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Danish Zoo Kills Giraffe And Feeds It To Lions In Front Of Children!!

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Danish Zoo kills giraffe and then feeds it to lions in front of children!!

The Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark ignored a petition signed by 20,000 people and murdered one of their own animals.

A 2-year-old giraffe named Marius, a healthy male, was shot by a bolt gun and killed at the zoo because his genetics weren't diverse enough!

A giraffe can't be given contraceptives or be neutered because it can mess up their internal organs, so Marius could've bred with anyone… but the zoo didn't want that. At least they're against inbreeding!

So instead of transferring the animal to another zoo, or taking up a private party on their $680,000 offer, they shot Marius and then, in front of children, skinned him and fed him to lions.

A zoo spokesman said:

"I'm actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn't have had from watching a giraffe in a photo."

So, even though thousands of people didn't want Marius to die, it happened anyway.

In front of children.

Such a senseless murder.

[Image via AP Images.]

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64 comments to “Danish Zoo Kills Giraffe And Feeds It To Lions In Front Of Children!!”

  1. Gina says – reply to this


    Calm down. It's not murder.

  2. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    I'm glad he's proud he's given children an understanding of giraffe anatomy, essential knowledge that is, many a time in life I've fallen short due to my lack of understanding of giraffe biology. These kids are now set for anything the world may through at them! Assuming it's a giraffe.

  3. 3

    that was so disgusting. they butchered a giraffe and fed him to the lions while the children watched.

  4. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    Er I meant *throw. I guess I need to brush up on giraffes and my grammar!

  5. kiki2 says – reply to this


    this is some down shit, dude. stop posting shit like this on a celebrity gossip site.

  6. kiki2 says – reply to this


    i meant…DOWNER shit. i should proof before i hit submit.

  7. barb says – reply to this


    …have these people not heard of the internet. I'm sure they could have found very descriptive photos/video of a giraffe's anatomy. Are you sure that killing a healthy animal is NOT murder? I'm sure that $680,000 could have been put to good use at their zoo. I do believe some people are "devolving". Geesh.

  8. 8

    They could have neutered him or traded him to another zoo. Tak, Danes, for this insight into the way you treat the animals in your care.

  9. 9

    Perez…WTF? Why do you put this shit on your site. Spare us this ugliness.

  10. Danish Pastry says – reply to this


    Come on…it's an animal who btw had had a good life so fare.
    Go cry about the starving kids in Africa, Asia, Syria……….

  11. lou says – reply to this


    So f_ING primitive was surprised it was not a 3rd world country. I hope responsible for this savagery get theirs.

  12. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    Re: Picote – Umm it is under the animal section of the website dumbassRe: kiki2

  13. Danish Pastry says – reply to this



  14. Koe says – reply to this


    Oh wooooooow that's sooo evil and disturbing, and how dare they let this children watch!! U f#ckin hypocrits, there are billions of animals dying everyday in slaughter houses just for you and your consumption but don't they dare to do this in public, otherwise you are forced take responsibility for your actions.

  15. johanna says – reply to this


    If you want to prevent Giraffes becoming food for lions in the future please show your support here: (google translate)

  16. 16

    Humans act worse than animals no doubts !

  17. whoareyoutho says – reply to this


    Re: Gina
    How is it not murder? Because a giraffe isn't a human?
    It's still an animal that feels pain and got killed.

  18. 18

    why would those parents allow their kids to watch the killing of an innocent animal? Might as well take them to china for some shark fin soup or japan and have them help slaughter dolphins! woot!

  19. Clever Girl Reviews says – reply to this


    I was very vocal about my outrage at this on CNN and a few other news sites. I still am in shock over this whole incident but what is even more shocking is how people have reacted. I'm glad to see you speaking out too!

  20. Kim says – reply to this


    Bloody idiots!

  21. Ulrikke says – reply to this


    If you tried to found an interview where they explain why they killed the anima,l you would see why they couldn't just give it to another zoo but had to kill it.It has been all over the danish news, so i think i know what i talk about.

  22. ally_cat says – reply to this


    WO)W such fucking animals im never going to a zoo again wtf is wrong with people

  23. Charlie says – reply to this


    First, yes killing the beautiful giraffe was a stupid and heartless thing to do. Second, it wasn't Denmarks decision, but the Zoos. Third, they didn't kill the giraffe in front of anyone, however they did the autopsy in front of an audience. No one forced the audience to watch it,… Fourth, Chill out everyone! This is happening in zoo's all over the world all the time. This one just happened to end up in the media!

  24. A annoyed dane says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ. There are so much more to this, but I understand this is not high journalism so I should not judge on that. Second, in Denmark, children do not grow up in bubbles where their parents makes sure they no nothing of the real world. Children learn how nature works, and why things happens, and if there had been done some research, you would know that no children where traumatized by this (since this is quite normal in european zoos).

  25. Neffi says – reply to this


    And after they finished with the autopsy they went on to kill puppies and kittens and feed them to the tigers.
    If you really want facts, maybe you should read something other than a celebrity gossip site!!

  26. i'm right says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – Okay then, let's shoot you and skin you in front of children as an anatomy lesson. It's not murder it's just population control

  27. MonkeyShine says – reply to this


    Murder? LMFAO

  28. 28

    I just cant get past how vulgar this is.

  29. cathy says – reply to this


    what do you expect from a bunch of potheads..

  30. Maryann says – reply to this


    Yes it is Murder. Animals feel too. This is horrible. The zoo should be shut down and all the animals taken. Zoos are supposed to protect animals not kill them. And parent of the year awards for taking your children to see this, really. Then parents wonder why their kids grow up fucked up lol

  31. Maryann says – reply to this


    Yes it is Murder. Animals feel too. This is horrible. The zoo should be shut down and all the animals taken. Zoos are supposed to protect animals not kill them. And parent of the year awards for taking your children to see this, really. Then parents wonder why their kids grow up fucked up lol

  32. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Danish Pastry – And you, go cry over your stupidity;

  33. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: A annoyed dane – Oh please don't speak for Europe! European zoos do not function that way even if they all agreed to just one thing. It's barbaric putting down a giraffe in front of the world! How do you know the kids are not traumatized? Are you in their head, or in the nightmares they definitely had after being spectator to such an ordeal? Pitié! Don't speak for Europe… you folks did not want to be part of it in the first place so do not say this is a practice that is done in european zoos!

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    That poor giraffe. I think all living creatures have a right to a fighting chance at life. It had no fighting chance at all. They played God. Respect life.

  35. Taylor says – reply to this


    So sad. Why would you do this!? Especially in front of little ones. Im a 26 year old woman and I would not even want to see this. This poor poor giraffe.

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    The inbreeding wasn't the fault of that giraffe.

  37. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – Oh please. tell that to the giraffe you dumb fuck.

  38. South Texas is 2hot4me says – reply to this


    Denmark has a homicide rate of only 0.9 people per 100,000 citizens per year. Ethiopia is 25. Malawi is 36. South africa is 31. Detroit is 40-50. Ivory coast is 56. Jamaica is 40. El salvador is 69. Honduras is 91. Venezuela is 45. Uganda is 36. Trinidad is 35. (the list goes on.I cant list the homicide rates of ever country. IN general, according to the UN.. the highest homicide rate continents are africa and south america. Oceania is the lowest but its easier for them to hide bodies. Where is the petition from 20,000 people urging africa and south america to lower their human kill rate? Nowhere. Humans arent precious like giraffes. These are the first lions in a zoo to actually eat a meal resembling something they'd eat in the wild. Lucky cats. Denmark ranks 12th globally in education achievement of its children (in cognitive skills and attainment). America is only 17. Where is the petition to make dumber people smarter?

  39. The human at its best says – reply to this


    They played God, they will burn for this!

  40. human Flesh is2hot4me says – reply to this


    I doubt these kids are traumatized (not the high IQ ones anyways). When i was boy, i had the kind of parents that made me and my sisters watch documentaries on PBS. I watched 100s of hours of lions sinking their jaws into animals. I've seen 100s of hours of spilt mammal guts on tv. I've seen the moist red insides of animals not only on tv but in real life (i've seen a lion pride gathered around a fallen antler crowned beast as a tourist in africa). None of that traumatized me. Children in some american ghettos see dead murdered HUMAN bodies weekly (including my own mother who was raised in a poor family in a violent urban center). Where is the petition to stop ghetto violence? Giraffes. PFFFFT. Good for denmark for not dumbing down its children by hiding the cold hard world from them. This experience might make it easier for them to pursue careers in surgical medicine where they might have to train on dead human flesh.

  41. GroceryStores R2hot4me says – reply to this


    Oh my god. We better outlaw the meat section of grocery stores. Think of all the children who see all that moist red murdered animal meat dripping with red liquidy shit.

  42. Grills R2.........D2 says – reply to this


    Let he who has never eaten the meat of a dead murdered animal … cast the first slab of prime ribs on the BARBIE!!!

  43. 43

    Such a beast, not the poor dead one, the "humans"….#stopanimalcruelty

  44. Lynne says – reply to this


    Just so sad this had to happen,One day these animals may just be a memory or just a picture in a book, just like other animals that do not exist here anymore,They could've found another way!!!!,killing it was just wrong!***Saddened the human race is this inhumane***

  45. Mellissa says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – you're fucking delusional if you think thats NOT murder.

  46. loooool says – reply to this


    jeeezzzz calm the fuck down people!!! that's how life works… giraffe are food for lions… just like cows are food for us… and please I think it's fucking time to stop sheltering children so much!!! they need to get out there and not be so naive about the ugly world we live in because they're gonna be fucking traumatized and pissed that everybody lied to them!!! IT'S THE NATURAL THING FOR A GIRAFFE TO BE EATEN BY A LION, MOVING ON.

  47. proud dane says – reply to this


    I am from Denmark myself, at this story have been blown out of proprtions! Yes it is sad that he had to die, but he have had a really good life up to his ending. But think about how awfull it would have been, if he was shipped of to af zoo somewhere else, that don't understand how to take care of an animal like that? Cph zoo is part of af breeding program, and none of their partners had any room for Marius.
    Many have been screaming animal cruelty, but i don't see that! Think about all of the chickens, cows, calfs and other farming animals who are living WAY worse than Marius did! That is animal cruelty.
    Marius had a good life, and didn't suffer. He was fed with his favorite thing, and then shot. So chill out! Many zoo's do this, they just doesn't make it to a educational show and tell.

    Maybe the kindergarten, that took the kids there, should have thougt that trough.. Not the smartest thing to drag kids to see..

  48. 48

    What the heck is a boltgun? Messed up man! Stupid zoo! They sound like Nazi zookeepers for crying out loud. His genetics were not diverse enough! Whate the fuck do they mea by that? He was t short? To tall? To orange? If anyone deserves a bolt in the head it is the boss of that zoo!

  49. Danish girl says – reply to this


    He was only "murdered" because he was becoming sexually mature and therefore would the big alpha male, kill him.

    I'm not saing that this is okay, but there's a reason to this.. So this could never be a "senseless murdere".

    It's okay, for a biology teacher, to show the inside of a frogg - it's pretty much the same? And off course they were feeding the lions, it is actually the most NATURAL!

    Get your facts straight ;-)

  50. proud dane says – reply to this


    Just read that the state of New York will gas and shoot 2200 swans! What a bunch of hypocrites!

  51. karina says – reply to this


    good god !!! hi i am from denmark, and you really need to calm down. this is the way of life in a zoo and nobody held a gun to their heads when they choose to watch thw animal dead or feed to the lions !!! you americans need to use your fucking minds sometimes. i understand that all of this happening in front of kids is a little risky but then agian nobody i making them watch !! get a life dumbasses !!!

  52. Charlie says – reply to this


    Educate yourselves and read this article..

  53. Charlie says – reply to this


    bt. dk / danmark/the-whole-explanation-why-was-marius-killed

  54. Marie says – reply to this


    Relax, the giraffe was put down because there was no room for it, or in their ”sister” zoo's around the world, and if future baby making with this giraffe had happened they would become inbred. This is a completely natural part of life in zoo's. Also, the lions could just as well eat what the zoo produces which this time was giraffe meat, rather than a cow, pig or goats. Completely natural. This is also a practice which takes place in many different zoo's around the world, that when an animal dies it is fed to the carnivores (which eat MEAT). And lastly, the aspect of the whole open autopsy was performed by a vet, who informed the children and parents about how a giraffe looks and functions to give them insight in the animal anatomy which is rather interesting, which leads me to my last point which is those dissections of frogs, worms and what ever you have dissected in biology class in school is no different than this, the giraffe situation might even be better since we know that he has had a nice life unlike many of those frogs that are probably in cages their entire life. Therefore this euthanization is completely natural procedure in ZOO's and the dissection of the animal, was nothing more than an informative showing of animal biology.

  55. stefan says – reply to this


    its so not okay to kill the poor animal- im from denmark. but the kids choose to see the giraf been feed by the lions. generel its not okay to keep wild animals in a zoo!

  56. Hayley says – reply to this


    I disagree with what has happened, but facts need to be straightened. Marius was not put down in front of the children and the disection was an invited event…. So parents TOOK their children to it by choice. Please stop with the sensalisation, facts only.

  57. Jack says – reply to this


    Re: A annoyed dane – Really? I was born and have lived my whole life in England. I spend about 2 months every year in France and other countries around Europe and let me tell you, this is NOT normal for European zoo's. I have been to America and they are far more liberal when it comes to the health of animals in captivity so please don't comment when you don't know. This is far more shocking to us over here in Europe than over there in America simply because it is completely unacceptable on all levels.

  58. Jack says – reply to this


    Re: emogurl117 – wow you sound stupid. First off, why Nazis? They where against diversity so if your going to compare them to anyone it would certainly not be nazis.

  59. giggl3s says – reply to this


    Uqh Fuck this Stupid Ass People.! Period that WASENT RIGTH NO MATTER FKN WHAT.!!!!

  60. a so called pothead says – reply to this


    Re: cathy

    We did more for this giraffe in its two years of life, than the US does to its citizens.

    And yes some of us are potheads and some of us are legally married gay couples.
    You should stop by one day, we have free porn, free colleges and many other lovely things.

  61. Bob says – reply to this


    I'm not saying I agree with this, but you all need to get your facts straight. The giraffe was not killed in front of the children. The giraffe was killed behind scenes, and the necropsy was performed in front of the children. It was a learning experience, similar to dissecting fetal pigs in school. And the fact that everyone is so appalled about a lion eating a giraffe is strange to me. What do you think they eat in the wild?
    For those of you saying that you will never go to a zoo again, that helps no one. Zoos use much of the profits they make from admission to go towards conservation efforts. They help to keep animal species around for future generations. And, I know it's hard to understand, but they try to keep the gene pool optimum, so that they can breed animals with the best genetics to allow that particular species to persist for future generations.
    Additionally, if you are from the US, this tactic might seem extremely barbaric. However, European and other zoos outside of the US have different regulations. Just because it happened there, doesn't mean it happens at every zoo. Don't lump all zoos together because you don't agree with the action of one.

  62. Beatrice says – reply to this


    Fucking ugly pp, they should send that poor girafe back to the wild instead… He at least will have a chance to defend himself… What a SHAME!!!

  63. Christina says – reply to this


    The children were there because they wanted to. Nobody forced them. And "somebody else wanted him" is a giant lie. The facts here are not true at all!

  64. MJ says – reply to this


    Re: Maryann – Yes, they do! And to make sure they won't end up like your kids, they make sure that they are educated.
    Why am I even trying to explain this to someone from a nation where it's normal to keep guns around children…what do you need them for anyway? Shooting other people, animals or both?