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Duck Dynasty Scandal: Cracker Barrel Goes Back On Their Word And Puts DD Products Back On Their Shelves!

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phil robertson cracker barrel ban

Well, at least they tried… for a day.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson said some offensive bullshizz about the LGBT community and pre-civil rights black people, so Cracker Barrel restaurants went ahead and did the right thing by banning Phil's merchandise because they were concerned about "equal treatment of all people" and a little thing called "mutual respect."

That's when the company got blasted by customers who share in Phil's de-humanizing ideals…. So much that Cracker Barrel chickened out on doing the right thing and literally said this:

"You told us we made a mistake and you weren't shy about it … you flat out told us we were wrong. We apologize for offending you."


The offensive thing that happened are Phil's comments! How can you lose sight of that after one day?? We feel like we live in the Twilight Zone here!

So basically instead of taking a stand against ignorance and supporting gays' harmless way of life, they're more worried about offending people who pay them money for things. Business is business but this was so shady and cowardly!


P.S. — Catch up on the rest of what we know about this mess HERE!

[Image via AP Images.]

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14 comments to “Duck Dynasty Scandal: Cracker Barrel Goes Back On Their Word And Puts DD Products Back On Their Shelves!”

  1. things ppl do fo money says – reply to this


    i was at that award show With them not to long ago representing the network ,I must say their facial hair stiinks like bag full of assholes ,
    i feel sorry for those women.

  2. 2

    Once again perez your full of hate there is no difference change your ways then you have the right to talk.

  3. 3

    If you have the right to say loud and clear that you "gay and fabulous" then he has the right to say "i don't agree, i prefer lady parts over man parts"!!!

    It really is THAT simple!! GTF over it Perez and the rest of the world!!!

  4. Kvsem says – reply to this


    Perez, just because he disagrees with your lifestyle based on his belief system doesn't mean he is de-humanizing you. I am pro gay rights and I still think what he said is really not filled with hate at all! Please show some sense and let others believe and say what they want without being so threatened, please you are a smart guy.

  5. DingDangItsMia says – reply to this


    "equal treatment of all people and a little thing called mutual respect". SOUNDS GOOD TO ME pREZ, BUT….only if they agree with you and your beliefs?? Thats just wrong. This man has the same rights you and I do. If he thinks homosexuality is wrong or not for him, then he has just as much a right to say that as you have to say that it is right. You gays are bullies and expect everyone to bow down to your way of thinking…thats worse than what he did. Lets boycott Cracker Barrell…see how that works out for ya. I believe chickfila had record sales when they stood their ground. I dont think we should hate on anyone for any belief. PERIOD

  6. Jen says – reply to this


    LOL, Hitler had "beliefs" too. I guess we should have respected them too. Losers.

  7. fid says – reply to this


    Americans are a funny contradictory often hypocritical folk. So they scream 1st amendment rights, free speech and all that, yet a company does not have the same rights. The company cannot decide and vocalize their displeasure publicly, or they'll receive death threats. Makes perfect sense. Basic human rights for all citizens? Nope, they don't want it, but threaten to put minor sanctions on their guns and they'll go crazy. Makes sense…a lot of sense.

  8. fid says – reply to this


    Also this Duck Dynasty family have gotten the people who watch that garbage fooled. They're all college educated with masters degrees. They're not some hillbilly family that got rich by striking oil. It's all a schtick to get more wealth and all the viewers just eat it up.

  9. bigbud says – reply to this


    All this publicity is doing Duck Dynasty a favor. They are selling more products now than they ever have. Keep going with this story Perez. I'm sure they really don't mind at all.

  10. Really..... says – reply to this


    So many things wrong with this scenario……first of all I think anyone that watches any "reality" show knows that it is not reality at all. It is purely for entertainment value. It is a "scripted reality" show. They act the part they are meant to. Now the main issue that has every one at odds. Reading the interview I don' t believe that what he said is coming from a place of hatred. He was asked a question and answered honestly. He is entitled to his opinion just like anyone else. Just because it may not be in line with someone else beliefs does not make it wrong. I understand the LGBT community and their fight for equal rights and I am fully supportive of that, but in your fight for equality you can't silence the ones that don't agree. It is his right to be able to be able to answer a question honestly. His opinion is based upon a religious belief. I think calling it de-humanizing is a little extreme. Focus your strength, time and energy on your fight for equality where it counts instead of focusing it on an individual that has no bearing on the outcome of your rights. All you do by giving it attention is let more people hear what he has to say.

  11. dsm says – reply to this


    Re: Jen – Yes, Hitler had beliefs, and forced them on innocent people. BIG difference. You are more ignorant that any of the Robertsons will ever be. If you are going to cite history, tell the whole story, just like the dumbass GQ reported who started all this crap by "editing" a response to a question to get attention for himself. Silly little one, you feel right into his trap.

  12. tacogirl says – reply to this


    YEAH…they DID the right thing….HOW about free speech Perez…THe whole world Is
    Not gay!!!…Why don't you just TRY reporting entertainment news instead of making
    this your Gay Rights forum…YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING Idiot. It really is amazing.

  13. the lost gay hipsters says – reply to this


    I already have no right to drink Russian vodka and now I have to deprive myself of the Cracker Barrel cheese brand?

    One justice, 2 ways to apply it! America Fuk Yeah!

  14. So What? says – reply to this


    I Love Duck Dynasty and Gay People.