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Ghost Ship Crewed By Cannibal Rats Heading For Land!

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Cannibal rat infest ghost cruise ship floating towards land possibly!

This sounds like a cool intro for a horror movie.

An abandoned cruise ship is currently floating somewhere off the coast of Scotland, biding its time until it can crash onto a beach somewhere.

Oh, and the ship is full of disease-riddled rats. Who have DEF turned to cannibalism by now to survive.

The ship, The Lyubov Orlova, was originally a cruise liner built in Yugoslavia in the 1970s. Abandoned in a port in Canada in Newfoundland a storm eventually sucked the ship out to sea.

It's been drifting around the Atlantic for at least a year now.

Canada doesn't feel it's their problem anymore so after capturing it at one point they set it adrift again in international waters.

A Belgian scrap sailor said:

"There will be a lot of rats and they eat each other. If I get aboard I'll have to lace everywhere with poison."

But what if the ship crashes into Scotland or Ireland before anyone can get to it??

Then the frenzied, diseased, inbred, cannibal rats will rush onto shore and possibly start some sort of zombie epidemic!

Either way, we're glad it's not headed our way!

[Image via Lilpop,Rau&Loewenstein/Wikimedia Commons.]

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