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Sharknado Coming To The Big Screen!

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sharknado theater release 200 august sharks tornados

Can you manufacture a cult classic like The Room, or Rocky Horror Picture Show? Can you set out to make something like that, or does it have to happen organically??

Well, we guess we'll see! Sharknado is hitting 200 theaters in August!

Here's what the official announcement said about it:

'Regal Cinemas will host midnight shows of Sharknado on August 2 at roughly 200 theaters across the country, including New York City's Regal Union Square Stadium 14 and L.A.'s Regal L.A. Live Stadium 14.'

While there's def been a major social media response and outpour of love for how incredibad the movie is, we can't help but feel like SyFy and Regal Cinemas are trying to purposefully create a cult status — and they're on the verge of ruining it! It doesn't feel genuine, and it's starting to make us nervous!

Here's what a Regal rep said:

“You know how audiences have had fun with Rocky Horror Picture Show over the years. If the internet reactions to this film are any indication, then our moviegoers are primed and ready to enjoy Sharknado larger than life in cinemas. Regal is proud to be giving our guests this chance to fuel the social media whirlwind by inviting friends to come to the show and tweeting reactions.”

ALSO THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY! It's less about giving guests chances to do stuff, and more about selling concessions! They don't fool us for a minute!

It's like they don't get how gaining cult status works!

But just when our rage starts to get out of hand, we remember we heard that the sequel might involve dinosaur sharks, soooooo we can't be that mad at them for trying!

That sounds awesome! LOLz!

Will U be paying to see this in theaters??

[Image via SyFy.]

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One comment to “Sharknado Coming To The Big Screen!”

  1. 1

    WTF is The room? never heard of it. And the Rocky horror show is a musical with memorable songs that has been a huge stage musical for decades and constantly revived. You cant compare some stupid shark b-movie to it.