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Pit Bull Sentenced To Life In Prison!! A Dog, Not The Performer!

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A dog was sentenced to life in prison, so Sheriff Joe Arpaio took him in. That's better than death, right?

First off, we're taking about a pit bull. Not the Pitbull.

Mickey the pit bull mauled a young boy in Phoenix, Arizona. The dog attacked a 4-year-old boy his owner was babysitting.

The boy was left with a broken eye socket and jaw, and has months and months of reconstructive surgery ahead of him.

While many people were screaming for blood, many other compassionate people thought a life sentence was less cruel.

A judge ended up sentencing the dog to life in prison, and ordered him defanged and neutered. That's when Sheriff Joe Arpaio stepped in.

If the name sounds familiar you probably know him for his intense views on illegal immigration (he hates it) and his less than great treatment of inmates at his prisons. One of those prisons has a "no-kill" animal shelter inside, and that's where Mickey will be staying.

Happy at the judge's decision, Sheriff Arpaio tweeted:

He was so happy to have the pup he officially welcomed his newest inmate in a less than traditional way… with a kiss!

We feel awful for that boy that was mauled but not immediately killing the dog really speaks to how much our culture has grown.

We hope Mickey finds peace and rehabilitation in Joe's loving yet stern arms.

[Image via Twitter.]

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14 comments to “Pit Bull Sentenced To Life In Prison!! A Dog, Not The Performer!”

  1. TWang says – reply to this


    I hope the child makes a rapid recovery but some of these kids and dogs need to be trained and monitored. Ive trained my dog to be around people but I still dont let my guard down. Hope the dog is better off in this shelter, chances are it was some alarm system in some assholes yard.

  2. 2

    This would be great in an ideal world, but when I think of all the over burdened shelters out there that have no choice but to kill unwanted animals (with no history of aggression), it seems odd to save this dog who has harmed a child. I would much rather see the care that is being given to this dog go to a dog with a greater possibility of becoming a family dog.

  3. 3

    I am glad to hear this. I find it wrong to kill a animal for that reason. how about kill pedophiles when they harm a child. I am a huge animal lover and love animals much more then people. so I am sure I will get people saying " it is just a dog" fuck you it is just a dog. My dog is a family member my baby. and for one thing would never attack anyone. but if the situation did happen it would of been for a good damn reason. lol

  4. Jacki1 says – reply to this


    the dog needs to be put down before he kills someone. I live in Winnipeg Mb where a young girl 7 years old….Gracie… was just mulled by two dogs she grew up with. She died a tragic death.

  5. Mummakal says – reply to this


    Sick. It's an animal. It could have killed that innocent child. Thing should have been shot. Shame on you crazy people… could have been your kid.

  6. Psssht says – reply to this


    What this article DOESN'T say is that the kid wandered off his property onto Mickey's and took a bone out of his mouth! Also, Mickey was tied up. Way to present both sides of the argument Perez…animal lover indeed.

  7. Jennifer Tyree says – reply to this


    Re: Psssht – I agree. I'm here in the Phoenix area, and like you know the whole story. Perez, you may want to let folks know, that while its sad for the little boy, it was NOT the dogs fault. The dog was tied. In a fenced yard eating on a bone. The boy wandered over into said fenced yard, and tried to take the bone from him. The dog didn't deserve to die. He was neutered, defanged, and declawed.

  8. 8

    And what people don't know it that he uses that jail to use the shelter as an abuse center. As in, he abuses the animals for profit.

  9. Key says – reply to this


    Publicity stunt I live in Arizona and arpaio will have the dog burned like he does the rest of them at the jail. Haha no kill shelter they incinerate the dogs behind the jail there is a smell around thAt area at night that is unmistakable. Shameless promotion for a man with no heart Get Arapaio out of AZ

  10. 10

    As only so called fighting dogs bite children or people in general *sighs*

  11. Kam says – reply to this


    In what universe sentencing a dog to life in a cage is more humane than injecting him? STOP humanizing animals for the love of everything that is holy! People MAY understand why they are imprisoned, dogs do not. Keeping the dog completely locked up at all times is the worst torture that can be given to an animal. If the dog wasn't agressive before, chances are he will become it. My understanding of this story is that the humans are to blame, not the animal. What happened is a tragedy, poor little guy! Animals can be terrific companions but we always have to keep in mind that they are animals not fluffy toys. Pit bulls are most usually great dogs but their strenght means greater damage when something goes wrong. That being said, more bites occur from small dogs so it is wrong to blame a breed.

  12. 12

    the dog needs to be put down!! before he mawls or kills another kid! enough already

  13. snoopy says – reply to this


    Re: Franidani123 – \

    Um, he is in a shelter, not around kids.

  14. Debbie Bell says – reply to this


    We find it interesting that the fact that Mickey already killed a neighbor's puppy doesn't come up in the pit bull discussion.

    The current pit bully are no different than those who fight dogs. Bully people accept needless preventable dog suffering and death.

    Oh they fought over Mickey but that's notbecause they care about dogs, that's because bully people love to fight.

    Proof that they do not care about dogs is their refusal to offer or accept any ways to reduce the disproportionate suffering and death that is the pit bull crisis.