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Do NOT Give Your Valentine Red Candy! Unless They Like To Eat BUGS! Find Out Which Sweet Treats To Avoid!

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Your red food coloring is actually made up of a gross beetles. Gross.

If you've been in a grocery store or pharmacy or pretty much any store anywhere lately, you've probably seen a whole lotta red.

Candies, balloons, candles, decorations, stuffed animals, flowers, etc, are just everywhere!

Well guess what, that beautiful red color you're seeing? It comes from boiled BEETLES!

No lie, the red food coloring comes from cochineal bugs. It's known as carmine, K-carmine, cochineal extract or Red 4.

It's just mostly gross, but the only real issue is the potential for severe allergic reactions but that's pretty rare.

Another problems is for vegans as a vegan diet doesn't include anything even remotely related to an animal.

Crushed beetles are most definitely not in the average vegan's diet.

There's an easy fix for companies… lycopene, that healthy stuff from tomatoes! There are also other artificial options like Red 40 but that comes from petroleum!!

Jeez, maybe we should just stop eating fake stuff and go buy some produce from a farmer's market.

Instead of a box of candies, how about giving your sweetie a carton of cherry tomatoes! Yum! (We're obviously joking.)

So wanna celebrate Valentine's Day right? Then get out there and eat some beetles!

[Image via Zyance/Wikimedia Commons.]

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3 comments to “Do NOT Give Your Valentine Red Candy! Unless They Like To Eat BUGS! Find Out Which Sweet Treats To Avoid!”

  1. 1

    At least it's natural

  2. irene says – reply to this


    its natural and you just made it sound really bad. You often talk about ignorance when you defend gay, well why dont you educate yourself before you post anything at all in the first place?

  3. ciele says – reply to this


    as a vegan i have to say i already knew this. and yes we avoid such products, and yes the link between allergies and red coloring is well known as is the link between red coloring and hyperactivity. IRENE: i dont understand your point. why did you feel the need to bring Perez being gay into it? completely different subject. And why say he needs to educate himself…oh Geez its wrong to recommend buying some fresh food from the farmers market? or did you like so many others just get upset at the dreaded "V" word