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Woman Banned From Zoo After Going Through With The Idea Of The Century: Climbing Into Lion Pen To Feed Them Cookies

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woman banned memphis zoo feeding the lions

We understand the basic human urge to throw food at cute animals, we all have it, we're all slaves to it.

But most of us are able to exercise control and not put ourselves in danger, no matter how tasty the treat or how cute the critter.

Though we guess an unidentified woman didn't get the memo.

A woman was banned from the Memphis Zoo after she climbed over a barrier to the lion enclosure. Other zoo goers reported the woman to zoo officials who found her between the big barrier and a weak wire barrier, the last line of defense between her and the lions.

She was apparently trying to feed cookies to the animals.

C'mon! We all wanna do that but never would because what if the lions want a side of human hand to go with those cookies?

A zoo spokesperson said the woman's behavior was dangerous not only for her but for the lions as well and so she's been banned from ever returning to the zoo.

We feel like that was a good call.

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2 comments to “Woman Banned From Zoo After Going Through With The Idea Of The Century: Climbing Into Lion Pen To Feed Them Cookies”

  1. 1

    Wow. Just stupid. She had to be under the influence of something, right? I mean ppl aren't really that stupid all on their own are they?

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