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95 comments to “Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Finds Support From Internet Activists In Spite Of Homophobic & Racist Remarks!”

  1. texasannie says – reply to this


    Phil is in the right here, those who don't agree are idiots. He has a right to say what he wants. Shame on A&E. Shame on the intolerant left and uptight gays. newsflash: you don't have to agree with what he said or even like it, but he has a right to say it.

  2. hoholuvr says – reply to this


    Wow Perez, for once I agree with you!

    And Texasannie, you're a Texan, we don't expect you to give a shit about human rights.

    His employer had every right to fire him, and I think he did the right thing.

  3. Tara says – reply to this


    I support his right to voice his beliefs the same way I support you to voice yours.

  4. jackie says – reply to this


    I do not agree. I think it's naive to think A&E was not aware of their Christian beliefs when they signed them on. If the network TRULY was a supporter of the LGBT community, they should never have put them on the air in the first place. I feel bad for Phil. The network CHOSE to sweep their beliefs under the rug and NEVER give any hint to their devout beliefs on the show. The second the man speaks his mind regarding his own beliefs, no matter how ignorant they are, they all of a sudden shun him from the show? They knew about this all along and, surprise surprise, completely took advantage of the family and exploited them for $$$$. No, I don't support Phil's beliefs at all and I think it's outrageous and wrong, but I do support his right to speak about his beliefs without fear of persecution.

  5. jessica says – reply to this


    Re: texasannie – He also has a right to get fired too.

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  7. SouthOfBlonde says – reply to this


    Perez, is this the reason you started your own business? So you can mouth off about people and force your opinions down our throat without having to answer to anyone? what Phil did took courage and he isn't sorry. And I support him. You of all people should support his right to believe what he wants. just because he happens not to agree with your homosexual, single parenting lifestyle doesn't make him a bad person or his views any less valid. So save it.

  8. kalibirdie says – reply to this


    Phil Robertson clearly doesn't represent A & E, he may be featured in a reality series on A&E but I think the Robertson family needs that network a lot less then that network needs them.

    You can't make a show about a Christian redneck and his family, who gladly doesn't adhere to social norms and customs (that's the whole idea behind the success of the show- how out of this world different the Robertson world is). And then expect him to vomit liberal-minded ideas.

    He is clearly not particularly liberal-minded. All he did was answer questions honestly- and though its a shame that he feels the way he does- he was not preaching violence or hate. he was defining sin, as he understood it. there is nothing wrong with that.

    As a proud bi-sexual woman I stand behind Phil Robertson. He has the right to think and feel and say whatever he wants, and to say it aloud, so long as he isn't rallying hate against gays, or promoting violence against gays, he has my blessing to condemn my actions in the court of his opinion. I will sleep just fine knowing he thinks im going to hell.

    I don't exactly disagee with him.

  9. SouthOfBlonde says – reply to this


    @Re: jackie

  10. texasannie says – reply to this


    "And Texasannie, you're a Texan, we don't expect you to give a shit about human rights."

    thanks for proving my point hoholuvr. you're right on cue with your stupid liberal remarks of intolerance for anyone who doesn't agree with you. I actually support gay rights, but not this. I can actually support gays and not agree with certain parts of their lifestyle. I don't treat them any differently than I do my straight friends. however, you're probably all of 18 years old, so you'll learn.

    and jessica, you make a good point, they do, but he's not being condemned for losing his job, he's being condemned for his beliefs.

    and finally, this:
    "My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together," he said. "However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other." ~ Phil

  11. srp95 says – reply to this


    I do not support his beliefs, BUT he does have the right to say what he believes. It's the same as some one who's gay supporting THEIR beliefs, so why can't he? Though he may have gone a little far with the comment, he still has the right to say it. You can't control what people believe or say and A&E should have been aware of their views on things. They've been exploited for money and are now being shunned for saying what they believe–ridiculous. I don't even like the show, but I think it's unfair for him to be put off just because he said an opinion. So what if it's not universally liked–neither are gay rights. People are just going to have to get over the though of everyone being accepted and well liked because it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Not everyone is going believe the same thing. Not everyone is going to like the same thing. Not everyone is going to be the same person. And that's okay. That's what makes the world different. If we were all the same, it would be the most dull life ever.

  12. 12

    I'm from Texas, and I agree, most in my state think like Phil. I agree he has the right to say what ever he wants. And his EMPLOYER has the right to not agree with what he says. I am a supporter of LGBT rights, and I found his words offensive, but also know he has the right to say them.

  13. Misty says – reply to this


    Why are the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers not bad at what he said??

  14. misty says – reply to this


    that should have been mad not bad!

  15. lisa says – reply to this


    because a guy who chases ducks all day is someone who has something important to be heard… duck off…

  16. dc says – reply to this


    nothing he said was homophobic, he said to him it is what he prefers. didn't say all people do or it was wrong he said it is up to the all mighty to judge people.

  17. KaylaE says – reply to this


    Re: hoholuvr – wow, sounds to me like you're the close minded one, stereotyping everyone from the state of Texas. What an idiot.

  18. mikal says – reply to this


    It's killing you isn't it Mario, that over 90% of people agree with him and are fed up with the liberal media and the homosexual lifestyle choice being shoved down our throats.

  19. hoholuvr says – reply to this


    Re: JUJU11 – Thank you JUJU!

  20. jaymay says – reply to this


    I do not think A&E is in the right here. I don't agree with what Phil said, but it is his own opinion. He didn't say it on the tv show, he didn't say it was the view of A&E, so his employer having the "right" to fire him for it is not close to the truth. I think what he said was wrong, and very insensitive, but how many rude and hurtful and uncalled for things are said on TV every single day? Why is he singled out?

  21. 21

    I'm glad this fool is getting in trouble. They have Duck Dynasty Chia Pets… ugh! He can say what he wants but there are consequences for voicing your opinion. Sure the 1st amendment protects him from it being a legal issue, but you can get fired for saying that stuff. It's the right of A&E. Honestly this wasn't surprising tho.

  22. bigbud says – reply to this


    I couldn't agree with Phil more. Thanks for speaking your mind Phil. All these young hipster dick sucking homo's get their panties all in a wad over comments from a 67 year old man. Get a life homo's. Not everyone wants a dick in their ass!!!


  23. 23

    Re: jaymay – A&E is Phil's employer, they may fire if they choose. Not any different than Mel Gibson spewing antisemitism, he got dropped like a hot rock too. I respect Phil's right to say what ever he chooses, and I respect A&E's right to fire him. Although personally Phil's words were harsh, and I didn't agree with him.

  24. Ben says – reply to this


    Re: mikal – 90% of which people?

  25. Ben says – reply to this


    This is much ado about nothing. Who cares what this backwoods hill jack or the “Duck Dynasty” followers think. He would have a better chance of having anal sex with a bear than he would with any self-respecting gay guy.

  26. 26

    Re: bigbud – Correction nobody is getting their panties in a wad. Phil lives a life of Sin daily and the show Duck Dynasty promotes the 7 Deadly Sins. Phil is a born again Christian. Wow, what gives a fuck up, drunkard, adulterer the right to condemn others?! Pot Meet Kettle.

  27. JGoble32 says – reply to this


    Re: JUJU11 – How was him stating his beliefs offensive to you ?? Is it offensive for u to say that he doesn't believe in adultery..or lust…or having sex before being married????

  28. 28

    Can someone please tell me where the racism is?

  29. Ben says – reply to this


    This is much ado about nothing. Who gives a quack what this backwoods hill jack or the “Duck Dynasty” followers think. He would have a better chance of having anal sex with a bear than he would with any self-respecting gay guy.

  30. 30

    I agree and disagree. He has freedom of speech but sometimes what you say has consequences. If I said what he did on the job I would also be suspended and rightfully so. I don't agree with what he said but I don't care. And people making this such an issue on both sides are bafoons.

  31. hoholuvr says – reply to this


    Re: mikal – where are you getting this 90%? There's 17 states that have legalized gay marriage, that's more than 10% of the country. And if you don't like the gay/liberal media, why the fuck are you on Perez's page?

  32. hoholuvr says – reply to this


    And Perez, Why aren't you stating what he said about blacks? That they were happier before the civil rights movement? That would be a great conversation started. Amazing how many rednecks read this site.

  33. 33

    Re: JGoble32 – He compared homosexuality to bestiality. Did he compare adultery to this? No.

  34. Misty says – reply to this


    Where did he once say that he hates gay people????
    They even had a gay guy in one of the episodes.

  35. bigbud says – reply to this


    Re: badnfluenz – Correction gay guy, y'all are all getting your colorful panties in a wad over this. Every single time somebody says something about gays you get your panties in a big ole wad.. Who give you the right to shame him for his thoughts and beliefs. Just because you like dick in your ass doesn't give you the right to judge others. Think about it Badnfluenz. Think about it!!!

  36. MichJB says – reply to this


    The guy has a right to speak his mind. When did the gays become the judges on everyone else's morals? Not everyone has a desire to have a dick stuck in their ass = Perez you are a hypocrite.

  37. bigbud says – reply to this


    Re: Ben – Pretty sure he wouldn't want to have sex with a bear Ben. No you are just being silly. No, your just being a self-respecting gay guy.

  38. Julie says – reply to this


    That is where you are totally wrong Perez. An employer cannot fire anyone based on their religious beliefs. Can you be fired for being gay? Thats right rights dont ust apply to you.

  39. MEME says – reply to this



  40. Ben says – reply to this


    Re:bigbud – you obviously don’t know much about hill jacks.

  41. Nowinners only loosers says – reply to this



  42. My2Cents says – reply to this


    Wow!!! We have someone who stuck up for his beliefs!!! Whether you agree or not, he can say what he thinks!!! GOOD FOR HIM! Just got a new fan!!!

  43. 43

    He has a right to say what he wants to. No one is suggesting that he go to jail. A&E has a right to say that they disagree and want to suspend him from having the A&E channel as a platform to say it. Nobody's rights are being trampled here. A&E is holding him accountable for his speech. That is THEIR right. Supreme Court said so. He can say whatever he wants. And other can hold him accountable for what he says.

  44. 44

    While I don't agree with everything Phil said, I 100% support his right to say it without being fired because people who don't agree with it put pressure on A&E to pull him. Do you really think A&E would have done it on their own with how much ratings and money that show rakes in for them? While it might have been legal for A&E to fire him, I think it was a cowardly way out. I think it is gross that any group of people who "struggle" to have people accept them for who they are and how they live their lives, then turn around in rage when other people with different views do the same thing. If you were fired from your job for being gay or black or whatever…it would be illegal and would be in violation of your civil liberties. But to be fired from your job because you don't agree with certain lifestyles is okay??? That just sucks and is quite hypocritical…and this is coming from someone who doesn't necessarily agree with what Phil said in the first place. Oh…and I'm from NY…right outside of NYC for the ignorant person (hoholuvr) who told someone from Texas that "we don't expect you [someone from Texas'] to give a shit about human rights."

  45. logan says – reply to this


    It is not about intolerance but what your beliefs are. He has a right to his opinion and you to yours. We do still have a constitution here in the United States. A right to assemble, a right to free speech. It's disgusting how we have to be subjected and/or hit with hammers for our beliefs and we are haters. I equate it to reverse bullying. You want me to succumb to your beliefs no matter what. FREEDOM / REINSTATE PHIL ROBERTSON! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

  46. 46

    Oh, and I also guess A&E finds it more acceptable for us to watch shows about drug addicts in 'Intervention', or mentally ill people on Hoarders, then it is to watch a show about a family where one of them was asked a question in an interview and answered it honestly.

  47. 47

    its A&E losing a 400 million dollar francise. 14 million people enjoy duck dynasty, doubt any of them are homos. losing 14 millions viewers might be a problem for A&E. the sponsors are sticking with the robertsons. they'll just go to another network and fuck A&E. see how that works.

  48. mcavinci says – reply to this


    Re: Ben

    Hey Ben "dover". More people are supporting this guy than are not. It kills you doesn't it. You run out of kool aid?

  49. NO MORE ! says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – GREAT
    NOT ME

  50. logan says – reply to this


    Perez - U are a hypocrite - you preach that there should be more tolerance in the world for your lifestyle. Yet you fail to have tolerance for other people. With as big a following as you have you should hold yourself above that and educate people. Yet what you do is stand on your soap box and scream to the rafters how you have been wronged. The intolerant one here is you, shameful. People have a right to say what they feel. People here in the United States have a right to be who they are are. That is the good, the bad, and the ugly. We may not agree with their morals, belief, etc.. But alas, that is their right. REVERSE BULLYING! YOU PEREZ SHOULD DO BETTER!

  51. jp says – reply to this


    he has every right to his opinion. i don't know what everyone expects then you ask a backwoods hillbilly his opinion. what i have seen of them i wouldn't expect some big profound answer. i respected these guys for the money they made through business but since the show their inbred faces are on everything that has absolutely nothing to do with duck calls. it ridiculous!!! the problem is with every one who watches these stupid "reality" shows just let the hillbillies go back into obscurity so they can go corn hole sheep

  52. We Worlds apart onthis says – reply to this



  53. 53

    The Robertsons, especially Willie, are probably just worried they've pulled a "Paula Deen" and won't be getting the money anymore. They are ALL sell-outs! live that 15 minutes, it seems that your time is UP!

  54. free from idiots says – reply to this


    Re: jp – There is no longer unity this show is over & let it be lesson .

  55. fuckyoubutttpirates says – reply to this


    Phil Robertson is right.Most ffaagggots are pedafiles and rapeist and just sickos.I guess these sick sexual degenerates cant handle the truth that theyre sick vile unaccepted freaks.

  56. logan says – reply to this


    Re: We Worlds apart onthis – It might be to you. But A&E knows better, this show has 14 million viewers, more than the dumb ass Kardashians. The Robertsons had millions before their reality show and they will have millions after. You might not agree with him but he has a right to say what he wants. This is America, where freedom REIGNS! That is the point of my comment! We should be FREE to say what we want. Last time I checked we are NOT in Cuba.

  57. Kevin says – reply to this


    I disagree. I don't think Phil should be penalized for simply sharing his belief. If we penalize him for that then I think that WE are the "intolerant" ones. I also encourage everyone to read the context around the interview and not simply the commentary of what he said. Even if we disagree it was not "hate speech" as some are making it out to be.

  58. NEW ERA says – reply to this


    Folks This show was family show ,that brought unity to the A&E Family ,and the country But Not after All these Hurtful Negative statements,
    We are on Hot Watter & the Network can no longer cosign,for this Familys Views,
    Yeah The Money is Great ,but this show is no longer fun is more of liability than anything als at this point .

  59. I See Stupid People says – reply to this


    Re: NEW ERA – I see …

  60. Sorry Pal . says – reply to this


    Re: NEW ERA – I Agree the money is great ,for the network
    But not if peoples reputation Are on the line for some one Alses lack of integrity .

  61. 61

    I don't like what Phil said, and I don't agree at all with him , but this is America and we have freedom of speech. you get the good with the bad.

  62. kirish says – reply to this


    I do not believe Mr. Robertson ever hid the fact that he was a conservative Christian. -Frankly there are many more offensive words and acts on many other of the A&E's reality shows. A simple-:"Mr. Robertson's views do not represent the network" should have been enough." Now the Christian community is as upset as the Gay community, and so now we have sides drawn. A&E actually made the situation worse

  63. AmyP says – reply to this


    I call BS. Phil has the right to express his opinions and not worry about being kicked off of his own show for it. It's not like his views are a big secret. He's been preaching his beliefs for years. He speaks often about his staunch Christian views. This is not new information. The PC police are taking over. If you express an opinion that isn't popular you are in danger of losing your job, being harassed on social media, being ostracized in your community, etc. I don't agree with Phil's beliefs, at all. Bigotry pisses me off to no end. But I will support his right to voice his opinions until my dying day. Freedom of speech and expression are building blocks of our great society.

  64. snakebaggleandrockdock says – reply to this


    I'm not a fan of religion. I think its a fantasy ,personally. A dangerous one.
    People move to white men's countries to enjoy freedom that their own homeworlds dont give them and the first thing us whites lose when we give immigrants "freedom" is freedom of speech. We become less free as we allow races around the world to hook into the mainframe called "our brains" by living in our successful white nations. Agree with him or not he shouldnt be "banned from a tv show" because he expressed his freedom of speech. Freedom of speech. I love gays and support their rights. But I also love freedom of speech and support his right to it. America is NOT the land of the free anymore. Its the land of the PC.

  65. DanaSims says – reply to this


    This was a baited question, he in no way encouraged violence against minorities or homosexuals, he merely expressed his beliefs. Whether or not we agree with those beliefs (And I DONT), he has a right to express them. Punishing others for views that are contradictory to ours is oppressive, and hinders progress. It makes us the oppressors.

    Constitutionality. The argument you are setting up is he is representative of the network and as such is subject to their decisions. Merely because someone works for a network in no way means they cede their right to freedom of speech. That they can be punished for exercising constitutional rights is what NEEDS to come into question. Although he is not "imprisoned" for those views, he is punished for them, and that in and of itself is a violation of the intent of the First Amendment, that was set forth to ensure all constituents could voice their opinions and discontent with the status quo.

  66. snakebaggleandrockdock says – reply to this


    As for his comments about blacks. I once heard a black man say something like: "when i was a boy, black people could get along. Sure there was fighting but it was nothing like today. We could leave our doors unlocked. There were no driveby shootings. And if you had a beef with someone, you might of had a fist fight but today, these brothers today? They will shoot each other over a pair of sneakers. The dont value human life anymore. A black life isn't worth a bowl of nuts to these gangstas today". Basically bitter about the plight of black on black violence that got worse AFTER civil rights. I support civil rights but but blacks could get along with each other better in the the days of that old 82 year old black man. Phil is right. He didnt say civil rights is wrong. He was simply saying the same thing that old black man said but in a more rednecky kinda way.

  67. 67

    Re: Picote – According to Celebritynetworth.com this family doesn't need the show for money. Phil is worth $15,000,000. And I hardly doubt Paula Deen is sleeping in a cardboard box.

  68. 68

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  69. 69

    Re: PaulineAH – AND when Chick-fil-A had the same thing happen…it worked to their benefit. I've stated before that I don't agree with everything Phil said, but him being fired over expressing his beliefs and values is the same as if someone who is gay or another minority being fired over their's.

    "In the end, all the Left’s clucking and squawking about Chick-fil-A owner Dan any Cathy and the organizing of a nationwide boycott because of the company’s supposed anti-gay policies paid off big time — for Chick-fil-A and supporters of the First Amendment.

    As the Left’s boycotts tend to do, this one backfired in grand style, resulting in neighborhood-circling lines at Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country and record-setting profits for the company.


  70. snakebaggleandrockdock says – reply to this


    The PC police are a really confused bunch of people. If anyone criticizes christianity and says its a foolish belief system, the pc police will condemn you for it. No tv channel can ban christianity from it. No network can say "we hereby ban all mention of the bible on our tv network because it says Lev. 18:22, 'You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination'. Lev. 20:13, 'If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them'. He's not a homophobe. The book he believes in is. But that network would never ban the bible. Thats not pc. PC police have a bizarre way of policing their correctness.

  71. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think A & E put out the video knowing full well his non politically correct views would throw him under the bus, and now they're distancing themselves from him in the furor.
    They want it both ways. Ratings, and their high horse. They know who he is; when and where he was raised, and what he represents. I don't agree with his views, but I respect Phil as a man and as a human being and his right to say what he thinks even more. Most older people have antiquated views that went with the time they came up.
    A witch hunt persecution of these old treasures is a terrible thing, and education and communication with members of the gay community is a far superior way to go.
    Why did they let the tape out when they knew what the kerfuffle would be?

  72. DannyMcbride says – reply to this


    Re: Ben – RRRight! Never heard of a self respecting gay man that would turn down dick. How the hell is a straight man supposed to comprehend the sexual act of homosexuals. Stick it in a hole that is not a sexual organ!!! Anyway, like his comments are a surprise. We get to have look at a different culture and way of life that Obviously is going to be different. A&E love this hype and attention to the network… Phil is damn cool. Phil is the epitome of "MAN" that all of us who are not gay or take themselves way too serious can truly appreciate and respect. The show is great, from a sociological view. btw, what homophobe-racist remarks? He equaled himself along with everyone from all walks of life when he said its all up to the Almighty(He believes in). He appears to have learned and earned from his life experiences, a good father and family man, not too mention and most importantly, DRAMA-FREE!!! Also, tell me African Americans aren't racist, everyone is up to a point.

  73. GET REAL says – reply to this


    The Robertson Family does not need A&E. The Robertson Family had plenty of money before they ever even heard of A&E.

  74. What ???? says – reply to this


    Does anyone actually believe that the people who gave Phil and his family a show didn't know about Phil's views ???? If A&E ever claims that they are shocked by Phil's comments to GQ, I think they would be lying through their teeth !!!! A&E might not agree with Phil's comments to GQ, but I believe that they sure as hell knew that he probably wasn't wildly fond of gay people's sexuality !!!! I don't agree with everything that Phil says, but I support his right to speak his mind freely !!!!

  75. 75

    A Christian believing in the words of the Holy Bible! GOD FORBID!
    FREE SPEECH! FREE BELIEFS! Didn't God create Adam & Eve! not Adam & Steve? Not Hatin' Just Sayin'

  76. Corey says – reply to this


    I Love Duck Dynasty, Gay People and Holidays. Merry Christmas, Everyone. :D

  77. 77

    I support Phils right to his beliefs!! I support Equality!! I support PETA!! Everyone is different and they can believe what they want. Doesn't effect me at all! The almighty GOD will do the judging. Throw your stones down and walk away.

  78. snakebaggleandrockdock says – reply to this


    Re: jp – 1) Those "backwoods hillbillies" file more patents for inventions and creations and gadgets than some entire countries. The state of Hicky alabama filed more patents for inventions in 2 years times than entire countries in some parts of the world. Phil isn't some "backwoods nobody", He is an inventor like my dad was who has at least one patent. Inventors are the MOST important people in our society. Inventors are the reason Europe isnt primitive. The "redneck hill billy backwater south" legalized homosexuality as an act. Its illegal in most of africa and the middle east. Those backwards billies are more forward thinking than much of the world. And they are more thinking (inventors galore in the sticks)

  79. rachy says – reply to this


    This is such a joke. The network and everyone who watches the show knows how religious they all are. You couldn't expect him to answer the question any other way than he did!!! Clearly more people are upset with A&E for their suspending him than they are of his words in an interview, which let me point out did not HATE on gays, just disagrees with their lifestyle.

  80. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: snakebaggleandrockdock – He has a Master's degree in education.

  81. Derrick says – reply to this


    Re: texasannie – He does have a right to say it. A&E has an equal right to can his ass for saying it.

  82. 82

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  83. Yeah says – reply to this


    Re: Derrick – And his fans have a right to BOYCOTT A&E for it !!!!!

  84. My Name Aint Goober says – reply to this


    Television networks should ban the PC police for infringing on the human right to free speech.

  85. jobe says – reply to this


    Why are you lumping homophobic with racist together? Last time I checked, GAY IS NOT A RACE!!! AND, why must you call people names if they don't believe the way you do? isn't that exactly what the gay movement is supposed to be against or are they simply against anyone that doesn't believe the way they do?

  86. John Nixon says – reply to this


    Mybe you should read the transcript of what Phil said before you comment that he made homophobic and racist remarks. That is a false statement. He did neither.

  87. Karina Mandarina says – reply to this


    I support Phil Robertson!

  88. debbie says – reply to this


    A&E Needs to fire there CEO Nancy Dubuc and rehire Phil.

  89. RJC says – reply to this


    Re: texasannie – it;s only ok if the gay community is intolerant.Not the rest of us. and hoholuvr- your an asiss, texasaninnie is right. It says in the bible that man should not lay with man,SAYS IN THE BIBLE!!! THAT IS WHAT PHIL IS QUOTING YOU BIGOTTS!!!

  90. 90

    YEEHAW! GOP nominate Robertson/Zimmerman 2016!

  91. DD watcher says – reply to this


    You want to talk immoral A&E what about Clinton who had sex sessions in the oval office and got a pat on the back and is a public speaker and ask for his advice by news media
    and a Christian man saying his beliefs lost his income and that of his family from a immoral TV station and us viewers lost the best show on TV wake up A&E, you have lost me as a viewer on your network.

  92. bukmaster bill says – reply to this


    the executives at a A & E must have gotten their diplomas from a box of captain crunch or something! you simply show a disclaimer saying Phils views are just that Phils views, not A & Es and you continue to fatten your wallet the same a fattening hog would gain weight! I mean that would be like cutting down the money tree in your yard, and probably finding yourself on the unemployment line as well as having to go back to school because what other network would hire someone so stupid! c mon Jack!

  93. Seriously? says – reply to this


    I don't agree with the words he spoke, but he has the right to speak them as his personal opinion and not be punished by the company. If a company upholds "traditional family values" and fires an employee for speaking their personal opinion on gay rights (ex. gay marriage) would you Perez say "Oh well, the company can fire you that's just fine"? I think that people who believe in tolerance, the freedom to speak your mind, the freedom not to be punished because of your religion, should just "turn the other cheek" and should NOT be in support of his suspension. I hope he and his family sue over this and take this to the courts as a "freedom of religion" violation. It is a violation for a private company to punish anyone based on their religion expression, and like it or not, believe in it or not, but many people's religions say that homosexuality is a sin (and not just Christianity either). Everyone has the right to believe what they want, and if you read what he said carefully - he wasn't spewing hate, he was expressing his thoughts. You and I may disagree with what he said - but how many people have you insulted with your comments? You of all people should be defending him.

  94. connectedbyred says – reply to this


    Here's a refreshing thought on the Phil Roberston topic…

  95. @v@ says – reply to this


    RE comment 72 - Sorry, A & E, got it wrong on how the info came out.