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SeaWorld On The Media Offensive! Calls Blackfish "Propaganda" & Responds With A Series Of Videos!

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SeaWorld has finally responded to the reputation-shattering documentary Blackfish.

No one wants to see a fair and balanced doc, they want sensationalism! At least that's how SeaWorld feels. They feel abused.

So, they're finally pulling their heads out of the sand, and, they've gone on the media offensive!

They've bided their time and gotten their facts straight and provided links and sources to back up everything they say.

Though, we're honestly just left feeling like it's propaganda versus propaganda.

What's awful is SeaWorld makes a very good case for themselves, pointing out certain problems with the film.

But really, it's not about the film for us. It should never have been about the film. The film just should get you thinking and researching and making your own decisions.

For us, it's always been about the whales. And as long as whales are held in captivity and forced to perform in front of humans, we will disagree with SeaWorld and its existence.

Check out some more of SeaWorld's counter propaganda videos (above and below) and make a decision for yourself.

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30 comments to “SeaWorld On The Media Offensive! Calls Blackfish "Propaganda" & Responds With A Series Of Videos!”

  1. lame says – reply to this


    this is disgusting and stupid! If any of those motherfuckers truly cared about the whales, THEY WOULDNT BE OKAY WITH KEEPING THEM IN A FUCKING POOL WHEN THEY'RE MEANT TO SWIM HUNDREDS OF MILES PER DAY!!! FUCK SEAWORLD

  2. lynn says – reply to this


    actually whales only swim hundreds of miles a day if they are looking for food. If there is an abundant supply of food they will be sedentary. Don't think that a twisted "documentary" makes you an animal professional. Also remember without sea world thousands of animals that are stranded and oiled would die with sea world didn't exist.

  3. Bob says – reply to this


    If you knew anything about Seaworld, you would know that it is also all about the welfare of the whales. They give their whales the perfect diet and the perfect water temperature and quality. Yeah they are in a more confined space, but when these whales are given the option between the big pool or the smaller pool, they generally choose to stay in the smaller pool. And, if you knew anything about whales in shows, or any animal in shows, you would know that if being trained properly, the animal is NEVER forced to work. They choose to work. If a whale decides it doesn't want to do a show a day, then it doesn't have to. It's as simple as that. This is how animal training works. This is training 101.
    And, if you choose to not go to and support Seaworld, you are also choosing not to support the major conservation effort that they make to help conserve marine mammal species in wild, so that they can be around for many generations to come. Many of their funds go towards their conservation effort.

  4. 4

    Thats it? 'I have a degree & this isn't true…' Looks liek some serious reaching, Sea World.

  5. 5

    See, I've always been torn with Sea World, I think they have no business keeping whales in pools. In all honestly, they do a lot of good things too. Marine rescue, oil spill response, education, etc. but they've really gotta let these whales go, it's not right.

  6. 6

    You are a fucking liar, seaworld, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Tell me how you capture your whales. Animals should not be in captivity, PERIOD! especially not huge ahles like those you have. SHAME ON YOU!!! they cry in anguish at how they are treated. You dont have a conscience.

  7. Cindy says – reply to this


    It still doesn't make it ok to encapture these animals….

  8. 8

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  9. 9


  10. kathy says – reply to this


    what do you mean 'propaganda vs propaganda'? sea world should not exist. it is prison for the beings there. the other side is propaganda: trying to pretend it isn't a prison and that it is natural and ok and blah blah blah. one only needs to look at a wild animal in a tank or a pen or cage and one can see it is insanity. they can make all the videos they want, you can't change the truth.

  11. 11

    What does SeaWorld feed those whales? Denmark chops up their extra baby giraffes and feeds them to the lions, thus keeping their diet 'natural'. Maybe they have some extra seals for the whales to snack on. Isn't that part of their natural food chain? SeaWorld is so educational.

  12. Kelsey says – reply to this


    These little clips prove absolutely noting on sea worlds part. Killer whales are meant to live in an OCEAN not a pool. It is unfair for a mammal THAT size to live in anything smaller. And anyone who argues with that is just plain ignorant and should do some research. Whales actually live LONGER lives not in captivity. Killer whales on average live up to 50-60 years in the wild and a lot of them don't make it to 20 years in captivity. And to the person who said that if the whale doesn't want to perform they don't make them that's bullshit. They will make them go out there and do it anyway and if they don't they will use negative reinforcement. Also killer whales shouldn't "perform shows" their whales they would be swimming freely everyday enjoying life not stuck in a pool putting on a show for greedy people.

  13. true canadian says – reply to this


    The Propaganda here may be on both sides, but are we paying attention to the Whales communication, he is killing people to be heard ! We all know that Whales belong/live in the ocean and bottom line is they should not be bred or kept in captivity.

  14. 14

    Re: lynn – I am at a loss in understanding how your comments could justify the fact that these Whales should live in captivity. And Bob I have seen the big pool and the little pool, its stunning that you believe this is acceptable vs their natural habitat.

  15. fdjskalhf says – reply to this


    How do you know they use negative reinforcement? Have you worked there? Are you just basing this off of what you've seen in Blackfish? Because that is an extremely one sided argument. How can you completely trust something when you only get one side of the argument? I don't necessarily believe that large marine mammals should be in captivity. And I also don't like going to a zoo and seeing an animal show that has animals doing unnatural behaviors (Like a dog jumping a rope). It's not educational. However, I don't think it's fair for people to make these knee jerk decisions about an establishment based off of a one sided movie. And it's sad to see that people ignore all the good that Sea World has done because of a questionable movie. Should Sea World adjust whether they house killer whales or how they do it? Sure. Should we totally write them off as a terrible company because of this sensationalized movie? No. Don't forget that Sea World does play a part in helping wild animals.

  16. Erin says – reply to this


    I call bullshit. Seaworld does about 10% rehabilitation and rescue. The other 90% is work-for-food slavery. Might as well put them in blackface too… Oh nevermind. #fuckseaworld

  17. Nat says – reply to this


    Just follow sea Shepard and you will be disgusted by sea world #taiji #seaworldofhurt #releasebabyangel

  18. Kirsten says – reply to this


    Funny enough around a year and a half ago you posted pictures of yourself with dolphins at an amusement park. When I stated in a comment the cruelty in their captivity and how the smile you pointed out was deceiving, you argued how they were all very happy and well taken care of. You need to say that you know now captivity is wrong, and state that you will never visit a place with captive whales or dolphins again.

  19. 19

    Unless the whale poses for a selfie and tells a camera crew how happy they are, I'm not buying it. I find it hard to believe that an animal who has the entire ocean to swim in is much happier to be in a confined space, while forced to perform in front of a bunch of soda slurping, popcorn eating a**holes? Try being locked up in a large house, while never going outside and being forced to do gymnastics several times a day for people, simply for their amusement.

  20. lynn says – reply to this


    Re: willia – These whales have grown up in captivity. It's all they know. Sea World tried releasing a whale in the early 90's, it followed the boat crying, eventually it washed up on shore from pneumonia. Do I think we should go in the wild and capture? of course not. but should they be released? no way. We have learned so much more about killer whales being able to study them and help out pods in the wild.

  21. lynn says – reply to this


    Re: Kelsey – you are wrong. negative reinforcement is NEVER used. and whales are NEVER forced. I used to be a trainer

  22. lynn says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – actually when I worked there I rehabilitated and rereleased over 100 pelicans every spring that would have died without our help. Fishing line, emaciation, oil spills, all of these brought in animals sick and injured that I got to help take care of, and eventually bring them back into the wild

  23. stacey gorman-manchest says – reply to this


    This is wrong on a big scale…wild whales in fish tanks…dancing and used as surf boards for dead fish. ALL TO MAKE MONEY? This breaks my heart everyday. So glad the UK banned this in the 80's. Its so cruel to do that to an intelligent animal. All them that want to see this watch The Cove first. You get more pleasure seeing these beautiful animals on a boat in the wild.

  24. shrkb8 says – reply to this


    Re: lynn
    Please give us examples about how SeaWorld research has directly benefited wild Orca.

  25. shrkb8 says – reply to this


    Re: lynn – - there are plenty of non-profitprgs dedicated entirely to rescue and rehab. Just a single one in San Pedro, CA rescued 650 marine mammals in a single year. And that is just one of many up and down the US coastline. Donations go directly to the care and welfare of the animals. SeaWorld takes in billions and spends a paltry .0006% on rescue/rehab. if people want to help sea animals donations to non-profits are far more effective than paying to see the cruel orca shows of $eaWorld.

  26. John Rogers says – reply to this


    Oh shut the fuck up

  27. Fuckseaworld says – reply to this


    Fuck sea world and their propaganda shit the whales belong in the wild motherfuckers

  28. Dan says – reply to this


    Re: Bob – are you fucking serious? Perfect water temperature? They swim in the damn ocean, please tell me how that temperature is ideal? With regards to the big pool and small pool comment you realize you're describing two different sizes of pools when whales actually swim in oceans. Can you see the difference? also please explain the forced to work line. I didn't realize these animals were being paid and could chose to take a sick day every now and again. pull your head out of your ass, thank you!

  29. Michelle says – reply to this


    What a joke. That first response that, that was her on the clip and not the corner trainer who was speaking? Wow, earth shattering, really calls into question their claim that whales shouldn't be in captivity. Oh wait, no it doesn't. And Mark Simmons made me ill listening to him defend Sea World. The former trainers who spoke candidly and emotionally should be commended. It was very obvious listening to them how difficult it was to talk about. Anyone who rationalizes that it's ok to cruelly remove these magnificent animals from their true habitat into captivity just because Sea World might also do some good things is plain ignorant. And education? Guess what I took my kids whale watching and we stayed at a great distance. My kids were so moved by what they experienced and learned a great deal as well. Just this summer between their yard sale and other fundraising they raised $550 to help endangered species. They are 7 and 8 and they get it better than these "adults" defending the practices of Sea World.

  30. ciele says – reply to this


    Seaworld Trollers much?..Its pretty obvious, and when whales etc are being sedentiary they are still travelling killometers in a day. plenty of whales hang at the beach near me but they are still swimming around the entire headland the whole day. Seaworld also refused to meet the makers of Blackfish for an open debate. If people just use common sense they can see whats happening there.. They kill more than they save, Here in Aus Seaworld has been in trouble heaps…the place is a joke…if an animal is injured to the point that it can never be re-released I fail to see how it is then capable of performing circus tricks!