 he is charged with murder that cop should be no different he did not see the dog was not even interested and walked away but when you come running up on the dog like that what in the he'll do you think he would do you work with dogs but you are a dick with a gun and badge!!! SHOULD HAVE STADED DOING THE JOB YOU WE'RE THERE FOR COWARD

  30. Dave says – reply to this


    The only good Rottweiler is a dead Rottweiler. They are a public menace and should be banned. No one in their right mind would own one. The police did the right thing because the dog showed aggression and posed a serious threat. The community is now a safer place.

  31. ivanosque says – reply to this


    And that's how another future cop killer was born….KARMA IS A BITCH

  32. Nina says – reply to this


    This is fucked up, help me with this petition:

  33. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: Officer Sunshine
    Question officer. Why kill ? Why not use pepper spray or shock the dog an option?

  34. beachstrong says – reply to this


    Re: Officer Sunshine – sunshine and your friend that posted after you….. Shut up… I have been robbed at gunpoint twice and never called the cops a day in my life… Police are probably 70% morons and pricks with u in that majority…. What's the use of calling you douches if you rarely ever make an effort to help people…. Bugsex you are dumb…. That dog never attacked any of those police. And do you think animal control officers would have shot and killed this dog…. I think not…

  35. Jess G says – reply to this


    This is a horrible video all around for the poor dog and should never have even happened, but it was was the owner's fault for putting the dog in the situation to begin with. How about you educate yourselves before you blame the police who were already:
    1. Handling a tense situation where a gunman was possibly robbing two people
    2. Then had to deal with this dumbass yelling at them and adding more tension to an already dangerous situation, putting himself and the officers in what could potentially be an even more dangerous position if he continued
    3. Then having this HUGE rottweiler that they don't know from a stray lunge at them, not once, but twice

    It's the owners fault. If he wanted to heckle officers he should have chosen a better situation and done it WITHOUT HIS DOG. People really need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming the police. But I'm sure, as soon as any of you have any emergencies, you won't be dialing 911 like the rest of us, right?

  36. CC says – reply to this


    Umm…. are we watching the same video? The video I saw was an irate thug pissed he was getting arrested, placed his dog in the car with a wide open window with the dog watching him act a fool. The dog jumped out, ran over to the group of them and lunged not once, but TWICE before the cop shot him. Are Hawthorne police assholes? YES, I lived there for 6 years and just last year I watched another thug, with a stolen car, running from police and the police officer pulled out his gun and shot 11 times at him as he ran through a nursing home coutyard. THe crime there has gotten out of control, mostly becasue the city is desperate to fill empty apartments they are all turinging to section 8 allowing thugs and gang members into what used to be a decent city. After the shoot out I witnessed, I left. The cheaper rent is, the more crime there is. Thugs and gangmembers don't work to pay rent.

  37. cc says – reply to this


    Re: Jess G – I should have never commented on my own. I should have just replied to your comment with "agreed." I can't believe how many ignorant people there are on here blaming the cops for shooting the dog. Did you see the video? The only word that comes to mind is….DUH!

  38. ClickClackPowDogDown says – reply to this


    Re: mktb

    You guys are fucking nuts.

  39. ClickClackPowDoggiDown says – reply to this


    Re: James
    Learn to spell dirty hippie

  40. R says – reply to this


    I'm just going to call the cop George Zimmerman and the dog Treyvon Martin. Too many people are trigger happy. Come on folks, videos don't like don't like about the way things are. Yes we don't hear everything that is going on, but this man was using his first amendment right when he got arrested. Then the cops tried to say he was resisting arrest. Racist ass pig cops. Even if you don't consider the dog getting shot, this man should not have been arrested.

  41. R says – reply to this


    Re: Jess G – He was using his first amendment right. If the police didn't want them heckling them, they should have created a barricade so the hecklers aren't apart of the crime scene…oh wait they did. That's what makes this country great! It's called the first amendment. But depending on your skin color, you may or may not be allowed to practice it. Fuck the sensitive racist ass police.

  42. kdog says – reply to this


    Re: John Doe – another FYI. That cop was the same cop that arrested a man and kicked him repeatedly in the face after the man was already in cuffs.

  43. ELLEN says – reply to this



  44. John says – reply to this


    They are such pieces of shit. When I see one is killed in the line of duty I laugh and cheer to myself. Pieces of shit and liars.

  45. Heather says – reply to this


    This is why I hate officers. Seriously…the dog was protecting his owner…its what dogs do. They are loyal creatures. Officers go to training in order to protect themselves but they always ALWAYS reach for the gun first…THey did not have to shot that dog. I hope the owner pressed charges and I hope the officer loses his job, and the life he loved since he took away someones family member. This is why no one can respect officers. And why I rarely pity a dead officer

  46. CCCC says – reply to this



  47. Lexi says – reply to this


    Re: James – Oh yeah that dog definitely seemed vicious enough to lunge for the throat judging by the original video. I'm sure if it was a golden retriver he would've shot the dog 3 more times, even though the dog was limping away after the first bullet? "Rotts" my ass. Dogs all over America from germen shepherds to husky's are getting shot and killed by police for ridculous reasons. They hear barking and take that as a threat to their life. Dogs shouldn't be just considered expendable property. Regardless of what the owner did…that dosn't matter. Use a taser, use mace, don't murder a dog as an over-reaction. I am disgusted and sickened.

  48. Lexi says – reply to this


    Re: Jess G – I thought police officers were trained to react calmly and swiftly to situations not harshly and cruelly.

  49. Angie May says – reply to this


    Re: Officer Sunshine – Really? Did you not see Max stop when told to? If Max was a real threat then he would have jumped out the window and charged the cops immediately. That shows he wasn't a threat. If he did become a threat then there are so many other ways to calm and detain the dog. Actually, the academy or PD failed this officer with no training with dogs. Actually all these cops are stupid…they never attempted to do anything about the dog in the car with the windows down. They all knew the dog was there and watched Leon put Max in the car. I hope this officer is fired and is brought to justice for murdering Max. I feel anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not an animal lover. That's the only reason I can think of for someone to think that way. What happens when someone murders a police dog? Exactly. I pray God brings justice for Max. This has weighed so heavy on my heart. I just think what if that was my dog? As far as Leon's actions…what he's done in the past doesn't change the facts about how Max died. Leon was not resisting or anything. If there were words exchanged that made Leon a jerk then those cops need to grow up and learn what their job is. There was no excessive force necessary.

  50. 50

    I'd love to see what all you saying "the dog was protecting its owner" do when you're attacked by a dog. put yourselves in his position, what would you do if a dog, and not just a dog but a Rottweiler, was attacking you?

  51. lgstbbt says – reply to this


    setting things straight:
    1. yes he was wrong for running his mouth while the cops were trying to work and trying to be an asshole
    2. like every other cop, they are trained to remain calm and handle what is most urgent first. they should have stuck to their original call and just ignored this man. he would have left
    3. the third cop has previous assault charges and had no reason to pull his gun before approaching the dog.
    PEOPLE HAVE MORE POWER THAN DOGS.* a cop has been trained on how to deal with vicious animals. no gun was needed. *
    4. one shot would have been more than enough. the dog was not attacking. it was playing. you can tell by its stature, and the way it jumps.

    the man should have a few charges.
    the cop should be fired.

    clearly this asshole cop cannot handle situations in a calm manner and should get 4 bullets in him next time he gets road rage or get mad when the other team scores.

    he should rot.

  52. lllllllll says – reply to this


    Re: Officer Sunshine
    i too am a police officer and have been for many years.
    ONE bullet clearly stopped that dog. it whimpered and tried to retreat back.
    that dog was in defense. when it jumped out of that car there was no means of attack.
    when someone yells at a police officer we dont shoot them down.
    the dog was placed in a situation where it could sense the distress in its owner.
    never once did it bite anyone or come close to biting.
    dont you dare tell someone to not dial 911 in distress.
    your smart ass remarks are what give police officers a bad name.
    just because youre an officer does not mean you need to stand up for this coward.
    he should be taken off the force.
    this makes me hate what i do, knowing other people in power dont know how to handle situations.
    this makes me sick.

    - officer and avid dog lover

  53. bob says – reply to this


    fuck cops

  54. Mnq Tnj says – reply to this


    his dog was just protecting him & lost his life , i feel sooooo deeply sorry for the owner !

  55. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Dave – it's not the breed it's how you raise the dog you ignorant loser. Out of everyone's retarded fucking posts full of hate towards one side or the other it's people like YOU that make America look bad. So fucking uneducated it's sickening!! The world would be a smarter place without you.

  56. Kallan says – reply to this


    Leon Rosby needs to realize his actions resulted in the death of his pet. There is a lack of accountability, respect, and common sense in people today and his poor decisions led up to this really sad event. Could the officers have handled it differently? Perhaps. If Leon wouldn't have been boldly taunting the officers and stirring up trouble, he would still have his dog. Try to be an asset to the community instead of a nuisance! You look like trouble, you sound ignorant, and you can't even understand your own consequence. I'm a PETA member and I have no affiliation with law enforcement. I just believe in traditional values that have been lost for most people today.

  57. Kieya says – reply to this


    Re: Dave

    Your an idiot! Those are good dogs and so are pit bulls. Those are not born vicious they are trained to be just like any other dog can be trained to be vicious. The dog was simply trying to protect his owner!

  58. 58

    So i guess i can walk throu my hood with my dog and my 9mm and shoot any dog that lungs at me… because i will be in fear of my life.. nice to know the laws…

  59. CanadaEh says – reply to this


    Re: LookatYou
    You're fucking retarded, how would you deal with a dog barking at you normally? You kick it not shoot it, because its a dog, you dumb ass. You don't pull a gun on criminal if he's unarmed so shooting this dog 4 times when there is 3 or 4 officers around to help calm the situation is complete bullshit. Get your head out of your ass bitch

  60. Lee says – reply to this


    That cop was abusing his power and he had the full intention of killing that innocent dog. I hope he gets fire and the punishment he deserve.

  61. Dog lover says – reply to this


    Re: James
    Sorry buddy but there is no scientific evidence that rotts are vicious. Anything with a mouth will bite! The dog was doing.what any dog owner wishes their dog would do for them, Protect him. Also, what ever happened to a stun gun? cops dont carry tazers anymore?

  62. Michael says – reply to this


    If you think that Officer Soloman should be punish for the crime he committed, the murder of this K9, please sign the petition.

  63. Michael says – reply to this


    Re: meag – Uhmmm you ever heard of the First Amendment? As idiotic as he may have acted yelling at the cops and recording what was going on, It is not illegal to video tape with audio if done on a public street.

  64. dont care says – reply to this


    Re: Stacey Rodriguez – see i dont understand that if he was trying to grab the leash how would that have provented the from coming closer if anything that would resist the dog to stay close to the officers. Furthermore no one knows if the dog was going to be aggressive yes it jumped, but how does that say it wouldve attacked. Cops are supposed to be heroes, allowing a dog to bite you shouldn't even be a concern they had a bunch of other officers there that wouldve killed it had it truly attacked…

  65. Thomas says – reply to this


    You're leaving out that the dog tried to bite the cops. Come on, i dont think they should have shot the dog, but don't leave out true information just because you have an agenda

  66. Reds says – reply to this


    The guy getting arrested (career criminal that lacks purpose, pays taxes etc…) gets arrested. His dog, of course, flips out and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's unfortunate the the DOGS OWNER, is unable to live as a LAW ABIDING HUMAN BEING! Maybe we should hold the criminal responsible for putting his dog in harms way instead of our HERO POLICE OFFICERS that sacrifice their lives to protect low life people that want to harm them! It's scary how ignorant people truly are when they want to hold police responsible for protecting themselves. Lets let the people that hate police protect themselves and kill each other. I'm so sick of the backward mentality of uneducated people in this country that feel hand outs are due to them because they are forever victims!

  67. Chels says – reply to this


    I believe this guy had every right to film the cops especially since he already had a lawsuit against them and they had been accused of mistreatment He did not resist, so I do not understand why the couldn't have released him to restrain his dog. Secondly, the third cop did come out nowhere trying to be involved in the situation without fully analyzing it. I hope the man gets justice for his dog and the cop should get fired.

  68. beachstrong says – reply to this


    Re: Reds – F.Y.I. every cop is not a hero…. P.S. every black guy that has been involved with a court case with police officers is not looking for a handout….

  69. A says – reply to this


    Okay everybody cops are there to protect us! And yes some of them abuse their power like the one in the video but this does not mean that all of them are bad! You cannot be saying mean and hateful things about all of them because they are not all the same person! The cop will be punished just as anybody else would be when the do something wrong.

  70. lm says – reply to this


    Those who wish for death upon another, have never seen, smelled or experienced anything like it. They've lived such sheltered lives, they make us jealous and envious. However, like now, I pitty them…