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28 comments to “Miley Cyrus Suffers Ultimate Heartbreak! Her Dog Floyd Died!”

  1. 1

    So how many dogs of hers have died now under the age of 3? Sketchy…

  2. Pro Skateboard Spiller says – reply to this


    thats so sad. I know the feeling of losing a dog. Been thru that before (my current dog has maybe 4 years left). Dogs only live an average of 10 years. By the time a dog loving person is in their 80s, they've lost maybe 5-8 dogs in their lifetime and maybe some of their own kids too and their parents and their best friends, brothers, sisters, cats and spouses. Its relentless. I would say "get use to it" but nobody can get use to it. Especially when Its a young dog gone before its time.

  3. jnnfr says – reply to this


    how did her dog die. why are her pets dying so young?? very strange

  4. 4

    this is the one occasion i actually feel for her! Losing a pet is like losing a family member its heartbreaking. He didnt know shes rich and has zillions in the bank and adored by millions of people, all he knew was he loved her because she was miley… his owner!! very sad.

  5. chanel says – reply to this


    I know how she feels. I just lost my precious dog three days ago. I just kept listening to the song by Willie Nelson " Angel flying too close to the ground " over and over to help deal with her loss. I miss her …….. and hope that we find each other on the other side when I go. I will be looking for her.

  6. 6

    what happened to that dog? did she give the reason for his death? he still looks like a puppy.

  7. Al says – reply to this


    It's so sad we wish it was you too…hahaha I am just kidding. But she is not meant to have dogs.

  8. :þ@ says – reply to this


    You know what, Miley?
    Perhaps (and I say "perhaps") that if you start by stop to embrace tongue against tongue your little puppies, this would give them the chance to do not catch your venereal diseases..

  9. 9

    Re: Pro Skateboard Spiller – WHAT kind of dogs are you talking about???? Dogs live longer than an average of 10 years it varies by breed, and, of course - care. My last husky was 13 and would have lived longer except for a quack emergency vet who gave him steroids when he should not have based on his medical history (no I did not know it at the time, I am not a dr or vet! And he was given his FULL Medical history before treating him). He threw him into kidney failure and although he survived it after 2 weeks in doggie hospital, that prevented him from being able to have the cancer surgery on his leg he was supposed to have, so he died 6 months later.

  10. day capps says – reply to this


    maybe if she was not out exploiting herself ,she would take better care of her animals instead of being one!rip to the puppy!

  11. Opie says – reply to this


    That's a 3 year old dog. How did it die?

  12. Dina says – reply to this


    Re: Al – What a horrible thing to say!

  13. I see a pattern says – reply to this


    Miley has a problem keeping her dogs alive. Same problem with her singing. Her Dad had the same problem with his career. And Miley had a problem keeping Liams Love alive. The family got money but not much else.

  14. Randy says – reply to this


    The dog got a whiff of her butt.

  15. Poppy says – reply to this


    She can do Molly and get over it immediately. Doesn't she always perform while on drugs. Nothing new. The dog obviously would have been better off with Liam.

  16. Test says – reply to this


    The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals should definitely investigate Miley Cyrus. No other animals should be placed in her care. She is constantly away from home and has admitted to frequent use of illegal drugs. Molly and Peyote are illegal. One of her dogs violently killed another pet while under her care and now she has yet another young dog die in her home.

  17. save the doggies says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus should be investigated by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She should reach to the Pro's to determine what is wrong and why her pets are dying and or killing each other. RED FLAGS are waving and she is putting others in danger.

  18. Randy says – reply to this


    While Miley was out performing important Earth changing events like endless frontal scratching and forcing a song from her vagina in front of a close up cameras, her poor little innocent doggie was at home alone dying. She will go do drugs and get over it and squeeze her immature fans for all the pity and attention she can get. The dog was only a huggy toy for a young indecent gal that treats the entire world as a prop. She is in for more heartache if she continues on the same path. Rest in Peace Floyd. Say a prayer for this Miley Thing. She really needs its.

  19. Pro Skateboard Spiller says – reply to this


    Re: kabuki girl – I currently have 3 dogs. One is mine (its a large breed dog that only lives 6 to 10 years). Another dog is my live in girlfriend's that she brought to the house years ago when she moved in. Thats a tiny mutt but tiny dogs live much longer than big dogs. the 3rd one belongs to a family member who isn't allowed pets in her condo. Thats a beagle. Those live 10-15 years. Lifespan does vary genetically by breed. I dont know the lifespans of every dog breed. I just know none of them live as long as I wish they did.

  20. 20

    Very sorry for your loss. Only had one dog which really belonged to my husband.
    However as a cat person, I had my favorite cat for over 22 years which is long for a cat. He was half Siamese and he died shortly after I got married.

  21. 👎 says – reply to this


    Re: day capps – you're an idiot. She's on tour. It's it like she can just back out of that to stare directly into her dog's eyes all day. Obviously they were taken care of, it's not like she's poor. Death can happen to any living being at any time and it isn't always someone's fault. Especially because they're famous.

  22. 👎👎👎👎 says – reply to this


    Re: Randy – what the fuck are you even talking about? Get a life, maybe you wouldn't be such an idiot if you would worry about yourself rather than some young woman you've never even MET.

  23. maliurj says – reply to this


    Re: jnnfr – Some pets can grieve to death; she being on tour and all.

  24. the average IQ says – reply to this


    This is the kind of mother-child relationship whose the mother is very present for a while and other times she is absent for long periods.
    The child (insert puppy here) is emotionally disturbed and worried to see his mom (owner) coming back!
    It let itself die of grief.

    It seems obvious that no one can not be a caring loving owner, very present for its pet, while being a MegaStar almost all the time on tour..

    Hope she will be spayed! -..-

  25. the average IQ says – reply to this


    (It seems obvious no one can be a caring loving owner) OUPS

  26. shari marie says – reply to this


    OMG, really people she lost a dog and all you can do is talk shit. First her first dog died due to her other dog attached it. 2nd her dog floyd death is unknown. Dogs do not show their owner that they are sick. Just because he was young doesnt mean shit. She got him at a shelter, even if you run test, the dog could have been sick and didnrt know. Dogs also can die of depression. People grow up on your comments….

  27. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: shari marie – Really? Every dog shows when they are ill after the 2nd day. Good reflex would be to take the dog to the vet and not sit and wait. Get your facts right first before talking about dogs and their illnesses.

  28. Randy says – reply to this


    Re: 👎👎👎👎 – Maybe you should look at the facts Jack. . Dogs are dropping like flies under Mileys care. The topic is Miley and her dogs. Why do you have the need to judge my life? I simply stated my opinion based on facts. Apparently her crotch show is satisfying/tantalizing enough for you that you could care less about animal abuse. I still suggest that you say a prayer for Miley but this time I suggest that you include Mileys remaining living pets and yourself.