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Zombie Bee Infection Spreads To Vermont! We're All Gonna Die!

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Zombees found in Vermont! Infection spreads to Eastern U.S.!

Vermont is already lost to us. We need to send in a nuke NOW!

But… all those innocent people!

Damnit man, it’s for the greater good! There’s a “zombee” outbreak!! Oh no! "Not the bees!!"

Vermont beekeepers already have enough hardship when it comes to facing wild temperature swings, colony collapse, and mite infestations, but now the latest hurdle they must cross is…. Zombie bees. Zombees.

This is the first instance of a zombie bee infection in the Eastern U.S. of A., but luckily, these aren’t magical undead bees from hell, they’re just full of fly (Apocephalus borealis) larva!

Super super super gross!

These bees suffer neurological damage as the flies grow and begin to make erratic jerky movements and go out at night, which bees basically never do. They tend to die in a matter of hours so at least they don’t suffer long.

Problem is, the flies used to only infect bumblebees but now… they’ve moved onto honey bees!!

Oh noes! What will we put on our peanut butter sandwiches?? JELLY?!

Hmm, we guess that works. But bees support agriculture and a mass wipe out of bees would have a far reaching effect.

Let’s hope science finds a way to defeat these zombees! (Without resorting to a thermobaric doomsday device.)

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One comment to “Zombie Bee Infection Spreads To Vermont! We're All Gonna Die!”

  1. 1

    "Let’s hope science finds a way to defeat these zombees!"? Hope? You hope?! Bloody hell! All financial support to science should go towards solving this problem right now! It's really serious! Bees are one of those benevolent creature which we take for granted but without them the whole planet will turn into one fat zombie! They work for us very hard, they produce stuff to keep us nourished and healthy, ALL for bloody free, and you HOPE the way to treat this will be found?! Of course there is the way to deal with the problem. It's the time the fuckers are going to take to do it that matters. And of course the blame will be on lack of finances which come from the government and which are actually taxes we pay, so it's our money government scrooges on to give to solve this predicament. You think I panic? Heck! You are fucking right I panic when I hear something like that. I guess my strong survival instinct takes over in this case :)