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PETA Gets NYC Restaurant To Cancel SeaWorld's 50th Anniversary Party

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PETA helped get SeaWorld's 50th anniversary party canceled!!

This is so incredible.

It looks like real change might be heading for SeaWorld!

Pretty much the whole world has turned their backs on the park ever since the release of the documentary Blackfish.

The latest blow to SeaWorld is the cancellation of their 50th anniversary party at a West Village restaurant: Bagatelle!

The NYC establishment was inspired not only by the doc, but mainly by PETA and the threat of a protest over the fact that SeaWorld planned to bring live penguins to the event.

Seeing as how "loud DJs and flashing cameras" are "terrifying to these arctic animals" according to a PETA email, the restaurant decided to pull the plug on the whole thing less than 24 hours before the event's start.

When people learned of this, they praised Bagatelle, saying:

"PETA is hanging up our protest placards and popping the champagne corks today in recognition of Bagatelle’s savvy business decision to put kindness ahead of profits. Once compassionate people and businesses learn that orcas and other animals suffer at SeaWorld, they want nothing to do with this cruel and disgusting place."

What's amazing is that the restaurant suffered a serious financial loss over the cancellation.

So wonderful that a business actually chose compassion over profits!!

Save the whales!!

[Image via WENN.]

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One comment to “PETA Gets NYC Restaurant To Cancel SeaWorld's 50th Anniversary Party”

  1. Peter says – reply to this


    Blackfish is full of lies! How come you don't report about trainers involved in the film who have decided to speak out against it saying that the real purpose behind it is to make money and win awards?

    C'mon Perez. There is a lot of very newsworthy things that only CNN has seen but won't report because they are the ones that picked up the film.