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Fan Pet Of The Day

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Today's Fan Pet of the Day is…


TeddyHilton.com reader Luci sent us a pic of her adorbz doggy and said:

"Meet Kito, my 4-year-old white Chow. He’s allergic to pollen & his eyes suffer badly from it. Being also so Glam, he’s delighted to wear his Doggles! He even picked the color himself : sniffed the right shade till I got the hint… Ice blue! You were right baby, you look Uber FAB! Hope he’ll be your next Fan Pet of The Day as he absolutely <3 <3 <3 TEDDY HILTON!! So of course, we check it together daily. And his doggy friends will be… ice blue with envy that he won this prestigious title first! XOXO"

O… m… g… those goggles are INCREDIBALLZ!!

Your pup looks so insanely cute in them we hardly know what to do with ourselves!

What a cutie pooch! You totes deserve to be today's fan pet!

Think UR pet should be The Fan Pet Of The Day? Email us a pic to teddyhiltonphotos@gmail.com!!!

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