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SeaWorld Doesn't Want Its Killer Whale Trainers Federally Protected From A Gruesome Death!!!

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Everyone is entitled to their day in court!!!

Even companies like SeaWorld who oppose current federal regulations that protect trainers from deadly orcas!

Killer whales like Tilikum have been living up to their name for years, but when SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed on the job in 2010 the government finally decided end the madness.

After an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration concluded working conditions for whale trainers were simply too unsafe, the government barred close contact with these potentially dangerous creatures without some sort of barrier in between.

While this is good news for the friends, family, and children of current trainers who don't want to see their loved ones maimed or killed, it was apparently bad news for SeaWorld stockholders as it cramped the style of the Shamu-esque whale show so many ticket-goers paid to see.

This week the company's lawyers made their case in front of judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals. They argued that the restrictions were unnecessary and damaging to the brand. The corporation's lawyer Eugene Scalia, son of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, even made a clumsy football analogy.

He said:

"It's as if the federal government came in and told the NFL that 'close contact' on the football field would have to end."

Yeah, it's exactly like that! Only completely different! Angry players don't typically bite, drown, or kill one another!

Besides, the NFL has tons of safety regulations!!!

Ugh, it's no wonder celebrities like Bob Barker and Tommy Lee are so against these theme parks.

A decision in this case isn't expected for several months, but with compelling documentaries like Blackfish permeating the culture we would be totes surprised if the judges reversed their position!

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28 comments to “SeaWorld Doesn't Want Its Killer Whale Trainers Federally Protected From A Gruesome Death!!!”

  1. 1

    Simple solution - do not imprison these animals and make them do tricks for our entertainment and the financial gain of their captors.

  2. AG55 says – reply to this


    If you had to spend your life confined to bathtub, wouldn't you go a little psychotic too? Killer whales belong in the ocean NOT in a f***** fishbowl. $eaworld sucks!!!

  3. mcubed says – reply to this


    Agreed @rosebud99! Core issue isn't protecting the trainers, it is treating the whales Humanely so that both the trainers and the whales aren't put in harm's way.

  4. 4

    seaworld is sick and i hope it is shut down soon.

  5. Liz32091 says – reply to this


    The only reason why they are killing the trainers is because SeaWorld is stealing them from their natural habitat and imprisoning them, many of their animals were free until SeaWorld captured them. Belittles me how people are so ignorant to believe such a beautiful wild animal can be tamed by humans!! Makes me so angry!

  6. Kwoali16 says – reply to this


    Just saw CNN's BlackFish documentary. Seaworld should be shut down! They lie about rescuing these whales and instead take the babies away from the mothers. Mother and child in the wild spend their lifetime together. They lie and tell visitors at their parks that Orca's live longer in their care. Orca's live only 30 to 35 years in their care. In the wild female Orca's live to 100 yrs old, males to 50-60 yrs! These whale trainers aren't even marine biologists, they're young men and women looking for employment, their lives are at risk every time they get in the water with these poor deprived, wild beauties.
    I know my life and my daughters will be none the less if Seaworld no longer existed! I'm sorry I ever went there!

  7. 7

    Re: rosebud99 – Thanks I agree. Even more sad is so many places in the Riviera Maya are building these undersized dolphin jails for the tourists.
    I've only been to SeaWord (San Diego) twice and to be honest I liked some of the other shows better, especially my second visit when they added the penguins.

  8. idiots says – reply to this


    Ya morons, what's next? There are plenty of jobs that pose a danger to the people that choose to perform said jobs- are you going to ban fighter pilots from their planes? And before all of you PETA jokers jump on me, I get that the whales don't have a choice. But the trainers do.

  9. idiots says – reply to this


    Please do your homework before you post without blinding quoting 'facts' that are not true. Female orcas in the wild live an AVERAGE of 50 years, with a maximum of 80-90, which means that is not the norm. I am not defending Sea World, but don't just vomit crap without verifying the accuracy of the information. This is sensationalism at its finest. Re: Kwoali16

  10. KAS91 says – reply to this


    Re: idiots – You are without a doubt the moron. I amongst many other people have researched extensively on the subject of these highly intelligent cetaceans. If you had the power to research with whatever miniscule of a brain you have you'd realize these animals not only communicate with vocals, they have traditions, a culture formed depending on what region these animals inhabit. Amongst that they share emotions and bonds just as we humans do. They don't deserve to be confined to a tank when they have the mental capacity to realize they don't belong there. They belong in the ocean, and only the ocean. You should do your research before commenting so blindly, idiot.

  11. carina says – reply to this



  12. moron says – reply to this


    Re: idiots – b. also male orcas live on average to 60 years in the wild females live average 100, in seaworld not only do they die at a much faster rate their life expectancy max's at 35 years, so in attempt to undermine everyone else's comments not only are you statistically wrong, your are admitting they live longer in the wild.

  13. DoooooBoooooo says – reply to this


    I got an idea. How about people who oppose animals used for entertainment and sport move to africa. Those people were too stupid to train animals to serve them (save for the occasional camel). You dont have to worry about too many zoos in the middle of the congo. But I kind of like the western tradition of capturing animal sand seeing if we can train them to do our bidding. Its what being advanced and space aged is all about. The ability to make EVERYTHING our bitches. Including but not limited to… "orcas" (or better known as… big black and white fishies with ominous teefies). Everybody is jealous of our command over mother fucken nature. Now JUMP fishies. JUMP.

  14. suckyourowndickdoooboo says – reply to this


    Re: DoooooBoooooo – You are beyond a pathetic person who probably has the intelligence level lower than that of a fish. By the way, whales are MAMMALS. If you knew anything about our ever-growing society it is that we continue to learn and grow from our mistakes. American's have done plenty of wrong and regretful things in the past and humans being murdered by whales is amongst the wrongful in the present. A human is sacrificed to make fat vacationers clap is not only barbaric, but inhumane and outdated for how intelligent we are (sans yourself, dooobooo). Do yourself a favor and realize we aren't the only species that exists with an evolved brain capable of emotions and other developments.

  15. doooooBoooooo says – reply to this


    Re: suckyourowndickdoooboo – Of course I know they are mammals. You dont have to give me a 3rd grade animal lesson. But i love how you take pride in your knowledge of animals. If we didnt catch and cage and study creatures.. we wouldnt know 3/4 of the things we know about them. Cages… lead to KNOWLEDGE. WOOO. sweet succulent knowledge.

  16. doooooBoooooo says – reply to this


    Africans lived in africa for 1000' s of years. Lived alongside 100000s of different species of animals. But i have only seen a picture of ONE HUMAN….. riding a zebra. And that was a western man (a doctor in colonialist africa who rode a zebra to shorten the distance between patients). I dont want us westerners to ever spend our existence STARING at animals from afar like africans did. I want us to catch animals……train them…. teach them.. use them. One day… we will learn to TALK to orcas, whales and dolphins just like we did……a gorilla with sign language.
    But we cant achieve such things with the crybabies of society going "waaaa. he's in a cage".
    Its that kind of thinking that keeps people primitive. YOU go be primitive.

  17. dooboosadouchebag says – reply to this


    So not only are you incompetent you are also racist? Nice. Intelligent humans can load gps tracking devices on Orca's and track them in the wild while also studying them in their natural habitat. Researches rarely turn to SeaWorld's captive whales for research. Its a waste to debate with you because you provide very little facts and lots of racism and unintelligent comments.

  18. lolwut says – reply to this


    Re: doooooBoooooo – wow lol ur an idiot… you ever go to a zoo and see a bunch of scientist doing research? haha no… LOSER

  19. doooooBoooooo says – reply to this


    Re: dooboosadouchebag – I don't think what i said is racist at all. Firstly the word racist….. is itself racist. Its only ever used for WHITES. The perception that "racists are white" is how the arabs still get away with enslaving blacks in sudan. the perception that racists are only whites is how Mauritania got away owning blacks as inheritable property while the world was staring at apartheid. I dont know if i'm racist or not because I no longer know what the definition of "racist" is. I am proud of white achievement and science. To some people that is a racist. To me.. a racist is someone who HATES other races. I'm more likely to impregnate other races than hate them (ethnic women are hotter than white women). But thats neither here nor there. You are a mentally ill creepo. So angry

  20. dooboosadouchebag1 says – reply to this


    [re=6574922]Re: doooooBoooooo[/re … lol im just gonna go ahead and assume you have a mental issue or something because you make little to no sense.. you poor kid….

  21. doooooBoooooo says – reply to this


    Re: dooboosadouchebag1 – I made you angry by making little or no sense.
    Let me sum it up for you: YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATH. brrrrr. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live with you. You only ever have one aura on here: one of anger.

  22. doobooiswack says – reply to this


    Re: doooooBoooooo – aw resort to cyberbullying since you have no actual reasons why whales should be in captivity…. jokes on you

  23. doooooBoooooo says – reply to this


    Re: doobooiswack – I think i said why they should be in captivity. You want to go back around in circles now? cyberbullying. lol. Sorry for the wedgie.

  24. 24

    Odd you would include such a photo in an article like this.

  25. freewill says – reply to this


    Re: doooooBoooooo – WOW. You are ignorant and lack any empathy or compassion for living creatures. It is a FACT that Orcas in the wild have never harmed humans. What YOU are promoting is the equivalence of humans being captured against THEIR will. Do you even understand the trauma the captured experiences? It's the same for animals.

    Please educate yourself before you presume to understand the nature of captive animals. I am not against the studying of creatures but what SeaWorld is promoting is not in the interest of the animals or the trainers. Their priority is for SeaWorld's CEO's/investors.

  26. 26

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  27. 27

    fuck you sea world. I hope they go out of business. I'm ashamed to say I was taken there as a child and i'm sure my dad would be ashamed too taking his kids there if he knew what was really going on there. How dare they take a wild creature and imprison it and force it to work for its food. THERE WERE NO FATAL OR ATTACKS ON A HUMAN PERIOD BEFORE SEA WORLD DECIDED TO IMPRISON THEM. Trust me, you take me from my life and put me in a cell for no apparent reason i'm bound to let loose on a few gaurds sooner or later

  28. 28

    Re: DoooooBoooooo – you are beyond ignortant. There's a word for people like you but its not very politically correct. Hey how ab out we take your kids and or family and make them work for the countries entertainment. They have to be able to do SOMETHING entertaining. people like you need to be dragged outside and i would say shot but thats too good for you. How you get through everyday simple tasks and somehow remain alive is beyond me. what does studying animals in captivity do? HELLO you're supposed to study them in their NATURAL HABITAT. you're a fucking moron you need to keep your unintelligent mouth shut. You want to be able to conversate with animals huh? WELL GUESS WHAT when we can understand what they say they will tell you to fuck off themselves but until that day they need humans with SENSE to tell morons like you to shut the hell up. How old are you anyways? not enough to have any common sense . and cyberbullying? If I could I would def show you cyber bullying when I reach out your computer and strangle you for wasting the rest of the worlds precious god damn oxygen. NOW QUICK GO FIND THE FIRST BOTTLE OF DRAINO YOU SEE AND CHUG IT