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Cute Baby Feeds Her Adorbz Doggies!!

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This is so stinkin' cute!

This baby looks so young we're surprised she even understands the concept that boxes hold things!

Yet she knew enough to be able to realize that dogs love treats!!

So she started handing them out to her matching group of super cute puppies!!

So many doggies!!

We could totes watch a baby feed doggies snacks all day…

And we probably will. Time to clear our schedule! LOLz!

Check out the video (above) for some supreme baby/doggy cuteness.

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42 comments to “Cute Baby Feeds Her Adorbz Doggies!!”

  1. Tina says – reply to this


    Its Emilia from the Saccone Joly's!

  2. emosia15 says – reply to this


    OMG , its Emilia :)

  3. 3


  4. christine says – reply to this


    Damn Perez…watch their vlogs! They are shitty parents. Overfeed their kid, the mother is a lazy, unloving whiny bitch, put their baby in dangerous situations for views. This baby is merely a prop in their lame You Tube adventure. They never take her out or play with her :( Please don't sensationalize these idiots! The father is semi decent..he at least tries to be a good parent..they feed hre, cake, cookies, TONS of bread, heavy cream. Poor kid.

  5. Mishelle says – reply to this


    Re: christine – ugh are you serious? if you dont like them… gtfo

  6. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: christine – What the hell are you talking about? They are not like that. They are great parents

  7. Tia11 says – reply to this


    These 2 are THE WORST parents! That poor baby has a black eye :( They feed her like a 12 year old…all junk food. Her mom never plays with her, bathes her or cooks meals for her. The poor dad does everything!

  8. Bettyy says – reply to this


    your just hating on ANNA she has it all and you probably just seat on your ass and wish you were her!!!! HATER!!! Don't LIKE THEM DON'T WATCH THEM!!!! THEY ARE GREAT PARENTS AND ANNA IS NOT A LAZY PERSON SHE JUST HAS A GREAT HUSBAND THAT LOVES HER!!!

  9. Tia11 says – reply to this


    Are you people delusional? Anyone can see how shitty of parents they are by watching their vlogs.

  10. Amber says – reply to this


    That's a cute baby??????????????

  11. Tanya says – reply to this


    Cute Emilia, she's really smart. I wonder when is she learn to do this. Probably when Anna gives doggies their snack. And Emilia copy this. So cute and smart of her. And the dogs are so quiet…

  12. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Are you people kidding? I've been watching their vlogs for 2 years and they are incredible parents! You see 20 minutes of their lives. Stop trying to bring down others because you are unhappy with yourselves. They are incredibly loving parents and give Emilia everything in the world! They adore her.

    Love that you posted this, Perez!!

  13. christine says – reply to this


    Are most of these commenters 12???? these 2 had a baby for $$$ plain and simple.

  14. Boo says – reply to this


    Re: AmberRe: christine
    i am from VietNam, and i watch this family's video everyday…. A happy family…. Emilia was a happy kid. She lovely and funny. Anna and Jofee were the best parent of Emilia. I love them so much. So you don't say that again, Christine !!!

  15. Trisha says – reply to this


    I LOVE this family! Anyone that has a bad word to say about this is just unhappy with their own lives. Anna and Jofus's vlogs are real and filled with positivity. I am so thankful they are even sharing their lives with us. Stop being so hateful, people. You are ridiculous. How would you feel if someone judged every move you make? The sad thing is, you're hiding behind a keyboard when you make these comments and I just want to thank you for giving them more views for looking at their videos.

  16. Mandi says – reply to this


    Why do I have a feeling that the haters are just the same person and keeps changing the name? Geeze, get a life. I love this family.

  17. Melanie says – reply to this


    I just watched one of their vlogs. I want that 20 minutes of my life back! First off..this may sound mean, but that baby is not cute. Seems sweet, but cute? no. What is up with the mother? She seems like mommoy dearest! The dad seems ok to me. He was paying plenty of attention to the daughter. Those dogs are gross.

  18. John P says – reply to this


    Re: Melanie – You must lead a very sad life if you are willing to say those things. Especially if it was THAT awful for you and you continued to watch.

  19. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: Bettyy – Erm the reason why she probably has a black eye is because she's learning to walk. Babies fall over all the time and hurt themselves. This does not make them bad parents. You cant wrap your kid in cotton wall and stop them from doing stuff.

  20. Cara says – reply to this


    You mean like Anna sits on her flat pancake ass all day Bettyy? These two are HORRIBLE excuses for parents! Don't give them any publicity! They need to get real jobs, instead of making content for their "show" and take parenting classes!

  21. ltan says – reply to this


    Re: Bettyy – A black eye are you kidding me. You obviously don't watch their vlogs.

  22. 22

    It's amazing on how people like to hate on a little baby.
    They are extremly caring parents, they love her so much and she is a happy child. A bad parent is one who hits, rapes or hurts their children and you can see trough their videos that she is loved. and what's that about Anna not feeding her child or not loving her ??? advise you to see all of the videos . if people don't like the way they treat her kid, i advise you not to watch or report it to the social services. All the love to the Saccone Joly's and there is a new offspring coming.
    indeed, Anna and Joffe have a cumplicity that not many couples have - Joffe cleans and cooks, unlike 99,9 % of the men i know. Whatever…. amazing you share this Perez (one of the few things you did right on your page )

  23. 23

    Re: Trisha – true your words are true. people like to hate cause their jealous. Emilia is happy, is smart and we can see that . haters need to watch their story from the first video to understand

  24. Rebecca says – reply to this


    A lot of repetition in the comments… Emilia is beautiful and learning so much every day.

  25. capri says – reply to this


    This child is fed primarily bread every day since birth. Her food is just slipped onto the table at home or in germy public places. No dishes are used and she eats with her hands, no spoons or forks are given to her.

    Her super lazy Mother lied about breastfeeding her and makes her Husband take care of the child day in day out.

    They fill the bathtub too full which endangers her life and the other day scaled her with water that was too hot.

    They let the dogs lick her face and inside her mouth.

    They keep her penned up in a dangerous place with a heavy lamp and TV set to fall on her.

    They laugh at her attempts to walk and even placed rain boots on her and laughed at her as she tried to walk.

    The Mother insists on placing bows on the baby's head to the point where her head is damaged with a grove in it now.

    I could go on and ON!!

  26. amy says – reply to this


    Re: capri – bread since birth? i don't think you should start off your argument with something that completely ridiculous.

  27. capri says – reply to this


    Amy, you know I'm right. It's no argument. That child is fed bread and tomatoes straight off any old dirty surface - no dishes ever! She is fed sugar, spices and highly salted foods in larger portions than her lazy Mother eats. Deny that.

    The child is a one year old and is lagging in developmental milestones due to lack of proper nutrition and proper parental involvement. She is left alone to rock methodically for hours a day in a trance state.

    Check out the thread on Gurugossiper.com to get the real scoop about this poor child.

  28. Ihatesacconejolys says – reply to this


    Re: Kelsey – The dogs are quiet? Are you fucking stupid?

  29. Andrea says – reply to this


    They are probably the worst parents on You Tube. She has let the baby travel in a car with no car seat, over feed Emeila with junk food. Her daily diet is pizza, chips and cake. The mother is super lazy, spends most of her day in bed or on the sofa. Poor Emeila has a black eye from her lack of watching her. You should watch some of their videos to see how awful they are.

  30. Sirenna says – reply to this


    Amen, Mishelle. Re: Mishelle

  31. Britani says – reply to this


    I love watching their vlogs! They are such amazing parents and Emilia is so cute!

  32. Eva Perez says – reply to this


    This family are just the greatest vloggers on youtube. Check out their channel SACCONEJOLYs today. This family is so successful it even has one of the biggest "green-eyed monster" fan club ever. Feeling down then come have a laugh.

  33. Eva Perez says – reply to this


    Capri is choosing to watch the Saccone-Jolys on youtube and obviously has taken in so many details. If you hated this family so much then why are you watching them. You love to watch but are so jealous and envious that you just have to try and drag them down to your miserable level. This is the crap we have to put up with on this AMAZING channel. Anyone who watches but says how terrible this family is, is obviously lying. Who in their right mind would watch any show they hate so much just to take in all the details and then come back and watch more shows again and again. Capri…nobody is making you watch this family, you are watching this family by choice every day. If you hate them so much you would have been gone ages ago. Don't spread your hate here to. Don't like it then go away. They have a huge following so they must be doing something right.

  34. Eva Perez says – reply to this


    Anyone with a positive happy attitude will be able to enjoy these vlogs and see with their own eyes if what you says is true or not. People who are now coming here to run this amazing family down will not success. Let people watch for themselves, then if they don't like what they see then they will just leave and not be stupid enough to watch a show they hate just to write hateful comments because they are jealous of how successful they have become because they are awesome. Haters are like a dog with a bone, just can't let go. Then are gutless to come on this site too just to complain, whinge and bellyache. Change the channel and leave this channel for the people that really appreciate this gorgeous family.

  35. capri says – reply to this


    That's right Melanie… "taken in so many details" because gasp! Those details are there.

    Nice try attempting to place words in this writer's script. Hate is what you must feel for anyone who attempts to alert the uninformed of that child's need for intervention from her lazy parents. Why? Why does that concern for Emilia bother your type SO much???

    Lol at jealous and envious… hahahahahhahha. Those two words used are always used for everything by these trolls. Tell me, if I discuss my discomfort with Hitler or the KKK or Terrorists or Serial Killers… does that infer in your book that I'm jealous and envious of them?

    Get a grasp of reality and realize that this child does not speak does not wave, does not do many of the things a one year old should do. She is small for her age. That issue to the bad parenting.

    I know, I know… in your mind that makes me jealous of her - right?

  36. Annika says – reply to this


    That little baby is Emilia & she´s 1 year-old girl for Ireland. She has 6 doggy friend :D Happiest & the sassiest little girl!! ♥

  37. Annika says – reply to this


    Re: christine – Why so jealous?! Don´t be a grumpycat , be friendliest friend like we all! ♥

  38. Disgusted says – reply to this


    Re: capri – You are so right. These ppl disgust me. You would think pregnancy is a disease the way she keeps moaning and lying around in bed or anywhere else all day.

  39. Disgusted says – reply to this


    Re: Andrea – not to forget some of the dog food she manages to slip into her mouth. It's in the vlogs.

  40. Jilly says – reply to this


    Emilia!!!! Cutest baby on youtube!!

  41. Meg says – reply to this


    Lol at all these people saying negative things and being all bitter. How hilarious. They are a beautiful family and you must be a very angry person to say such negative things about a happy family. I feel embarrassed for you. Please grow up.

  42. brit says – reply to this


    Re: Mishelle – Are you for real? Anna and Jonathan are amazing parents and love their child. They feed her as any other parent would and don't put her in harms way. I hope that you stop being so hateful, for your own sake.