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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson SUSPENDED By A&E After Homophobic GQ Remarks!

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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson just got benched!

A&E suspended its reality star because of the horribly homophobic remarks he made in a GQ interview that came to light today, one which saw him call homosexuality a sin and also a gateway to sex with animals!!!

As we reported earlier, the LGBT community was absolutely outraged by the TV star's small-minded remarks. It sounds like his show's network was pretty unhappy, too.

A&E released this statement:

"We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson's comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty. His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely."

We were ALL extremely disappointed by his comments. We can't understand why anyone say something so small-minded and insensitive!

CLICK HERE to see what the Robertson family patriarch said to get everyone so riled up.

Do U think his punishment is fitting?

[Image via A&E.]

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119 comments to “Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson SUSPENDED By A&E After Homophobic GQ Remarks!”

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  1. Yavonne says – reply to this


    Thank You, Perez, for reporting THE FACTS. It's nice that someone is. Some People were saying that Duck Dynasty got cancelled last night. I am so glad that someone on the internet actually is reporting the truth about this story, not just silly rumors like the ones that I was reading on some social networking sites and some online forums this morning.

  2. mark says – reply to this


    its his opinion he is from a past time and instead of shutting him down I believe a conversation should be had and some people that find this offensive should tell him why and how he can stick to what he believes in and communicate that properly.
    This just looks like a fight against some Christians to what they believe in and everyone should respect everyones beliefs except the ones that are their list and the gay community should be the first to understand that just because someone might be different or think a certain way its not right to shut them down, and the opinion of that person doesn't count. I believe in free speech and to do what and who want and marry who you want, I want everyone to love and live and in time these conversations will be a thing of the past.
    BTW were do I comment of how Islamist are killing gay people daily and how can I help and fight for the rights of those people that have no rights, I bet if you ask a gay man in the middle east about this comment about a 70 year old man that communicate properly what would they say. My guess is that gay person couldn't comment because they would be killed

  3. Tyna says – reply to this


    Perez - How UTTERLY CLOSED MINDED YOU ARE!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! To be gleeful about a man stating his opinion and not bashing anyone, just answering a question and you think he is a racist pig. You my friend are the racist one. He and his family just like myself do not judge other for who and what they are or for who they choose to love. We just LOVE THEM like the bible tells us to. That is what he does. He just speaks his mind and is blasted and fired. You on the other hand cry foul and call us gay bashers if we give you a strange look or question something you say. WE try and tell you that Jesus and God commanded us to Love one another as we love ourselves and we spread that message and you think we are hating on you. You are the one hating on us. Please get Jesus into your heart and start Loving others as you love yourself and maybe then you will see what Phil is saying and what I have always tried to say and what I teach my boys to share with everyone they come in contact. I will pray for you to accept Jesus in your heart and hear his words. Oh, and Merry Christmas

  4. 104

    I want to start out by saying that I am for marriage EQUALITY, not just gay marriage. I believe that all people have a right to be happy with whomever they choose and for everyone who decides to get married, whether they are gay, straight, bi-sexual, or transgendered, to have the same rights within that marriage. Having said that, which is MY opinion of the matter, Phil Robertson, as well as every other human being on this planet, has a right to THEIR opinion. Nobody has to like or agree with that opinion or belief. Just as nobody has to agree with mine, however, it is his right to have that opinion and to voice it. It is no secret that the Robertson clan are Christians. As a whole, the Christian community does not support gay marriage. They believe it to be sinful. As an American, that is their right. If all people were the same and had the same values and belief's then the world would be a quite boring place to live in. Embrace your differences. Accept the things you cannot change. Get on with your lives. Black people were once segregated from white people. There are people out there who are still racist. Times change. You can either change with them or stay bitter. One day all people will be able to marry those they love. Religion has no place in politics, however, even when that day comes, you can't hate on someone for answering a pointed question with his honest opinion.

  5. Denise says – reply to this


    How can anyone read the comments Phil Robertson said in GQ mag & say that he was just stating scripture & his Christian beliefs. Furthermore, Phil coming back & playing to the Christian & republican crowd by stating he would never spread hate & how he found his Savior…but he was talking va-jay-jay, anal sex, & other subject matters. Even the way he expressed his beliefs was offensive!?!
    Do I believe in his First Amendment rights? Absolutely! I'm not a hypocrite!
    BUT, when are people going to understand that public figures/stars/Hollywood are all in the public's eye & are somewhat under the thumb of their bosses — like a TV Network like A & E. It's a business & A.E. holds the power as to whether they will let it ride & make it clear they don't support his remarks or hold him accountable. It's not Joe Blow from Austin, TX said some things in the local gas station — this is a TV star that my 6 year old nephew glorifies for pete's sake!

  6. Denise says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Where in the Bible does it talk about va-jay-jays & quips about African Americans not "singing the blues" when working in the fields? ShayGirl - read the article - then write your ignorant bs!

  7. Denise says – reply to this


    P.s. I live in TX & am disgusted to know that many, many people in this part of the country believe the same way Phil does. I'm scared for our country. Mass shootings & the amount of HATE that seems to be boiling over is terrifying to me. Things that I had hoped (like many others) had faded more & more over time is given a voice by an ignorant reality TV star & now the country is screaming at the top of it's lungs. Both sides. I am truly saddened by the handful I remarks I read on this entry, CNN story's remarks, & fb…. so much intolerance & hate.
    Come on America — rise above it!

  8. Seriously says – reply to this


    When are certain people going to realize that you can love a person whose lifestyle choices you hate ?????

  9. chris says – reply to this


    i'm not saying he's right but lets go back before his GQ article. everyone loved him, Perez included. we liked the show because…why? the funny hillbilly's. we loved how ignorant they were and where they came from. they come from the bible belt. Phil preaches in every episode. so what does that tell us? maybe he's very religious and who don't religious people like? Gay people. So now you loved them all this time for who they were.. Bible belt Ignorant Hillbilly's. (don't know them don't really know who they are) But now you're surprised because of what he said and what he preaches. Come on, be more surprised in yourself for liking them to begin with.

  10. Costello says – reply to this


    Re: chris – I agree with most of your comment. How can you label them as ignorant though? Look at the business that they built? One of them played football in college (so he obviously WENT to college). They may be hillbillies, but they are smarter than any hipster in New York City that I have ever known.

  11. Costello says – reply to this


    And one more thing, I am religious, and I don't have a problem with gay people. Most other religious people I know personally don't have a problem with gay people either. Considering what Phil has said about homosexuality in the past, I can't understand why anyone is acting shocked about his beliefs now though. They were never a secret. I guess it was a slow news week and the media wanted something to blow a gasket about.

  12. 112

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  13. idontgiveafuck says – reply to this


    gay people are so fucking sensitive. you talk shit about people all the time but when they point it towards you you get them fired. seriously? and how come the news keeps putting the westboro Baptist church on the news but when Phil Robertson quotes a BIBLE VERSE he gets taken off his show. this world and the double standards are so stupid.

  14. 114

    Why are people surprised about these hillbillie rednecks being racists????????

  15. SWLinPHX says – reply to this


    So would it be fine to keep him on the show if he had come out and said he is a KKK member? I mean, it's freedom of speech and all and he's entitled to his opinion, right? But if he said he personally finds black people inferior would you all still be supporting his "freedom of speech"?

    Freedom of speech means you can speak your mind as long as you don't cause harm to others WITHOUT BEING ARRESTED. It has nothing to do with a business's right to then act accordingly if they thought you were a detriment to them as a result.

  16. Gerrit says – reply to this


    Did you forget about our constitutional right to freedom of speech or does that only apply to certain people? Something tells me his statements offend you because something about it rings true to you? It's otherwise known as a trigger. I don't like you but you don't see me parading around the internet trying to pull your blogs off the web.

  17. America sucks says – reply to this


    I thought these people loved in America , the land of the free ?

    Ahahah what a joke that is he's right to say he please'a and all of u sitting here argueing and trashing him including this sit are just as ignorant as he no wonder. People think you Americans are stupid

    And u guys lose constitutional rights by the year. Way to go Obama fuxk you Perez fuck you a&e and fuck everyone who isn't allowed freedom of speech

  18. aman says – reply to this


    Good for Phil

  19. Steve says – reply to this


    It was his personal view. One taken by millions. Just because he's on tv doesnt mean he has to be supportive of something he doesnt think is 'logical' he didnt trash gay people. He just does'nt understand how some folks like the same equipment they themselves have access to 24/7 ! I'm not gay and have zero issues with gay folks and support them fully, but in my mind i still cant understand….for guys anyway…the lack of interest in the female 'equipment' Come on…..who really thought a guy like him, or any of them for that matter, were pro gay ? Really. Blown out of proportion. People form their own views and are not automatons who worship everything coming out of a person in the spotlights views.

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