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Security Guard Strangled To Death By Python In Front Of Crowd!

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Security guard strangled to death by python! So sad!!

This is so awful! Must've been absolutely terrifying!

A luxury hotel security guard on Indonesia's resort island of Bali was killed when a 15-foot python crushed him to death!

The 59-year-old man, Ambar Arianto Mulyo, worked a restaurant near the hotel and when a large snake was spotted in the area, he offered to help catch it.

He was actually able to grab the snake by the head and tail and control it enough to start carrying it away… across his shoulders.

The snake quickly wrapped itself around the man and began crushing him to death.

Several people witnessed the attack, but no one was able to do anything. They even called the cops but the cops couldn't do anything.

One witness said:

"It happened so fast. We were sad because we could not do anything to help him."

The snake eventually escaped into the bushes so it's still on the loose.

This man was just trying to help and now he's dead. We feel awful.

We hope his family takes solace in the fact that he was at least trying to do something good.

[Image via Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.]

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9 comments to “Security Guard Strangled To Death By Python In Front Of Crowd!”

  1. Jexa says – reply to this


    The guy was an idiot for trying to handle a snake that size alone. It took 3 people to safely carry our 12 foot python, and this was a pet - not a wild snake.

  2. Vanessa says – reply to this


    i've always wanted to know if you scratch a snake or stab a snake while its constricting will it release?

  3. Stefan says – reply to this


    Vanessa you have to cut it pretty deep, and even then there's no guarantee; snakes have bizarre reflexes that sometimes even kick in after they're dead, which is why we sometimes hear stories about a dead snake's jaws snapping shut on things.

  4. SantaTheGlorifiedClown says – reply to this


    Obviously this man wasn't much of a thinker. I dont think any man of high intelligence would even consider doing what he did. "hmmm. A giant 15 foot snake that is world reknown for squeezing the fuck out of livestock and crocodiles. Hmmm. Too close to the rich travelers. What should i do? I know. I'll …. wrap it around my neck like a mink scarf ". Anyways, tough break. It probably crushed his neck immediately, so, making it release its grip probably wouldnt have saved him. I thought that I read that rubbing alcohol in their face makes them release. But I'm not sure. I can see a man being killed in the water by one but on land? The only way they can kill a human on land is by sheer human error. I hope thats not the lawn of the luxury hotel.

  5. Gucci gotdamn it says – reply to this


    they was by a hotel, all they needed to do is throw alcohol or hot water and the snake would have loosen up. wow does anyone watch the animal Chanel anymore. Wow he could have live if someone was quick on their feet. damn shame

  6. MB says – reply to this


    Re: SantaTheGlorifiedClown – He was trying to score the chicks. At least he went down like Dirk The Daring…. er….

    It's true though, you'd have to be a loon to grab a 15 ft python and throw it over your shoulder and try to drag it away. No man on this earth (not many, if any, anyway) could do that. No 2 or 3 men could, and obviously when it, the solid muscle that it is, decides it wants to kill you, you're dead. You're fucking dead, even if people are there, shooting stabbing, whatever, you're probably dead. Even if you're the strongest man on earth. Dead.

  7. a real man says – reply to this


    Talk about a way to die! He could have done it with class and act as if he had the situation well in hand until the last breath ..
    This is how real men die .. With dignity and virility ..

  8. Yvonnewebd says – reply to this


    For anyone interested, the only proven way (that i have researched as a reptile breeder… not of boas) to stop a constrictor is to force its mouth open and force vodka down. It makes them release.

  9. Yvonnewebd says – reply to this


    The only proven way to release a constrictor is to force it's mouth open and pour vodka down its throat, For some reason it makes the snake relax..Truth.