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Another Danish Zoo Is Going To Kill Another Giraffe Also Named Marius!! WTF!

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A second giraffe also named Marius might be killed by another Danish Zoo! What the hell Denmark?!

Remember when the Copenhagen Zoo killed the sh*t out of a healthy giraffe named Marius and then dismembered him in front of children?

Well the Danish are at it again!

A second zoo in Denmark, Jyllands Park Zoo, might have to euthanize one of their male giraffes!

After all the controversy over the first killing, we don't know why they'd even consider doing it again… especially because this giraffe is named Marius, the same name as the murdered Copenhagen giraffe.

The whole issue is that these zoo giraffes are part of a breeding program to keep giraffes alive and well for the future. As part of the program, diverse genetics are very important.

Basically, Marius isn't deemed genetically valuable but his male friend is. Right now, he's a good companion, but that's about it. When they bring in a female giraffe for breeding, they need to make sure Marius's genes stay far away from her.

Zoo breeding programs sound reminiscent of Germany circa 1940. Just sayin'.

A zoologist, talking about Marius and his buddy giraffe, said:

"At the moment, they are doing very well and are keeping each other company, but if there are some genetically more valuable giraffes in the program that needs the space, we have to decide what to do with him. We will of course try to place him in a suitable zoo, but if that is not possible, we might have to euthanize him. The program will give us notice well in advance, so I think we will have a good chance of placing him."

This is so ridiculous. How hard is it to find a place for him?

Literally just releasing him into the wild would be better than shooting him in the face.

We really hope this Marius' story ends better than the last one's.

Save the giraffes!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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20 comments to “Another Danish Zoo Is Going To Kill Another Giraffe Also Named Marius!! WTF!”

  1. Captain Obvious says – reply to this


    You need to study up on geography, Copenhagen is in Denmark NOT the Netherlands, where the Dutch are. The Danish and Dutch are entirely different. The zoo that killed the giraffe was a DANISH zoo. While the death was sickening you aren't addressing the right country in your article.

  2. you are an idiot says – reply to this



    you are TRULY SUCH AN IDIOT. People from Denmark are called Dutch?!? LOL Ok, seriously, even an average 2nd grader knows better than this. Why don't you spent 1/1000th of the time you spend on judging/harassing people through this pathetic site on actually learning something real, on developing some basic educational knowledge?! So sad.

  3. Shiiiit says – reply to this


    Shut up people. Who the fuck cares about if he typed it wrong. I'm in Denmark now, and most of the people I know think it's okay to do this to the animals. It's cruel and I wish the people who do this to get a visit from my friend karma. She's a bitch!

  4. Hvpat says – reply to this


    Denmark and Dutch are not the same, pretty huge mistake! People from Denmark are the Danish and the Dutch are from The Netherlands. Would appreciate it if you correct this mistake, thanks!

  5. lol says – reply to this


    Uh….you need to get your geography right or go back to school. Dutch is not Denmark… its the Netherlands! Dutch= Netherlands. DANISH=DENMARK!


    And killing is wrong, but instead of talking and bitching about it. DO something about it ! instead of posting articles and complaining . Nature isn't going to save itself.. we need to do something about it

  6. y says – reply to this


    Dutch?? DANISH

  7. Shannon says – reply to this


    Please get this right. I'm Dutch. There is a difference.

  8. duhhhhh??? says – reply to this


    Dear perez…. Dutch or Danisch? I know we're small countries but there is a diference

  9. Danish Pastry says – reply to this


    Everyone please be quiet regarding this matter until you are more enlightened.
    One giraffe was put down because of the risk of inbreeding. A lot of zoo's in Europe are in this program trying to make nature be nature as far as possible but normally in nature giraffes do not breed with their own family. In the nature the young male giraffe typically need to leave the pack as a youngster and find another pack… if it is not being killed by a lion before then.
    So to keep this giraffe alive in the Zoo of Copenhagen would be very risky as it could result in inbreeding with the siblings or the mother or it could cause battles between the dad and Marius.

    It is one giraffe that was killed and other animals in the zoo was able to eat the meat from it through days instead of killing an INNOCENT cow to feet the other animals.

    How about crying about the starving kids in 3rd world countries or cry about the elephants who get killed and left behind after taking their tusks.

    Please keep your priorities straight (also you PEREZ)

  10. Hanneke says – reply to this


    Dutch means you are from the Netherlands. These animals are killed in Denmark NOT the Netherlands!!!!!!!

  11. ditte says – reply to this


    We're called danes not duch, you live in holland if you're dutch. And if you do some research Denmark if not the first country to do this, it is a common thing in zoos around the world.

  12. Dutch girl says – reply to this


    Ever heared of Google??? People from Denmark are Danish! Not Dutch!! Do some research before writing something! There was actually a Dutch zoo who offered to BUY Marius from the Danish zoo, so he would be saved! They, the Danish… from Denmark refused the offer from the Dutch zoo… You know, the Dutch from the Netherlands!
    I don't ussually comment on stories but this is such a basic stupid mistake! You should be ashamed!

  13. Andrea says – reply to this


    Seriously! Its not the Dutch at it! The giraffe was killed in a danish zoo. So the proper headline or title should be the Danes. Dutch are people from the Netherlands.

  14. kay says – reply to this


    I know this has been pointed out to you before, but Copenhagen is in Denmark and the people are called Danish. The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam and the citizens are referred to as Dutch. I like this blog and people make mistakes. But perhaps you could check if the basic information you post is accurate?

  15. HOLLAND! says – reply to this


    Denmark and Dutch are not the same! Dutch people dont kill giraffe's

  16. sharona says – reply to this


    ok duth people are living in the netherlands!!!! Not Denmark. we dont kill giraffes. we offered to buy it so it could live!!!!!!!! CHANGE IT. I DONT WANT TO BE COMPARED WITH A COU TRY LIKE THAT PLEASE!!!

  17. romina says – reply to this


    You might want to have a look at a map to see that the dutch are people from the netherlands NOT denmark. Please do not compare us to those monsters that think they are doing nothing wrong!

  18. get-a-grip says – reply to this


    I'm Danish, and all of this is so ridiculous. It's a breeding issue/discussion. We don't kill animals for fun, and those who think we do honestly need to reevaluate their own lives. How can you have such a low opinion of a country that you've probably never even visited? That's prejudice in the textbook version. Prejudice or xenophobia; take your pick. Also, we didn't lock a bunch of children into a room and then chop a gigantic animal into pieces in front of them. Jesus. The children were free to leave if they wanted to, or their parents could have kept them away. Stop making this into something that it's not.

  19. Kristina says – reply to this


    Dutch?? Try danish. Get your geografi straight

  20. Christine says – reply to this


    It doesn't really matter fellow dutchies if the message states Dutch or Danish; our zoo in Rotterdam is doing the exact same thing to it's animals. It's normal for them to kill an average of 5 animals a year…