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Nina Dobrev Helped Ian Somerhalder's Dog Give Birth!!

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev helped Ian's dog give birth!

We previously mentioned that Ian Somerhalder's dog Nietzsche was preggers!!

Ian was super happy for his cutie pooch!

And now he's a grandpa!! Probably the hunkiest grandpa we've ever seen!!

During the birth of his grand puppies he said:

"Live from the whelping box In Atlanta! Panting, pushing, contractions – Wow. Make no mistake about it – Ladies rule. Women of every species blow my mind … Incredible what mamas go through! Love to you mamas – all over the world. Jeez."

He clearly seemed blown away by the whole experience… luckily his ex Nina Dobrev was there for him!

That's right, Nina was with him during the birth of his new pupsters!!

She tweeted:

"Birthing little Nietzsches … Such a beautiful + equally terrifying thing to witness …The miracle of life :) #Wow"

Guess she was pretty blown away too!

So cool they're still such good friends they can watch a dog give birth together.

We wonder if Nina is gonna take home any little Nietzsches for herself!

Check out a pic of Nietzsche and her litter AFTER THE JUMP!!

[Image via Nina Dobrev on WhoSay & WENN.]

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6 comments to “Nina Dobrev Helped Ian Somerhalder's Dog Give Birth!!”

  1. Fred says – reply to this


    Ummm … why are we celebrating someone breeding more pitbulls? Considering how many o them are out there and need homes and can't even be placed for adoption because of the problems they have or the perceived problems they may have? Just curious.

  2. 2

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  3. Bea says – reply to this


    She is a dog he rescued of the street, he wanted to neuter her but found out she is carrying babies.

  4. Jess says – reply to this


    In all honesty it's all a bunch of "Stereo types" with the odd exception. Clearly this dog is not a monster/going to tare anything to pieces. Any dog has the ability to tare someone to pieces. It depends how their raised, and genetics go with it as-well -Having said that just because genetics may have a part to do with a dogs behaviour doesn't mean they can't be trained/taught. That just depends who the owner is and how much time they put into their dogs. Clearly there should be a lot of people who should not own a dog/ be banned from ever owning one. Who is anyone to say what kind of breed should be cease to be in this world.

  5. 5

    Re: Fred – They don't have problems, nor are they dangerous. The only reason why people like you think they are dangerous is because you listen to the ignorant assholes who create all this bullshit. No dogs are dangerous, only the owner of the dog is dangerous, the true danger and the dog takes the bullet. Saying a dog is dangerous and kills is like saying "guns kill, cars get drunk and drive themselves and kill people, and a pencil makes mistake" but really a gun cannot shoot without someone picking it up and pulling the trigger, a car cannot drive without a driver, a pencil cannot write nor make a mistake without it being held and written. Simple, Pitbulls do not have problems, they are over-bred by ignorant crackheads, backyard breeders, or irresponsible people, or dog fighting assholes, they wreck, abuse, kick the dog and they train them to attack people, not only that they put their pitbulls on steroids and other drugs to kill other dogs all for dog fighting.

    He did not breed his dog, he adopted her pregnant at the shelter. My god.

  6. 6

    Re: Fred – Oh, and he didn't breed his pitbull, his other dogs are fixed, she was adopted from the shelter and she was already pregnant that's why she gave birth so fast because she's been pregnant for a while now, dogs don't give birth in a day you know.

    Even if he did breed her himself (which he didn't, he adopted her and she was pregnant) what's wrong with that? If he clearly knows what he's doing, than he can breed his dog as he likes, and these pitbull puppies wont be ending up in the shelter, Ian is famous, he can easily give these puppies away to fans, or family friends, or even his cast mates! He has a lot of adoptions, so they WOULD find homes. Also, he doesn't fight his dogs, he doesn't put them on steroids, he doesn't kick and beat his dog…etc Therefore none of them are going to have birth defects, or problems or temperamental problems. Also he has the money to afford all vet care.