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Bluesy Piano Duet With An Elephant? Yes, Please! We're All Giant Ears!

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Wanna watch a man and elephant do a blues piano duet?? Of course you do!!

Peter the elephant lives at Elephantstay at the Royal Elephant Kraal & Village in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

He's a lucky elephant because he gets to run around at a safe sanctuary all day.

All sorts of people come through, usually looking to get to meet Peter and see how beautiful and majestic he is.

One special day, Paul Barton, a visiting pianist, came through and decided to play some 12 bar blues on an upright piano that was outside.

Peter, being curious, went right up to the piano and joined in!!

So amazing! Paul just keeps playing as Peter joins in, banging the keys with his trunk!

It's so cute, the way he's flapping his ears like that. He looks so happy.

Wanna see one overjoyed, musical elephant?? Then check out the video (below) and prepare to be amazed!

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7 comments to “Bluesy Piano Duet With An Elephant? Yes, Please! We're All Giant Ears!”

  1. 1

    this elephant has more talent than ALL THE KUNT-TRASH-IANS put together.

  2. IQ of a Dolpinephant says – reply to this


    [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DONK!] [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DONK!] [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DONK!] [DONK!] [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DONK!] [DONK!]

    "by the way, elephant. Did you know we use to kill elephants to use their ivory as piano keys back before geniuses figured out how to make plastic?"

    [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [DAAAdadadada DAAdadadadada] [SQUISH!]

  3. betty ford says – reply to this


    perez, i've seen this video being circulated and it's horrific. please don't glorify it. if you look closely you can see the trainer tugging on the poor animal's chains. i just hate how these amazing, intelligent, beautiful creatures are made to perform like stupid clowns for humans…disgusting.

  4. IQ of a Dolpinephant says – reply to this


    Re: betty ford – Its better to be a clown for humans than a taxi for humans.
    Poor horses.

  5. Diana Edelman says – reply to this


    Perez — you have done wonderful things in the past to raise awareness about animals in captivity. However, this post promotes the exploitation and abuse of elephants in Thailand and the world. As someone who works with elephants, I can tell you that these elephants do NOT want to play music, paint, kick a ball around, etc., they are being FORCED to with the threat of pain. These elephants, in order to become captive, are put through a torturous process which breaks their spirit and makes them lose their ties with families. Places like what you are promoting are abusive and serve to only further the exploitation and abuse these animals suffer for our entertainment. It would be great if, instead of sharing things like this, which people do not question but should, images like Owen Wilson engaging with rescued elephants at Elephant Nature Park, or projects which rescue these magnificent creatures from places like this.

  6. animaladvocate says – reply to this


    Hi Perez. We all need education sometimes. So, the elephants don't do these things because they enjoy it, they do tricks because they fear if they do not they will be bullhooked, shocked, food with held and more. Also, please look up these so-called 'sanctuaries' before any money is donated. Many breed the elephants so they can be raised to perform and entertain. Greed is the word. Thank you for listening.

  7. B500 says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez and Teddy for sharing this video. Noppakhao (aka Peter) was born at the Royal Elephant Kraal village in Ayutthaya Thailand where he lives with his parents, siblings and many extended family members. Not stolen from the wild and not put thru 'crush' to lose ties with families. You should come and visit him. Noppakhao is generally a very inquisitive elephant … the smarter they are, the more inquisitive they are. Noppakhao's mahout is only touching him to remind him to be gentle, the keyboard is plastic, do not break it!!! Some elephants at the Kraal have been rescued from dire situations but by no means is the Kraal called a sanctuary. It is a safe haven for elephants though. Please come and visit Noppakhao and see for yourself this elephant has NOT been tortured into submission and see how darn entertaining this elephant truly is. Check out