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California Shark Attack: Super Disturbing Video Surfaces Of People Fishing For The Great White Shark LAUGHING At The Victim

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shark attack caught on video people laughing at victim

This is NOT OKAY. This is seriously just NOT.OKAY.AT.ALL.

How can people be so carelessly cruel?

We reported earlier about the terrible great white shark attack that happened in Manhattan Beach, California which was thought to be caused by a fisherman snagging it on their line.

Which, side note, fishing for great white sharks is ILLEGAL in CA.

Well, the extremely disturbing video shows the attack while it happens (but it is VERY far away so it's not graphic, per say) but it shows a disgusting side of the fishermen who didn't even THINK about cutting the line to the shark until AFTER it bit Stephen Robles.

The even MORE horrifying thing about the video is that when watching, you can CLEARLY hear the screams of the victim while the fisherman laugh on about it and claim:

"Nah, he didn't get bit, he's just shittin' his pants right now."

Prior to this you can also hear that they are clearly delighted that they 1. caught the great white shark and 2. are ENJOYING seeing the poor creature struggle with the line.

Everything about it is just downright disgusting.

How low can these people sink to find joy in tormenting that animal so much so that it ended up BITING someone in the water. Just atrocious.

Ch-ch-check out the EXTREMELY disturbing video:

Ugh. We're so sickened by these people.

Let's hope that the video helps lead to an arrest and the swimmer can get some justice for these guys who were clearly the cause of the attack.

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7 comments to “California Shark Attack: Super Disturbing Video Surfaces Of People Fishing For The Great White Shark LAUGHING At The Victim”

  1. mamad says – reply to this


    The quote finishes with "probably American". Shouldn't leave that crucial part out.

  2. twistdunshine says – reply to this


    What we should be upset about is the fact that people can throw chum off the dock and fish for sharks with swimmers in the area.

  3. Allie says – reply to this


    I watched this disturbing video and lost my faith in young people. Every generation shows greater intelligence and promise than the last yet these individuals embodied all the coldness, calisness, and disregard for humanity that I sadly suspect of today's youth!
    Videoing continued, no aide to victim nor swimmers, and mocking the victim of a shark attack- no character, heartless and lacking compassion, all indicate a giant step backward in the evolution of man!

  4. 4

    Scary - I lived in Manhattan Beach for 19 years (great town) and spent a lot of time surfing there when I was in my teens. Never ever saw or heard of a shark in those days.

  5. buggzy says – reply to this


    Ive seen this video over n over again n the fisherman r not laughing at The fact he got bit i dont think they had any idea until after y r ppl so judgmental if u pay attention to the video u can tell they cut off pieces y not play it all without Any editing n that way we can really know what happen but before u judge some one get your facts Straight

  6. Bing rob says – reply to this


    They were clearly aiding the others swimmers and alerting them of a shark in the area! You can tell they had no idea the other swimmer was bitten. And people fish all over the docks in Ca. Again the media (Perez) making people out to be worse than they are.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Chumming near a beach isn't verboten? I can see it out on a boat with no swimmers nearby.
    There were plenty fishing with bait last time I walked Newport dock, but saw no chum.