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Feisty Whale Lays The Smackdown On A Lady Right In Her FACE! You've Got To See This To Believe It!

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A whale straight up PIMP SLAPPED a woman in the face!

Wow, what a beautiful whale… such a majestic creature.

Look at how the giant behemoth gently… whoa… look out, he's getting kinda close, OH DAMN!

He just straight up slapped that girl in the face!

That's a whale tail straight to the face! That's GOTTA hurt!

While on a whale watching trip in Baja, a group of people got really realllllly close to a huge whale. The whale was curious, coming up to them and doing cool tricks.

But they didn't toss him any treats… not a single one.

So, obviously pissed, the whale overreacted and things got violent!

Check out the video (below) to watch some lady get seriously slapped, whale style!

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5 comments to “Feisty Whale Lays The Smackdown On A Lady Right In Her FACE! You've Got To See This To Believe It!”

  1. 1

    ROTFLMO! Awesome! Where do I get whale treats? I just have to go and see the buggers. But I have to wait ’till June! ahh!

  2. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey is known for her bad temper. I am not surprised she slapped that poor girl.

  3. Roxy says – reply to this


    That stupid boat shouldn't be that close to the whale anyways!!! It's against the law to put yourself in the line of the whale's travel. This boat driver could receive serious fines and even jail time. And who cares about the lady… what about the whale that just smacked his fin really hard on the metal boat! People are so freaking dumb! No wonder Earth is dying!!!!!

  4. 4

    Re: Roxy – True, haven't been on a whale watching trip in years and we went with a friend who had a private boat but I think they are supposed to stay 50' away.
    Perez, if you want a real thrill, try snorkeling with the whale sharks off Isla Mujeres, an island a bit north of Cancun. Season runs mid-May or early June to mid September. These are vegetarian sharks, so no worries.

  5. 5

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