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Super Rare 'Corpse Flower' Blooms! Reeks Of DEATH!!

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Corpse Flower

The 'corpse flower' is a rare flower, that doesn't often bloom, and it carries an incredibly awful stench!

One has just bloomed this week at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium!

The plant is a beautiful, violet flower atop a green stalk that stands about 8-feet tall and weighs almost 300-pounds!

So why is it called the corpse flower? Is it because it's so big it can literally eat a person?? That's terrifying!

That's also not true. It's called the corpse flower because of the awful, dead body smell it releases.

A researcher and botanist at the gardens said:

"[It's smell is] like a dead rabbit that has been lying in the sun for two weeks and you open the box."

EW!! That sounds so grossssss!

Why would anyone want to go see/smell this flower??

We guess for science reasons, because the stink is all about attracting flies to pollinate it.

As soon as it's pollinated, it stops stinking. Still… super gross.

Would U go sniff the corpse flower??

[Image via National Botanic Garden of Belgium.]

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