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Looks like it wasn't just Blue Ivy having fun at her zoo celebration!! As the world knows already, Beyoncé and Jay Z rented out the entire Miami Zoo for… Read more…

19 comments to “Beyoncé Channels Her Inner Doolittle! AH-MAZING Animal Pics From Blue Ivy's B-Day!”

  1. marcus says – reply to this


    Which of those cuddly little animals will she decides needs to be killed to make her a new coat?

  2. 2

    Blue Ivy is so cute, but you'd think Beyonce would at least have her nannies shave her before letting her loose on the Jingle Gym..

  3. addd says – reply to this


    aw blue ivy is so cute

  4. barney says – reply to this


    They do look alike. The difference being the monkey looks better. Without make up Beyoncé is ugly.

  5. Yee Boy Tha III says – reply to this


    Yo. Tha monkey gots twice tha IQ of Sasha Stupid. Words…

  6. 6

    Perez, you have a site dedicated to animals, and you claim you are a proponent of animal welfare, but you seem to think that keeping wild animals in captivity is ok. What do you think will happen to this chimp when he is older and no longer safe to interact with people? This poor thing should be socialized with his own kind and not be expected to perform for human amusement. I know you have to say 'flawless' things about every Beyonce post, but why not use this as an opportunity to talk about animals in captivity?

  7. 7

    Ugh, the idea of having a petting zoo or something similar at a childs party is just wrong. What happens when they no longer make any money from these animals? Where do they go? Your recent stance on using animals for entertainment is disgusting- with the judging of who "wore" the snake better. At least zoos who take care of their animals are helping towards conservation, what can this mobile petting zoo say?

  8. mark says – reply to this


    Look at the nice family photograph of Beyonce and Blue. Blue looks so happy and looks just like her mom AND dad. Such a nice Kodak moment. And Blue is smiling right at the camera while mommy holds her!

  9. ciele says – reply to this


    Perez, again showing your hypocritical attitude to animals. you say you love them yet constantly post pictures of celebs totally disrespecting them…They are not playthings for us to keep in cages an dress up! and Beyonce takes the Crown as Supreme Animal Hater! She has dozens of fur coats, even wearing a fur coat to a vegan restaurant, which she should have been kicked out for and now this! Get yourself educated Perez, fur coats come from animals skinned alive,(easy to find proof on you tube), fur coats are responsible for thousands of pets getting caught and killed as "by-products" and animals kept in captivity like this suffer psychological stress…wake up man plenty of countries are banning animals in circuses and petting zoos…stop promoting her abhorrent behaviour

  10. annainparis says – reply to this


    Come on, Jay Z could have done the part!!! :-)

  11. Mike says – reply to this


    Wow, I cannot believe every single comment on here. Here we are protesting that we need to care for animals…etc…but screw the human. Forget her feelings or opinions. I just don't get it. There is no need to be comparing anyone's looks to a monkey, especially a toddler. C'mon people, have some damn respect for humanity.

  12. 12

    she has pic taken with all the animals but shows the kid only from behnd. everyone knows its an ugly kid so why not just go with it. look at demi moore, with the ugly rumor, it happens.

  13. Ohhh That's not cool says – reply to this


    But where was Jay Z? Ah it's true.. He should be busy doing a little sister to Blue Ivy with a gorilla MOM.
    This is not surprising! Beyonce is a bad mother who works too and very often absent and besides, what bad actress when she claims to be pregnant.. This time, it adopted directly to the surrogate mother.

  14. fafa says – reply to this


    look how stupid she is using her daughher for pic, it(s the anly reason she found for the public eye : recently we saw rihanna in a zoo in south africa ! she's crazy mich she cares about that ! she could do it before ! that industry world is crazy!!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Looks fun, all politics aside. That's why petting zoos do so well…people love getting close to animals.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: barney – Uhm, no, she isn't. She's lovely.

  17. Kris says – reply to this


    I', shocked and surprised lately that you celebrities that could be doing good for animals are supporting a horrific trade in apes. Michael Jackson's chimp ended with a happy life, but no support from his family. Chimps in this industry are removed from their mother who like us do have emotions regarding their young. I myself have witnessed a gorilla grieve and carry her dead baby for days so ripping them away before they would naturally leave their natal group is cruel, even then they will look for their family members for days. This chimp will be exploited for $$ then simply thrown in a cage with no further contact from the people it views as family or another chimp, Don't believe me read stories of animals that end up at The Center For Great Apes or Save the Chimps. This type of lifestyle is no better than an inmate being thrown in solitary confinement, never allowed to leave the cell. This chimp can not be integrated into a normal family group at a zoo as it was not allowed to be taught normal chimp behavior. I am appalled at your disregard for animals that live in social system, need mother care until often age 5-6< and you putting your entertainment over any animals life.

  18. MIndy says – reply to this


    Wow, so sad for those animals being taken from their natural environments to be play things for people. Perhaps we should do that to Beyonce? Who wouldn't love a photo??

  19. MIndy says – reply to this


    Wow, so sad for those animals being taken from their natural environments to be play things for people. Perhaps we should do that to Beyonce? Who wouldn't love a photo??