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Cops Shoot Dog In Front Of Owner: New Video Exonerates Police?!

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We previously mentioned that police in Hawthorne, CA shot and killed a man's dog when it attacked them!

The man wasn't resisting arrest or anything, only pleading, "Please don't shoot my dog."

Since then, the man whose dog was shot, Leon Rosby, has been asking people to stop threatening the police.

People everywhere are obviously upset.

Finally, another video has hit the net, this time from a different angle, much closer to all the action.

You can more clearly hear what they're saying, and you can see the actions the officers take before they shoot the dog.

The shooter cop reaches his hand toward the dog, trying to grab its leash, trying to defuse the situation before things get out of hand.

Then, after the dog lunges at him, he shoots the pooch.

It's so sad this dog had to die.

Check out the video (above) to see if it seems like the cop did enough before resorting to deadly force.

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65 comments to “Cops Shoot Dog In Front Of Owner: New Video Exonerates Police?!”

  1. calyn says – reply to this


    Taser…..pepper spray. Shooting should not have been a first choice. That's just my opinion.

  2. 2

    this video makes me sick. the dog was protecting his owner. they didn't have to shoot the poor pup 4 times. taser? pepper spray… no need to kill the poor dog infront of his owner.

  3. Jack says – reply to this


    Not all cops carry tasers or pepper spray, this officer did what he felt necessary in order to protect himself. Even the dog owner sees this.

  4. lulune457 says – reply to this


    If you see the whole video, the blame should be directed at the owner. He was the one antagonizing the police. He kept on blasting his music from the car after being told to stop. He should have left the scene instead of harassing the cops. He was told earlier to place the dog in the car and close the windows. He put the dog in the car and did not roll the windows up. This video shows how the dog tried to attack an officer. They had no choice when big dog lunges at them, they need to protect themselves. The officers were in a tense situation at the time. Why have someone who has a record of harassing the same police department, being a jerk at the scene? If he cared about his dog, he should have put him away safely. I work in this area, and police are always on high alert due to gangs and shootings. They are just trying to do their jobs.

  5. R.F. Dietz says – reply to this


    Nothing will exonerate the police. Until that dog bites there is no reason to shoot for the kill. Don't want to be in a dangerous situation with a dog? Don't be a cop where danger is prevalent.

  6. Tfitty says – reply to this


    If the wanna be tough guy minded his own business instead of interfering then his dog would be alive. The cop doesn't need to be bit. Taser and pepper spray doesn't always work. Mr Tough guy put his dog in that bad position. He's an asshole.

  7. RC says – reply to this


    Nope. They shouldn't have shot the dog. They could have kicked him down or something. Sure defend yourself. But dang. First shoot then ask questions? It's a dog!!!

  8. LookatYou says – reply to this


    Stop lying this video was on youtube from the very beginning. You'll tell any kind of lie to get people on your third rate site.

  9. 9

    The police were in the middle of a crazy hostage situation outside a home for an hour and this dude was antagonizing them.

  10. Alpaca says – reply to this


    Re: lulune457

    couldn't agree more.
    he was the one blasting his music, and not having his dog under controll.It's always said that Rotweiler are an agressive breed but they aren't ..its the stupid Owners that don't know how to be a leader to their dogs
    There's a man in my neighborhood with a Doberman. He only needs to snap with his fingers and the dog's by his feet. You can see in the video how well this man has his dog under controll

  11. Unijustce says – reply to this


    Why did he even have to take the Rottweiler out of the car in the first place?!? Made it look, in a way, like he was threatening the cops with the dog…with the music thumping obnoxously / distractingly, coupled with his antagonistic attitude, PLUS the introduction of a big dog known for strength and potential aggression = SAD OUTCOME FOR ALL…

  12. Bea says – reply to this


    The fact that this sorry of an excuse police officer had to shoot the dog four times, never mind use a gun, just goes to show how cops today are nothing but criminals themselves. He had many options; could have asked the dog's owner to calm the dog down, could have used a taser if things could not be settled, but a gun? Really? Guns aren't toys, and it's sad that not even cops know that.

  13. 13

    What this video doesn't show is that he DID place his dog inside of the car, but the windows were down and the dog jumped out. And people, not all police carry pepperspray or tasers. They dog was showing aggression and was attacking them. They were in the right for shooting the dog. Yes, 4 times. Because that's what it took to stop it. If he wasn't being a dick at a scene that didn't even involve him, his dog would still be alive and he wouldn't have been arrested.

  14. fid says – reply to this


    Without being there I cannot fully understand or have a clear picture of what actually happened. You get these short clips that have been edited to appear one way or another. It's definitely sad but to those saying that the police should have let the dog bite them first and then reacted, really? A rottweiler has one hell of a bite and a lot of body mass, one bite at the wrong place and the cop would be done for. Should a police officer not shoot someone holding a gun until they shoot at them first? No they should try to talk the person down (they didn't immediately shoot the dog) and if the person still continues to lunge or move toward them they need to protect themselves. The person in the wrong here is the owner for acting like a complete douche.

  15. 15

    They didn't have to shoot the dog. They were to lazy or impatient to call animal control. This dog wasn't vicious, it was being protective and was scared. Ridiculous! All they had to do was call an animal control place, or even just a rescue and they would've came to the scene and got the animal. Then someone who knows the guy could've picked up the dog. I hate seeing police shoot animals. Just like when those animals were let out of the home of a suicidal man. They shot rare animals. Animals that are fighting extinction. They could've used tranquilizers.

  16. mj says – reply to this


    Hey, unless I heard wrong, the owner is yelling don't shoot my dog. One of the cops is yelling shoot the dog, before it came anywhere near them. Why don't they just say lets beat the N**** before doing it, then claim self defense. Oh wait… that is what happened in the rodney king case. The cops were joking over the radio about it before they even arived at the scene. This video just makes them look that much worse. Remember, the idiot owner, and he is an idiot, isn't the one who's salary we are paying.

  17. 17

    hmm . .why didn't any of the police officers just grab the leash?! I mean isn't that what the leash is for? To restrain the animal. I just feel there was plenty of time, the dog seemed more confused than viscous.

  18. 18

    Really was this police officer afraid for his life?? Ridiculous- this police officer should be fired.

  19. 19

    Justice for Max-

  20. mj says – reply to this


    Seriously after watching the original so many times, this is so maliciously edited it's ridiculous. Reminds me of when they edited Zimmermans 911 call to sound like he was saying the guy looks suspicious, he's black. They cut out the part between suspicious and the 911 operator asking "is he white or black". What, did the cops hire a publicist as well?

  21. 21

    Re: misscheriamor – The dog was biting them! Should they call animal control while this thing is attacking them? "Hold on, I gotta let this this maul me while I wait for animal control!" In California, you'd be waiting a LONG time. You are an idiot who has obviously never been attacked by a dog or animal.

  22. 22

    Re: mrspacebar – Because they are in the middle of arresting this guy.

  23. 23

    Re: mj – The dog bit him first and then he shot it. Did you not watch this video? If you want to bring race in this, maybe he shouldn't have been yelling racist things at the cops.

  24. kassi says – reply to this


    This was all over FB two weeks ago. Disturbing.

  25. Tony says – reply to this


    UNTIL the dog bites no need to shoot it… LOL!

    I can love my dog all day, but if it goes to bite a police officer in a situation like that and i cannot control him… WHY SHOULD THE COP ALLOW HIMSELF TO GET BIT ?

  26. 26

    I don't want to watch another version as I saw the first one and it was difficult to see. But I believe the police officer did the right thing. That dog was getting out of that car to protect his owner and even the owner said the dog lunged at the officers. OFFICERS DO NOT HAVE TO GET BIT AT WORK people! Geez. Let them use pepper spray when a dog goes after your child.

  27. 27

    Re: Jumperchu – I agree. It seemed like such a hostile environment with those people (not just the one guy) standing there with their phones filming. I get why they do it. I get it. But it just seems so hostile and antagonistic and just … ugh.

  28. Herie says – reply to this


    Re: R.F. Dietz – You are a complete moron. It was obvious the dog was going to bite him! Did you even watch the video?! The owner should have had more common sense to just not get out of his car and start trouble. None of this would have happened then!

  29. Me_5 says – reply to this


    How about you don't post gross videos like this. Perez your website gets worse every day

  30. mangymutt says – reply to this


    If the police told the owner to lock the dog in the car and roll the windows up so the dog couldn't get out and the owner didn't do it, then whose fault is it that they shot the dog? Cops aren't going to use a stun gun or pepper spray on a dog, it doesn't always work on a dog who is in attack mode. Just like how stun guns don't always work on a person who is in a rage. The dog clearly lunges at the cop, so you people saying that the cop should have used pepper spray or a taser think that the cop had time to reach the pepper spray? How's that going to work when the dog has clamped down on your face? Get real!

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nothing is changed for me. You don't shoot people's pets. You do something else. Trigger happy. Awful.

  32. Soloflyght1 says – reply to this


    Re: IzzyLizzy – here is the problem with the whole thing. they arrested this guy for nothing. they said he was resisting arrest and you can clearly see that he was not. the police put themselves into this situation! instead of them telling the man to leave the scene they tried make an example of the man by arresting him. by the way, they dropped the charges on the guy! so in the end they did everything wrong. instead of deescalating the situation the made it worse. they saw this guy with a large dog and they should have tried to figure a way to arrest the and keep the dog from doing anything. oh did i mention, the dog was not hostile to anybody until the police put there hands on his owner. that is a normal reaction for a dog to do. if they didn't want any trouble they should have the brains to figure out how to calm a situation down!

  33. Chris says – reply to this


    I am sorry, the dog died because the owner put it in harms way. Of course the dog was protecting the owner. But the owner was stupid and should have just moved on but instead he injected himself int a situation that had nothing to do with him.

    If you have a 150 Rottweiler getting ready to unleash on you, with that weight (equivalent to a man) and arguably one of the strongest bites exerting the most pressure per square inch, you can bet your sweet arse I will defend myself. Would I feel bad? absolutely! In my opinion, they should have shot the owner for animal cruelty!

  34. says who says – reply to this


    Any cop who is dealing with the public knows the public has dogs in it…they have pepper spray, tasers and poles and they do NOT have to shoot them…and to reach for anything around a dog who is in protection mode is insane! The dog was right to do what it did but they could have allowed that owner to get the dog and secure it in the car.

  35. BB says – reply to this


    This video is disgusting no matter what kind of angle it was taken at. There are lots of other ways to take the dog out of the situation! Taser, pepper spray and if needed bat it a couple times don't kill the poor thing!! I hate when people say "its an aggresive breed" I have known a ton of rotties and none of them were threat to anyone. Any breed of dog can defend its owner and it should not be killed for that choice. Heck, my dog is an old english sheep dog and is a nanny dog and if he were to see me or my family being harmed, he would have the exact same reaction as that dog did. Some people are sick for blaming the dog. The police man should be ashamed.

  36. lizblue says – reply to this


    There is no excuse in the world to shoot a dog protecting his owner from being roughed up by cops. The owner was right there. Let him out of the cuffs so he could take charge of the dog. The dog had plenty of time to attack and didn't. He barked and lunged and that is what he was supposed to do to scare them off. He even stopped and started sniffing the ground, to reduce his stress. Its a well known calming signal that dogs employ when stressed. So the stupid cop, instead of letting his owner out of his cuffs to take care of the dog, tries to put his hands on the dog. The dog did what he should. He doesn't know the difference between "cops" and "bad guys" (nor do I at the moment). All he sees is people trying to hurt his human. Why should he let them put their grubby hands on him? Imagine if someone was trying to rob you and you were with your dog. Would you want your dog to accept handling by the robber? Of course not! The dog wasn't wrong. The fact that he got killed is inexcusable. No video is going to make it look "OK". I hope karma strikes hard and fast.

  37. sunsurf says – reply to this


    not buying it they could have let the guy put his dog in the car they need to stop shooting things and supporting those who do also travon

  38. 38

    Re: sunsurf – Maybe you should youtube the video. There is another view point of this same event of the man being arrested. He put his dog in the car. When he was being arrested, the dog jumped out and started biting the police.

  39. 39

    Re: lizblue – That is a stupid argument. They can't just take him out of the cuffs because he was under arrest. They shot the dog because it was attacking them. Have you ever had a rot attack you? It's a powerful animal capable of killing someone. That is one heck of a bite. Maybe he shouldn't have been there in the first place yelling at the cops, maybe his dog would still be alive. You people are delusional. Take him out of cuffs to handle his animal… if you're a cop and someone is shouting at you in a hostile scene, are you going to release someone you just arrested and cuffed to "control their animal"? If so, you wouldn't be a cop, or alive, for very long. These men risk their lives for you people. No respect for them or their situation. Just judgmental ignorance.

  40. lily says – reply to this


    Re: sunsurf – He was not a flight risk, he went over to them to get arrested after his dog was in the car. They could have let the guy go to control the dog. ORRRRR they could have shot it again to kill it faster, not let it writhe on the ground like that while standing with thumbs up keesters. That's the most disturbing part of this all. Doesn't matter what he did dog was protecting his master , could have been handled so differently. He shouldn't have reached to grab the leash, let the owner take control of the dog. Then arrest him….. Power tripping idiots.

  41. nikko says – reply to this


    Re: lulune457 – They were not in a tense situation. the guy easily surrendered to the police. the dog wasn't going to attack them, he jumped at them a couple of times, and the instigated one of them. If they let go of the guy he could of control his dog. the police just shot him because they were pissed at the man and wanted to show who was in control. Then they stand around and watch the dog suffering. If he felt the need to shoot the dog shoot him in the head. They were totally wrong for what they did. Also the guy has a right to say whatever he wants to the police w/out them harassing him.

  42. IssaHawat1990 says – reply to this


    I actually feel bad for the dog, not the owner. I mean not only is it sad that the police killed the dog, but the owner himself is clearly abusive to the animal too (did anybody else see the man tug really hard on the dog's leash?) Ignorant people, especially ignorant black people who fight their dogs with each other for money and sport, and treat them like material objects are always mean and aggressive animals. I see this time and time again with these black people and these poor animals; It's animal abuse. Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Doberman Pinschers should be illegal to own and should be outlawed especially to black people who don't have any value for anything including themselves and who also live in the ghetto. They should have shot the man instead.

  43. 43

    pepper spray and tasing can make a dog more violent and they not always at hand in spontaneous situations like this. you have to use what comes to hand first. This is clearly the twat owners fault who not only provoked the cops to begin with but also failed to secure the dog even though he must know damn well how he can react.

  44. 44

    that dogs better off in heaven than with that dumbasss owner parading him around like a dangerous weapon. Its morons like him that givethem a bad rep.

  45. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: lulune457 – The owner should be blamed? Im sorry last I checked this was America and as Americans we are suppose to be free. The owner didnt touch the cops, no assault only loud music and talking. Apparently we are no longer allowed our freedom of speech. The officer had no reason in the first place to arrest the owner let alone shot the dog four times!

  46. John says – reply to this


    The one guy yelling shoot it shoot it (one recording the video I take it) should get shot in his dick hole

  47. John says – reply to this


    Re: Heather

    I really wish people would stop using the excuse " Im sorry last I checked this was America and as Americans we are suppose to be free." because the issue is he was Disrupting an investigation which he can be detained and/or arrested for. He was told several times to turn down his music he didn't until several more times, and he is yelling at cops who are investigating a armed robbery. Bottom line the owner was the main reason his dog died because if he would have just drove off none of this would have happened, but the cop is also partially to blame as he handled that situation (although quick) very poorly. You don't reach quickly to a dog that is not familiar with you because they will more time then not snap at you. Either way this is such a sad story.

  48. melissa c says – reply to this


    k first of all the dog was only defending it's owner. my dog does the same when she feels i am being threatened o hurt. police should not have shot the dog. if i were the owner i would sue so bad.

  49. maria herrera says – reply to this


    i'm sorry but this irritates me so much. the police had absolutely no right to shoot the dog.cops work with dogs all the time. the poor dog was just defending it's owner, if this happened to me i would definitely sue, no doubt about it.

  50. Vincent says – reply to this


    Clearly the cop set the dog up as "Tried to reach the leash"… with the gun drawn…

    I mean reaching your hand to an upset dog is an invitation for him to bite you, the officer knew this and wanted to shoot him…
    If not, he wouldnt had the gun drawn way before, or woulndt had shot him multiple times…

  51. jack sprat says – reply to this


    "Nothing will exonerate the police. Until that dog bites there is no reason to shoot for the kill. Don't want to be in a dangerous situation with a dog? Don't be a cop where danger is prevalent." — R.F. Dietz

    There's no getting through to stupid people, so I shan't try.

  52. jack sprat says – reply to this


    I despair for my country. With but a few exceptions, you folks are as dense as potwood.

  53. adam says – reply to this


    If an officer lunged at me and i shot him, killing him, it would still be my fault. That's how the system is in the states. Cops kill civilians everytime on "accident" or self proclaimed "self defence". It is fuked up and a disgrace.

  54. adam says – reply to this


    Re: lulune457 – The dog was trying to protect its owner dipshit. Anyone with a brain could see the dog was being aggressive, so why would that fruitcake of a cop, who is a complete stranger, try to reach its leash when it is being aggressive? Fucking stupid people like you always sticking up for the police even if they are in the wrong. You should have a family member get shot by a cop on the pretense of self defense and then you would know how i feel when they walk away scot free.

  55. 55

    The guy they arrested wasn't that much of a threat, at all. He was outnumbered and unarmed. They should have uncuffed him, let him gain control of his dark, walk him over to the pole, let him tie the dog up, then arrest him. Tazer, pepperspray or simply uncuffing him would have all been more rational choices.

  56. richsp says – reply to this


    I guess most of you assholes dont see a scumbag interfering with a situation that has NOTHING to do with him! WHY was he standing there saying shit that the cops had to handcuff this scumbag!! He has NO respect for the law!!
    Pepper spray, treq, etc you people are fools to think that quick. Hey lets call the dog pound!! REALLY!!! Making up excuses for a stupid owner is crazy!! But this is what this site is good for! Bringing out the HAVES & Have NOTS!!!
    WHY WAS THIS GUY WITH HIS DOG STANDING THERE?????? Why should cops stop what they are doing to deal with a trouble maker in the first place!!!
    Its amazing how people will riot over a fucking dog!! Been saying it wont take much for a Rodney King riot!!! We are ready scumbags!!!

  57. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: jack sprat – Speaking like a real jerkoff!! Dont be a cop because of a dog! Put a badge on for a day big boy! Easier to be big guy behind those keyboards! Dont call when your in trouble, handle it yourself touch guy!! O nothing happens to you because your a fucking panzy who never leaves the house!! You hear people laughing and screaming when they are there to protect the hood of shits!! God Bless the cops and the good people that live amongst these worthless pieces of shit!!!

  58. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: adam – Dude you are a whack job!! Its the owners fault for being there in the first place! Total disregard for the police who where there pumped up about something else other then this scumbags who needed the attention. Funny how people feel more for a dog then the disregard for the cops!! Amazing!!
    Did you have someone killed by the cops? If so, know why you would defend the hoodlum as doing nothing wrong!!

  59. lola says – reply to this


    Alll you people saying that it was the owners fault shut the fuck up, a dogs natural thing is to protects it master stupid cops can burn in hell, only in america.

  60. Rotty Love says – reply to this


    Re: OhGlob! – You are close minded and have no real experience with dogs. I have a rottweiler, a 150lb pure bred beauty and she is my pride and joy. I am extremely distraught that

    A) it is ok for a anyone (not just a cop) to shoot an animal and get away with it.

    B) Because Max is a Rotty he is automatically deemed violent and aggressive when there are no bad dogs in this world only bad owners. My Rotty is not only just about the sweetest most obedient dog you will ever meet she is also incredibly protective of all humans, especially small children and babies. (she tends to watch the babies and nuzzle them and play follow the leader, much to any child's delight, and I have no children she comes by this naturally) Also, if you look up dog bite stats there are more bites from Labs and Beagles than Rotties.

  61. Rotty Love says – reply to this


    C) All dogs are protective of their owners and react to fear and aggression from people. The owner was scared. Max picked up on that fear. He is obviously trying to herd the aggressors in his eyes away from his scared master by circling them and trying to get in between them. A chihuahua would do this same tactic, just trying to be close to his owner, safe. Max lunged, there is no report of bites of any kind, he lunged. Simple psychological response of any animal even humans. Fight or flight ever heard of it?

    D) There is no reason race should be brought up in any arguments. I am Caucasian as can be, well educated, and a functioning member of society. I own a Rottweiler and a Cane Corso, both are large so called "aggressive" dogs, and they are well trained, loving, and very much part of the family.

    E) Just to be crass, it is ok in so many people's eyes to shoot and kill an animal who may not fully grasp this particular situation but we have the privilege to pay for murders and psychos to live the rest of their lives out in a cushy prison with cable tv and internet (ie: the shooter in Aurora, CO at the movies, and those low lives who kidnapped those 3 girls for 9 years) tell me what makes sense there

  62. Kbto says – reply to this


    I think that the police killing the dog is horrible. HOWEVER, that is not the biggest problem in this case. The man did not violate ANY law for videotaping the police and yet he was arrested. Why is he arrested when he is not violating the law?! If the police had not abuse it's power the dog would still be alive.

  63. kharkness says – reply to this


    All of you pissed at the police about this are just ignorant. They guy should not have been involved. He was antagonistic and should've left the scene and his dog would be alive. But no, he had to harass the police. He put his dog in the car and left the windows down..what an idiot. Yes the dog was just being protective of his owner..think about that..what does that mean..Protective..That means he was ready to eat a cops ass up!!! I hate the dog was killed, but ultimately it was the owners fault. The cop did no wrong.

  64. janet says – reply to this


    Total B.S. Rosby could have been permitted to secure his dog and then be arrested for whatever offence he was supposed to have committed.
    this is murder and it's disgusting.

  65. sam says – reply to this


    Re: R.F. Dietz
    Yeah sure. You should never talk to a cop or record their actions. Maybe, even if they come and slap you, you should never talk to them. That is what you do, right…cop lover