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Science Figures Out How Bees Fly!

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We didn't know that this was such a mystery!

Insects have to beat their wings up to 500 times a second to stay aloft! That shiz cray!

Exactly how bees are able to do this, science didn't know… until now!!

Two biophysicists at the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute were studying the difference between insect flight muscles and vertebrate muscles.

The researchers said:

"It has long been known that many insects don’t move their flight muscles in the way vertebrates do. The big question is whether the difference is unique to insect flight muscles or exploits a property common to all muscle proteins."

The researchers filmed the bees at a crazy 5,000 frames per second to catch their wing action!

Their findings bring to light the process of force generation in bug flight… so to those of you interested in that kind of stuff… congrats on having that mystery possibly solved!

Check out the video (above) to see a bee fly in SUPER slow motion!

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