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WEREWOLF CAT?! Someone Created An Actual Werewolf Cat And You Have To See How Cute He Is!!

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Werewolf cats are a real breed and they're amazing and we want one now!!

Ahwoooooooomeow! This is absolutely amazing!!

Some geniuses at a Tennessee-based breeders created the werewolf cat!!

How they got a cat and werewolf to breed, we have no idea. We just really hope that the father was a cat and the mother was a lycanthrope… not the other way around! LOLz!

The breed is called Lykoi, which basically means werewolf cat, and it's the coolest breed EVER!

What's amazing is the first Lykois came about pretty naturally.

"The gene is a natural mutation that appeared in the domestic cat population. There was no human intervention to create the cat. We are simply using the genetics of natural processes."

Their werewolf like fur comes from a natural genetic mutation that causes them to have short hair without ever developing a full coat.

So their eyes, nose and muzzle stay hairless, while the rest of them is gray and patchy. Just like a werewolf!

Another cool fact is the cat apparently behaves much like a dog! It has a strong "prey drive" and is always pouncing on anything it considers prey! (Including, toys, shoes and faces.) Sadly, they don't howl at the moon.

It's so cool that these cats have been bred based off a natural mutation because not only do they look awesome, they're also a new breed!!

This new breed is super rare, with only 7 registered Lykoi breeders in the whole world!

We want one so bad!!! Give us all the werecats!

P.S. Shelter cats are just as awesome though!!!

[Image via B. Gobble/Facebook.]

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