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SeaWorld Rigged A Poll After Blackfish Backlash?!

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sea world oops

Something smells fishy!

There's been HUGE backlash against SeaWorld after the release of the gruesome Blackfish, documenting the mistreatment of whales throughout their 39-year history….

….so why would 99% of viewers say "no" when asked whether the flick changed their perception of the park??!

After further investigation, The Orlando Business Journal discovered that nearly 54 percent of 328 votes cast on their online poll between December 31 and January 2 actually came from a SeaWorld IP address.

Uh oh! Something tells us this wasn't the publicity save they were hoping for!

Still, Seaworld spokesman Nick Gollattscheck explained:

"It's important to note we have more than 6,000 team members in Orlando, between three parks and our company headquarters. I think anyone would expect that an Orlando publication would be read and responded to by some of those team members. Our team members have strong feelings about their park and company and we encourage them to make their opinions known. If a poll is posted regarding SeaWorld, our team members have as much a right as anyone else to vote and express their opinion. We're unsure why that's being questioned here."

True! And seeing as the CNN doc doesn't exactly do the famous park any favors, we could totes see why so many employees would hit the internet to lend support.

Not so shockingly, just a day after the skewed results were revealed, 70 percent of more than 1,7000 voters said "yes," to the same question.

Well, obviously the people have spoken!

Whether or not the ultra revealing flick will lead to SeaWorld's demise has yet to be discovered!

Will YOU visit SeaWorld again after seeing Blackfish

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Will YOU visit SeaWorld again after seeing Blackfish

  • Sure! (10%)
  • Flip no! (90%)

Total Votes: 3,354

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[Image via SeaWorld.]

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12 comments to “SeaWorld Rigged A Poll After Blackfish Backlash?!”

  1. 1

    Perhaps a lot of people answered 'No' because their opinion was already negative even before watching the documentary. Personnally this is what I would've answered as well. And after watching Blackfish, it simply reassured me that my feelings were justified.
    Anyway there isn't one SeaWorld executive who accepted to be interviewed in this documentary, so that says a lot about how confident they are. This organization has been lying for years to its employees as well as to the public regarding the well being of its whales and the actual facts surrounding the 'accidents' that lead to very serious injuries for some trainers and death for some others.

  2. cindy says – reply to this


    I was deeply disturbed by this documentary. Animal cruelity at it's max.

  3. GooferMcBolloBoo says – reply to this


    I will gladly go again. All such a documentary teaches me is how genius and brave humans are. Just the thought that human geniuses went into the ocean, captured baby blackfi… i mean KILLER whales (using genius corralling methods) one day and the next day figured out how to ride them and have them doing tricks and stunts is GENIUS. My hope is that one day man will learn to communicate with whales so we can get their opinion on their life and trainers. But we can't learn to talk to them if we released them into the wild. catch 22. But if blackfi uh, killer whales should be returned to the ocean then dogs dont belong in captivity either. Why does one trained animal deserve freedom but not another? If shamu goes then Spot goes (tot he prairies). Or neither. But I am in favor of humane treatment of captive whales. Not their release. I'd go again! Might be more elbow room next time.

  4. 4

    Re: cindy – Yup, same here. Cruelty and Carelessness.

  5. lilolme says – reply to this


    I have a cousin who works at SeaWorld, and would love to go see her working with the animals. I would also support them for all of the rehab and care they do provide with the injured and ill. With that being said, and even my cousin will say the same, Orca's cover THOUSANDS of miles in any give year, and do not belong in a large swimming pool. We have learned so much from the ones in captivity, but now we have more advanced means to study the Orcas in the wild. It's definitely time to stop breeding them, and let the others live in semi captive pen out in the ocean with the possibility of release, if they would ever be able to do so.

  6. 6

    The fact that they continue to breed the whales simply means they don't give a F about what the public has to say!!! It's only a matter of time before another fool gets scalped in front of a live audience!!! What than SeaWorld?

    Poor Tilly!

  7. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    EFF SEAWORLD!!! I'm ashamed I ever went there.. NEVER again will I contribute to that oceanic concentration camp…

  8. angela says – reply to this


    I had no idea what to expect when I watched blackfish. My friend just told me I should watch it. I cried pretty much the entire documentary. I have actually wanted to go to seaworld and was just in Florida in November and was bummed when I couldn't go. Now, knowing what I know.. I wouldn't step foot in seaworld, or anything associated. I am so angry with the way these poor whales are treated. It broke my heart to see the hurt and despair in them after being ripped away from their own babies, and families. Someone tried telling me that Seaworld rescues whales.. UH HELLOOO WHERE WERE YOU during the whole documentary.. UGH it's so frustrating!!

  9. 9


  10. Jm says – reply to this


    Re: GooferMcBolloBoo

    Umm….How about the fact that dogs are a DOMESTICATED animal and killer whales are WILD..Why do you think they are called killer whales?? How many more trainers would you like to see get killed because SeaWorld wants to make a few more bucks? Smh….And where have you seen Sea World treat their animals humanely? I for one, think being locked in a small glass container is pretty damn bad. You ever wonder why their Dorsel fins are bent? Google it.

  11. Isabel says – reply to this


    Orcas were designed to be in the wild ,not in a pool.

  12. Isabel says – reply to this


    Can't look at seaworld the same.