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Cabbie Might Lose His License For Pranking Customers With WHAT??

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If this NYC cabbie thought a stunt like this and a viral video's 15 minutes of fame would catapult him out of the job and into something more glamorous, we're pretty sure he's wrong!

It WILL probably catapult him into a different job, though — because he could lose his license for using a rented PYTHON to freak out customers and film it (below)! Just not the job he wants!

New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission has a say in the matter, and they're pretty much ready to slam the ban-hammer on part-time cabbie and standup comedian Jimmy Failla. It was all a stunt to promote his new book.

Here's what the NYC TLC said:

"This was monumentally poor judgment on the driver's part, and we are clearly going to actively question this person's suitability to continue holding a TLC license."

What if someone had a deathly fear of snakes?

Plus PETA isn't so happy with making the snake endure passengers screaming at it.

Failla had a response to that, at least:

"The snake was handled with the utmost compassion and consideration by a licensed snake handler and the team took multiple shooting breaks to make sure the snake was relaxed."

Cool story, bro. You just lost all of the snakes that planned on buying your book!


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