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Worried Your Kids Are Using Drugs? Now You Can Hire A Drug Dog For $300 And Know For Sure!

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worried your kids are using drugs now you can hire a drug dog for 300 and know for sure

This seems pretty intrusive.

But if parents are willing to pay $300 to have a stranger's drug sniffing dog clomp their way through their house — then we guess that's their decision!

Tom Robichaud operates a business in the Boston area where parents can pay for his drug sniffing dog's services to discover if their children are into dope or not.

The private business is called Discreet Intervention and Tom's practice isn't the only one available. In fact there are lots of private drug-sniffing dog businesses nationwide.

One recent client of Tom's was a father who suspected his daughter was using drugs. The benefit of using a private practice is that it is up to Tom Robichaud's discretion if the police are called in — something which he almost never does unless the parent wants to do so.

Unless the kid is running a meth lab in the basement or something. Which hopefully the parents would've noticed something like that!

Here's how one operation went down recently with an unknown father, Tom, and his pooch Ben:

""[The dog] hit on this table here and that chair," Robichaud says. "I'm not going to go through it. You can."

The dad sifts through two drawers in the table but finds nothing; Robichaud explains that a scent can linger months after drugs are removed. Then the dad feels around in the chair — a large, upholstered recliner. There is nothing in the cushions, so he looks around the back and pulls open a Velcro flap that covers the chair's mechanics. His hand hits on a plastic baggie.

"What is that?" the dad says as he pulls it out.

"Oh, my God," Robichaud says, as the dad holds up a sandwich bag filled with white powder.""

However although some parents seem to be willing to go to any length to discover if their child is involved with narcotics, one privacy expert for the ACLU definitely has a problem with this type of business!

Especially the part of Tom Robichaud's business where it isn't parents but actually noisy neighbors calling him for help to see what the people who live around them are into. If the dog sniffs out some drugs, then Tom proceeds to call the police!

ACLU privacy expert Jay Stanley said:

"There's a fundamental principle here that we don't intrude in that way on people's homes. And I don't think we want to go down the road to allowing open season for neighbors to spy on each other."

Uh yeah! We definitely agree!

There's gotta be some rights being trampled on with this kind of business, right?

Even law enforcement officials aren't crazy about this sort of business!

Here's what Jim Pasco of the National Fraternal Order of Police said:

"We don't seek this kind of assistance. We believe that some things are best left to police to ensure the best possible result."

Especially since those noisy neighbors could be hiring dogs with police-level training to sniff their way right onto an ongoing criminal investigation!

Hopefully most peeps won't be seeking Tom Robichaud and his dog's assistance anytime soon, but also hopefully Tom will have to look for another line of business once people catch a whiff of what he's doing.

It truly does NOT seem kosher!

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