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SeaWorld Dolphin Goes All Blackfish On A Girl And Bites Her Hand!

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dolphin biting girl at seaworld

Looks like this Flipper flipped out!

While visiting San Antonio's SeaWorld, a 9-year old girl was reportedly petting a dolphin at their Dolphin Cove where petting is allowed, when the dolphin allegedly bit her hand so tightly, that her mother was unable to free her from its clutches.

In fact, it took a SeaWorld employee to extricate her from the mouth of the beast. Okay, dolphins aren't beasts, but still…scary stuff! We knew dolphins had sex for fun, but gnawing on little girls? Keep it classy, guys!

Now, PETA is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate, in a request that states that SeaWorld is endangering guests and dolphins alike, and that the area requires more barriers and/or distance and/or Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park.

Meanwhile, general counsel to PETA Jeff Kerr had this to say about the incident:

“It’s stressful enough for far-ranging dolphins to be locked up in SeaWorld’s tiny tanks, but forcing them to interact with visitors is downright dangerous. SeaWorld’s ‘Dolphin Cove’ is another example of how the park’s main priority is profit, not the welfare of the animals or the safety of its guests.”

Meanwhile, SeaWorld San Antonio spokesman Brian Carter mentioned that they have not received any outreach yet from the USDA:

“We [SeaWorld] are fully investigating this incident and we regret the guest experienced this during her visit. SeaWorld provides thousands of safe interactions between our guests and animals each day, and incidents like this are few and far between.”

Except something similar happened last year when an 8-year old girl had the same thing happen to her! Plus, anyone who has seen the Netflix documentary Blackfish knows that sometimes these "incidents" can prove to be sadly lethal.

We hope SeaWorld can echolocate the true source of this problem and fix it ASAP!

[Image via PETA.]

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13 comments to “SeaWorld Dolphin Goes All Blackfish On A Girl And Bites Her Hand!”

  1. 1


  2. mp_frenchie says – reply to this


    Awesome, retaliation! Everyone who pays to go watch dauphins and killer whales in captivity, deserve to get bitten real hard. Seaworld sickens me

  3. Bren says – reply to this


    Sea World needs to go……

  4. SexDwarf says – reply to this


    If you cover the blowhole with your free hand the dolphin will let go. Talk about biting the hand the feeds you. The poor lady was just feeding the dolphin some fish.

    Hope the lady is ok. This is just a friggin FISH people… get over it.

  5. MonkeyPlasma says – reply to this


    PETA is filled with a bunch of Liberal Arts majors who can't get real work….

    They are a bunch of cartoon characters.

  6. Amanda says – reply to this


    I love how PETA tries to stand up for animals when they just kill them!

  7. 7

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  8. Stephanie says – reply to this


    It is a CNN documentary that happens to be on Netflix. Not a Netflix documentary.

  9. Sarah says – reply to this


    So long, and thanks for all the fish :D

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Animals can do this, and any animal. Getting all incensed makes me think you missed out on the farm experience. Even humans lose it unexpectantly here and there.
    Peta's extremists can kiss my arse, and they can quite killing dogs in huge numbers as articles have stated, respect every creature's right to life, work for funding to fix the animals and try to place them in loving homes instead.

  11. nicole says – reply to this


    Re: SexDwarf – they are mammals… Not fish… At all. Idiot.

  12. lawdy hey says – reply to this


    We cant learn to talk to whales, killer whales and dophins if we dont keep them in captivity. We cant train dolphins to plant bombs on the ships of our invading enemies if we dont keep them in captivity. We cant learn about animals and increase our knowledge of the world by watching them from afar. Humans would never have known how intelligent these animals are if we hadnt first caught them. I'm amazed at the intelligence of men too. Men caught dolphins one day and trained them to jump thru hoops the next. wow. Only a genius can figure out how to do that. Instead of releasing them in the wild, how about you people who keep dogs and cats cooped up in urban apartments smelling diesel all day.. drive them out to the prairie and let them go? My dogs and cats have 10 acres to romp on and fresh air to breathe and rabbits to chase. Yours are trapped in a cage.

  13. lawdy hey says – reply to this


    Dogs bite people too. That means they should be turned loose in the forests where they can live in packs and chase down wild bore or baby elk. I dont think this dolphin bit this person because its "angry about where it lives". If it has never been to the wild then it DOESNT KNOW THE WILD EXISTS. You cant know about that which you've never seen. Therefore one cant be angry about not living in a place that one doesnt know exists. It scientifically impossible for them to yearn for something they dont have the slightest inkling about. And if they knew the TRUTH about how dangerous the wild is and how cruel mother nature is (a far more sinister bitch than man is)… they would CRY before being set free and they'd bite peta bastards. "I want to be fed by whites not eaten by great whites [CHOMP]. Let me back in my pool"). I think this is just a dolphin thinking her hand is a trout (or whatever species of fish it knows exists).