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New Koala Joey Is A SUPER Cute Hugging Machine!

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Cute Baby Koala Joey

Ahhh!! What's cuter than an adorbz baby animal?

A cutie baby animal who just wants to hug all day long!!

That's exactly what a baby koala is!

The Aussie Walkthrough exhibit at Taronga Western Plains Zoo has a new resident… a brand new baby joey koala.

The little male joey only recently left his mama's pouch and began hugging on her, holding onto the front or back of his mom.

He doesn't have a name yet so for now we're going to call him Cutie Cutie Koala Pants! LOLz!

Cutie Cutie Koala Pants is going to stay with his mama until he turns one-year-old.

So for now, his mama is gonna just let him hug on her 24/7 and that's just fine with us!!

Such a cutie!!

[Image via Taronga Western Plains Zoo.]

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