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Marius The Giraffe’s Copenhagen Zoo Killers Are Getting Threats Over Their Terrible Actions!

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marius giraffe death causing copenhage zoo threats

What in the world is going on with people!

We told you earlier about the totally disturbing situation at the Copenhagen Zoo where they murdered Marius the Giraffe in front of children, and then fed him to the lions.

People were outraged for many reasons, like kids witnessing the scene, and because other zoos offered to take him and allow him to live!

But Copenhagen Zoo said "NO!" and now the Danish zoo is getting threats by both phone and email, according to Tobias Stenbæk, the Zoo’s spokesman.

Some zoos are saying that there is a breakdown in communication, and that’s why the Danish zoo has said they’re proud of what they did, while the rest of the world rages over it.

Bengt Holst, director of research and conservation at Copenhagen Zoo, added that they did it because zoos need "not to make nature into a Disney World.”

Well, it doesn’t have to be Disney World, but aren’t zoos supposed to be fun, not traumatizing?!

That’s what Jack Hanna believes! He had some strong feelings on this issue, stating:

"I know it's natural in nature. I'm not an idiot," he said, "but I don't need to have some 2- and 3- and 6-year-olds — they cannot understand at that age. You understand they don't understand nature. They haven't been to Africa, so that's what we do at the zoos. We try to educate people at zoos on what happens in the wild."

Yup! THAT’S what we were thinking!

Still, stop the threats people. They won’t bring Marius back!

[Image via AP Images.]

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10 comments to “Marius The Giraffe’s Copenhagen Zoo Killers Are Getting Threats Over Their Terrible Actions!”

  1. Aerie says – reply to this


    Murder; the unlawful premeditated killing of one being by another. WTF?! Give the giraffe to another zoo!! Executing him, skinning him (really??) and feeding him to lions is just plain fucked up!! In the wild the lions eating him is natural. This is not nature taking its course. It's animal cruelty grossly disguised as something acceptable. It's sick.

  2. 2

    Re: Aerie – You're an idiot.

  3. 3

    LOL a bunch of people with boring, uneventful lives looking for something to be outraged over. So nice people have the courage to send threats over the phone/email completely anomalously..Everyone's a badass with a 10 inch peen on the internet.

  4. DanishGirl says – reply to this


    They did not murder him in front of anyone. Get your facts straight! People need to calm down! Think about the millions of cows, pigs, chickens etc. that get killed every day, so humans can get meat. Really, what's the difference?! Oh, it's because it's a giraffe. Apparently, nobody cares about all the other animals getting killed for "fun" everyday - in the US where you shoot animals all the time!!!

  5. goofy says – reply to this


    Hallo, i think it is very cruel to show young kids in front of their eyes how a lion eats a giraffe. The kids are not able to understand that is nature because of their age.

  6. Danish Pastry says – reply to this


    Re: goofy

    It is so sad that you don't know the real world. I guess you also believe that meat comes from the "meat factory" and not from a living world. Sad sad ignorance

    Kids in Denmark know how nature runs it course and they know that also because of the zoo. In the zoo they feed the animals when it is visiting time. Not during the night.
    Come on guys!!!

  7. Danish Pastry says – reply to this


    Re: Danish Pastry
    *a living creature

  8. ANNETTE says – reply to this


    This story of the killing of this innocent beautiful giraffe makes me sick and outraged.And to you the vet Mads Bertelsen, you seem to have a smile on your face and appear rather happy for not only shooting him in the head but happy dismembering him as well.YOU sir are a piece of shit and I hope you rot in hell for what you did…How do you even sleep at night know what you did…Using a piece of bread to lure him???YOU SHOULD BE SHOT IN THE HEAD AND CUT UP IN VERY SMALL PIECES.And I want to witness it…To all involved in this horrible act of violence this goes for you as well…

  9. annette says – reply to this


    Re: goofy – They may not have murdered the giraffe in front of children but the piece of shit vet cut him up with a smile on his face in front of children..Thats even worse…Bottom line is the giraffe could have been re located.He did not deserve to die…

  10. annette says – reply to this


    Re: Aerie – I I agree 100%…Its totally fucked up!!What the hell is wrong with people in the world today???I hope the people involved rot in hell!!