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Parrot Solves His Own Owner's Murder! What A Hero!

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parrot india solves murder woman owner dog

Have a mysterious murder on your hands, and you're just an inept homicide detective that pulled the case out of bad luck?

Well, you better hope that murdered person was the proud owner of a genius parrot! LOLz!

Just a week ago, Neelam Sharma and her pet dog were found murdered in Agra, India. Why they killed the dog and not the bird, we'll never really know. Unless, like we said, the bird was a genius and outsmarted the murderer.

Police were straight up BAFFLED until they got a tip from Sharma's husband, Vijayy Sharma.

Vijay contacted the fuzz because he noticed that whenever his nephew Ashutosh visited his home OR WAS BROUGHT UP IN CONVERSATION, the parrot (named Hercule) changed his behavior!

Here's what Vijay said:

"During discussions too, whenever Ashutosh's name was mentioned, the parrot would start screeching. This raised my suspicion and I informed the police."

Holy shit! That's super impressive!

So the cops detained him, and Ashutosh confessed while in custody. Though, we're not sure how a parrot screech was enough evidence for questioning or if it actually was enough for a warrant!

Here's what the po-lice said:

"We checked his call details and took him in custody. He accepted his crime and informed us that he was accompanied by an accomplice. They had entered the house with the intention of taking away cash and other valuables."

He killed his aunt because she recognized him, and the dog wouldn't stop barking

He didn't notice the parrot.

Always look for the parrot.

Wait, no! The advice we actually have is: don't steal things and definitely don't murder anyone!

Anyway, that parrot is rad. We hope that nephew enjoys a cage of his own! The Bunk and McNulty couldn't have solved it better themselves.

[Image via AP Images.]

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3 comments to “Parrot Solves His Own Owner's Murder! What A Hero!”

  1. cute_as_fuck says – reply to this


    This parrot isn't a genius, he's a normal parrot. And parrots aren't stupid. You can only be baffled by this story when you have no knowledge about the intelligence and abilities of animals.
    He saw his friend being murdered by a person he recognized. If course he will react when the murderer's name is brought up!

  2. JJ says – reply to this


    You probably shouldnt be "LOLz"ing in a story about an innocent person being murdered.

  3. 3

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