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Barack Obama Explains The Importance Of New White House Dog Sunny

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President Barack Obama actually took some time out of his insanely busy schedule to talk to CNN.

The question on everyone's mind… why did they get Sunny?

Not that we're complaining, we LOVE the newest addition to the First Family!

But we were curious why now? Did Bo need a companion?

We could totes understand Bo getting lonely and needing a buddy to play with!

Especially with his papa busy running the whole world!!

Check out the video (above) to hear why they got Sunny, from the President's own mouth!

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13 comments to “Barack Obama Explains The Importance Of New White House Dog Sunny”

  1. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Animals really do have emotions and it's always so sad to see one lonely due to his/her family being busy. I'm sure Sunny and Bo will be great friends that will have lots of adventures! Glad to witness the man finally doing something intelligent!

  2. littleone says – reply to this


    With all due respect, cuz I think he's doing great running YOUR country, but he does not run my country, or any other for that matter.
    WIth thanks,

  3. Anne says – reply to this


    Insanely busy? I've never knew a president that took so many vacations in my life.

  4. 4

    39% approve of the pos in the WH. what does he do gets a dog! how stupid do you have to be to want more hussein. there are more losers in the US then producers. we will be forever known as the generation of Americans who gave their freedom away for an obamaphone.

  5. 5

    Re: Anne – Check the record of Bush George W. You teabaggers/republican/racists never check the facts in your rush to say something hateful. It just makes you appear stupid and mean, which I'm sure you aren't. It took me about one second to Google 'what pres. took the most vacations?'

  6. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    He isn't running the whole world. He is the President of the USA, most other countries have leaders too. Most of the time he is golfing, playing basketball, vacationing, eating out, campaigning, he rarely does any work. I mean while Benghazi was happening he went to sleep get up for his early morning flight to campaign in Vegas. Is that leadership? No. How about all thi Trayvon Marting crap? Not leadership either. He's an embarrassment and I'm convinced he's just a puppet. I know he made Cs in school and someone else wrote his books, I am not convinced he's very smart. If you think he's some great leader, you have to be pretty dumb also.

  7. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    The difference is FactCheck.org, run by liberals always protects Obama. GWB took a lot of "working" vacations where he retreated to Crawford and worked. This guy when he's in the WH, which is rare, is golfing, playing bball or hanging with JayZ. There is no mystique in the Presidency anymore. It's a joke, we have a reality star occupying the WH. I didn't like Bush either, I'm not some stupid blind liberal who will just protect the idiots in Congress. I call them like I see them and if you did too, you'd see Obama is an idiot. Why didn't he adopt a poor doggie in Detroit, why another $5k bred doggie? Liberals want you to do as they say not as they do.

  8. 8

    Re: ViewFromHere – GWB went HOME! if the pos went home to his pink mansion in chicago, no one would care. Oh wait, the pos got rid of his pink mansion and chicago isn't home anymore. chicago got punked. home is now hawaii. chicago do you feel use much?

  9. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: Anne – Bush took 879 vacations day during his 8 years…that's almost 2 and a half years! try doing some reading before shooting off your mouth

  10. MadonnaBorderline says – reply to this


    OMG can Americans be more stupid??? there are so mutch thing going on in their country and they are dealing with obamas dog?? LOL … BREAKING NEWS AMERICANS !!! OBAMA IS TAKING AWAY YOUR FREEDOM

  11. Here To Help says – reply to this


    I love animals, but this softball interviewing of Barack by CNN is VERY telling, while our civil liberties are being destroyed! CNN is NOT a real news outlet, just a parrot for the Globalists. Most of the mainstream media is the same. The mainstream media is a joke! These people are bought and paid for by the Globalists. Wake up people, before it's too late!

  12. JinBH says – reply to this


    Worst president ever.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wonderful to see beautiful Beau get a new lease on life with a she-doggie companion. Everybody was probably walking right past him most of the time in busyness. I have two for the same reasons. Sweet random story.