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Bear Cub Killed By Swiss Zoo After Being Bullied By Poppa Bear! What's With European Zoos Murdering Innocent Animals??

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Another European zoo has killed another innocent animal! This time it's a cute bear cub who was being abused by his father!! That\'s horrible!


If they're not busy murdering lions, they're eviscerating giraffes in front of children.

A Swiss zoo, Bern's Dahlholzi Zoo, has received a TON of well deserved backlash after they killed a baby bear cub simply because its father was abusing him.

That's so disgusting and heartbreaking we don't even know what to say.

A poor little cub, so tiny and cute, was getting shoved around and beat up by its poppa bear. It was a cute little baby, trying to experience the wonders and beauty of life, but all it received was abuse.

After a young life of abuse, the people who should've stepped in to protect it, killed it.

What's insane is the assh*le poppa bear, Misha, killed his other cub in front of horrified zoo patrons last week. Instead of separating the abused cub and dad after that awful scene, they just killed the cub.

Swiss Animal Protection, the country's oldest animal rights organization, said:

"It is not natural to keep the male bear with the offspring, and there was more than enough space to have kept him in a separate part of the cage."

Exactly! Besides, if they HAD to kill one, why not kill the abusive father bear and raise the babies?! Or send him to another zoo! Or send the baby away! Anything else would be fine.

The zoo's deputy director, talking about the most recently killed cub, dubbed Cub #4, said:

"After 12 weeks it was clear that Masha was irreparably neglecting her role as mother of cub number four. Together with the fact that the male bear Misha had started demonstrating the same aggressive behavior as he did to cub number three, in order to protect cub number four from more stress and pain, we decided to act. As a result the baby bear was euthanized by a vet. It remains unclear now as then as to why our bears behaved in this way. After killing cub number three on April 2 there was an uneasy truce for 48 hours but since the weekend Misha again started to show the same aggression.

Attempting to distract them and temporarily separating the older animals has only brought short-term easing of the situation. But it also resulted in Masha ignoring the cub even more. Misha and Masha are lovely hand-reared orphaned bears who came to us in 2009. They never had the chance to learn from other bears how to behave and their mothers were killed by poachers.

Having young animals is a natural part of the life cycle of every animal and we wanted to ensure that Misha and Masha had the chance as well. But the loss of the young animals in a biological sense and also according to basic principles of good animal protection are less serious than the loss of an adult. The loss of cub number four has affected all of us here. Because Misha and Masha appeared to be clearly unable to fulfill their role as parents, Misha will be sterilized in the next few weeks."

We don't care. There are always other options.

In nature, the male bear is separate from the cubs. In other, better zoos, the male is separated from the cubs.

We hope there's been enough backlash that something like this will never happen again.

R.I.P. - Little bear cubs.

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