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Whale Done! International Court Ruling Prompts Japan To Halt Awful Whaling Program!

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Now that's what we're talking about!!!

The International Court of Justice in the Netherlands have ruled that Japan's whaling program is NOT scientific, as claimed, and could be defined as commercial whaling.

Japan, in the past, used this scientific angle to explain its hunting and killing of minke, fin, and humpback whales.

Back in 1986 a provision in the ban of commercial whaling said that whales could be killed for scientific purposes which Japan has long exploited, but this ends all of that.

Here's what the chief cabinet secretary of Japan said in a statement:

"Japan is disappointed and regrets that the Court ruled [this]. However, Japan will abide by the Judgment of the Court as a State that places a great importance on the international legal order and the rule of law as a basis of the international community."

The statement goes on to say that Japan "will consider our concrete future course of actions carefully" which hopefully isn't another way of saying they will try to find some loopholes to this judgement!

Here's what Leigh Henry from the World Wildlife Fund said:

"It's a huge victory. We've been fighting this battle for over three decades with little results."

Unfortunately this ruling does not affect Japan's roundup and controversial stance on dolphins, and also Japan could maybe follow Iceland's reaction to the ban on commercial whaling back in 1986.

Iceland opted out of the IWC's ruling, and continues to hunt whales to this day!

Hopefully Japan won't follow suit, will STOP killing an estimated "1,415 great whales from six species each year", and the whales near Japan will finally be able to swim without fear!

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4 comments to “Whale Done! International Court Ruling Prompts Japan To Halt Awful Whaling Program!”

  1. My headache says – reply to this


    Kind of sad. Whale meat is potentially (theoretically) a source of "brain food". (omega 3 content). Hopefully the whale populations will rebound enough to start eating them again. Most of earth's humans are meat eaters and whales are a super food (or at least super tasty). One whale could save an entire village of starving endangered somalians for a week. In the meantime, hopefully humans will now start activist groups demanding that high homicide rate cultures on earth reduce their hunt on humans. japan might have hunted whales but they have a lower homicide rate than most of the cultures that criticized them for whale hunting. If I was japanese, I'd start a "end the human hunt. America's homicide rate is more than 5x higher than ours. DISGUSTING! Look at detroit. GROSS homicidal monsters. And look at south america and africa with their human hunt rate. My god" campaign. Its a joke when high homicide rate cultures tell low homicide rate cultures to stop killing things.

  2. My Headache says – reply to this


    Whale eaters: Canada (homicide rate: 1.6 murders per 100,000 citizens per year). Iceland (homicide rate: 0.3 homicides/100,000. Icelandic police have only had to shoot ONE dangerous man there in its entire modern history). Norway (homicide rate: 2.3 homicides/100,000). japan (homicide rate: 0.3 homicides/100,000). faroe islands (homicide rate: 1 murder every 20 years? researching). The anti whale eaters…. Americans: homicide rate 4.8 murders per 100,000 citizens. Detroit: 40-50 murders per 100,000. Detroit isnt even a city anymore. It might as well be called a desert now. Death valley has a better economy. End the human hunt!

  3. AG55 says – reply to this


    There has only been ONE organization that has be actively fighting these murderers. It's only after this ruling that all these other "conservation" groups are claiming that they have been trying to shut down the ICR. And to the people who say whale meat is a "super food" have fun with all the mercury you are consuming. I'm sure you will enjoy life with sensory impairment, swelling, turning pink, insanity, coma and death.

  4. My Headache says – reply to this


    Mercury is a problem in fish and shellfish too not just whales. Just eating certain species of fish in america in some waters can lead to ingestion of toxic waste from our modern polluting society. Its the responsibility of the manufacturing industry to control such toxins. But i find it SHOCKING that an animal rights person actually cares about the health of humans. Your concern for the health of your fellow man is unusual for whale rights people and duly noted.
    I've never heard a whale rights person say "humans shouldnt eat whales because whale meat is a danger to humans". I'd respect them more if they pursued it from that angle.