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Kellan Lutz Comes Out — Against Declawing Cats!!

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Kellan Lutz stands up against declawing cats!!

Kellan Lutz is super hot and hunky but guess what…

He also looooooves animals!! That's the best part about him! (Other than his rockin' bod).

After learning about how cruel it is to declaw cats, Kellan took to twitter, posting:

Declawing is really reallllly inhumane.

People have no idea how bad it is or are misinformed into thinking it's good.

The Paw Project's website said:

"The Paw Project educates the public about why declawing is inhumane. Many people, including animal lovers, do not realize that declawing is a surgical procedure in which the animal’s toes are amputated at the last joint. A portion of the bone, not just the nail, is removed. Declawing may result in permanent lameness, arthritis, and other long-term complications. The practice, although common in the United States, is actually illegal in many countries. Great Britain’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons goes so far as to declare declawing 'unnecessary mutilation.'"

So it's not just like removing nails or something… it's a full on amputation!!!

That's just so awful! Let's all take a stand against declawing!

Got a kitty who likes to scratch?? Then get them a scratching post! Don't declaw!!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Kellan Lutz Comes Out — Against Declawing Cats!!”

  1. 1

    Drool worthy!! Love his (cat) whiskers - HA! I just had to.
    I love animals - I esp. love cats. This hottie is a man after this queen's ♥!

  2. KCG says – reply to this


    My cat is declawed and as much as I hadn't want to do it my parents forced me to because he tore apart a brand new 3k leather couch. Yes we have scratching posts, we have cat trees, we have everything he ever needed to play with and scratch on and he didn't even use them once. However he is happy and it's been 4 years and he's fine. I miss my scratches on my hands but I couldn'd afford to have moved out at that time. :(

  3. Jene says – reply to this


    I have one cat that is declawed and one cat that isn't. It was a necessary thing because he would climb up the walls, the curtains, and people's bare skin. It's a surgical procedure that is done under anesthesia, he did not suffer, and since he's an indoor cat he really doesn't need his claws. He's still fine 10 years later, just because in some cases it goes wrong doesn't mean it's permanent. And he still does all the same things he used to do except the bad ones. People need to stop being drama queens about this.

  4. Jene says – reply to this


    Re: KCG – When you have a cat that uses its claws to destroy everything in your house just for fun (and like mine, randomly climbs on you by sticking its claws in your legs and back), it's either declawing it or abandonning it. I believe declawing is the better option.

  5. MB says – reply to this


    I'll say it before, and I'll say it again, I agree…. except if your cat is a cat from hell, it's an indoor cat, and you love the cat. I like cats, but cats can be vicious little creatures depending on their personality. I have been attacked for no (good) reason that would seem logical to the cat (which ended up declawed after it ripped my hands to shreds, and held my brother and me in a kitchen, me clenching the only thing I could get my hands on to wack the cat away, a garbage can, that ended up with my blood running down it, onto the floor. BUT it was either get her put to sleep, or declawed. Declawed it was. OR one of the two I have right now, The good one that ended up with me, after my mom passed away, who still has claws and can be trusted on the balcony, not to jump, a good cat, who can keep her claws, and then the one my brother and sister in law left when they moved out of country, who is a good cat, but a bad seed. Can't be trusted not to jump off the balcony, you can barely pet without getting bitten or attacked, declawed (by them, before)

    ^^^ A cat like that will hurt someone badly.

  6. MB says – reply to this


    I meant that to the cat, the reason for attacking me was a logical reason, but it really wasn't. It had nothing to do with the cat. VVV An unopened can of pop fell out of my hands and hit the floor. The cat heard it in another room, and the sound made her attack me…. in a pair of shorts and that's it. she only got my hands because that's the only thing I let her get…

  7. Jes says – reply to this


    There are actually vets now that do a laser procedure that actually kills the nail bed and the nail never grows back. More expensive, but at least the kitty isn't getting it's toes amputated!

  8. 8

    My sister has a pair of indoor cats, both have been fixed, same with my neighbor. I like cats and would like to have one, but cannot handle lifting the cat litter bags, etc. So I will play with my neighbor's cats.

  9. Jencat says – reply to this


    Please take a few minutes to become educated about declawing. There is no rationale for amputating your cat's knuckles. It is outlawed in MANY other countries and several cities in the United States- and people there also have expensive couches. Bottom line: cats are digitigrade animals, which means that they walk on their toes. Cutting off their end knuckles results in them having to shift their balance backwards, which causes arthritis and a host of behavioral problems. Many older declawed cats stop using their litter boxes because they simply cannot stand the pain of having to step up over the edge of the box. There are humane alternatives such as nail caps and nail trimming and they MUST be used. There is no need to be defensive about why you declawed your cat- simply do not ever do it again.

  10. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Jene- You're a fucking idiot and you don't deserve to have cats. There are other options in between abandonment and declawing- like behavior training. Any dedicated cat owner would take the time to do this but it's more convenient to just mutilate the animal and call it a day. Animals are not toys to be altered for human convenience. Try having your fingers amputated and having to painfully relearn how to live your life. If furniture is more valuable to you then your cats' health and comfort, then you shouldn't have a cat!!! I hate people like you who try to defend declawing when it is PROVEN that it is painful and harmful to the cat!!!

  11. michelle naden says – reply to this


    Jes - the laser procedure has the same results, it is a different way of doing the surgery but it is still the amputation of the last joint. The result is the same lifelong physical and emotional distress. Please train your cats, don't declaw.

  12. Marya says – reply to this


    Declawing is indeed incredibly inhumane, never "necessary," and never done in the cat's best interest. There is a reason it's been banned in several countries, and I can only hope the US follows soon. I challenge anyone who thinks declawing isn't "a big deal" to have the first joints of all of THEIR fingers and thumbs amputated.
    Additionally, in my professional career both as a vet tech and animal shelter adoption counselor, I have witnessed several cases of post-op complications (even when surgery was performed with a laser, by amazing doctors), and *countless* phone calls from people wishing to surrender their cats to shelters when faced with post-declaw behavioral changes (such as litter box issues, biting, fearfulness, etc.).
    We expect our companion animals to accept us as we are; why is it so difficult for us to accept them as they are? As individuals, different cats prefer different scratching devices. Try the tall towers wrapped in twine and/or carpet, try the flat corrugated cardboard. Ask a vet tech to show you how to trim the nails, and do so once a month. Why risk physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems? You and your kitty will both be so much happier cohabiting!

  13. 80sbetch says – reply to this


    Oh, so it's either declawing it or abandoning it? You should not even be allowed to have pets if that's really the way you view animals. They're not disposable.

  14. Caro says – reply to this


    Declawing is a horrible thing to do to a cat! You are basically cutting off their toes! I am so glad that Kellan is using his star status to speak out against this terrible act against cats!

  15. Jody says – reply to this


    Love Kellan for standing up for cats! Can't believe some of the comments (read excuses) people made for declawing! It's not wrong, people! It's actually abuse and it should be illegal! Work patiently with your cat and eventually he will get better about scratching! I have been working with a feral cat I rescued as a kitten for almost a year and he still bites and scratches but so what? It's not causing me any permanent damage! He also chews the dining room curtains and shower curtains but again, so what? They can be replaced! Animals are more important than objects!