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Kim Kardashian Blasted By PETA For Swimming With Dolphins! Watch Her 'Cruel' Instagram Video HERE!

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kim kardashian dolphin swim peta slam

Kim Kardashian and PETA often don't see eye to eye.

They've usually got some beef over some fur Kim wore or some selfie with an imprisoned zoo animal.

We're assuming ever since Kim was flour-bombed by a PETA activist, there's now no chance of a reconciliation.

But that doesn't mean PETA is wrong to criticize her for swimming with dolphins!

Sure, lots of people do it, but that doesn't mean you aren't invading the already small space in which a dolphin is stuck, living out their entire life there.

PETA's Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said:

"Kim is free to leave the pool, but for the dolphins, it’s a lifetime sentence. Touch tanks and 'swim-with' programs allow the public to pet, kiss, or even 'ride' dolphins. Such programs invade the animals' already diminished worlds and are intrusive, dangerous, and stressful for the animals as well as for human participants. Animals in 'petting pools' can become injured and anxious as a result of constant poking and prodding, and exposure to bacteria that they are not immune to can make them ill. The dolphins also often express their frustration through aggression."

Wow, that's so awful!

We guess we never really thought about it before but those dolphins must hate their lives.

Who wants to spend their time dragging around a bunch of humans?

Check out Kim's "offensive" video (below) and watch her ride an enslaved dolphin!

[Image via Instagram.]

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24 comments to “Kim Kardashian Blasted By PETA For Swimming With Dolphins! Watch Her 'Cruel' Instagram Video HERE!”

  1. 1

    Um, you honestly think she is at all tuned in to the news or "current events"?

  2. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Kim K should tell PETA to go fuck themselves.

  3. liquid kitty says – reply to this



  4. tiff says – reply to this


    I didn't realize dolphins could carry around whales.

  5. 5

    How about you take the quotation marks of the words cruel and offensive. There is no doubt that dolphins in captivity is a cruel practice, and seeing Kim abuse them further by swimming with them is definitely offensive.

  6. allan says – reply to this


    the poor dolphins must be exhausted from pulling that tub of lard around

  7. Robert says – reply to this


    I think your making a big deal, yes poor animal but they also do this to make people consies about what this animals are and how they interact so people wont go out to hunt them. please dont exagerate thinks or we will end up living in closed houses afraid of animals because we dont know them

  8. really says – reply to this


    oh shut the fuck up with your bullshit! There are thousands of businesses of swimming with dolphins and you're really gonna put Kim at fault because she's one of the millions of people who's ever done that? Peta is lame, they do nothing for the animals except stupid photoshoots with naked women and fucking attack kim… fuck this bullshit and fuck peta! If they really did care about animals so much they would actually do concrete things not just talk big to impress! Hypocrites!

  9. kane says – reply to this


    omg can she do anything without peta or anyone talking shit.get over yourselves.peta fight to ban it at 6 flags or any zoo who offers it for money.until then its legal and many people do it so PETA shut the fuck up…so do it constructively not harp on her..

  10. paula says – reply to this


    No one blasted Kim K. Lisa Lange is only addressing the issue of dolphins being in captivity. If Perez Hilton is as ignorant as he shows in this, by not grasping the real motive of Lisa Lange to mention Kim K., what can be expected of Perez Hilton's followers.

  11. Me ;) says – reply to this


    Oh lord, everyone wants to talk all this crap about Kim swimming with "enslaved" dolphins. & yet, SO many people are spending money to see the animals. Without the money y'all keep funding, there's no way they'd be able to keep this dolphins trapped up. They wouldn' be able to afford it. So don't be rude & negative because instead of getting dropped into the middle of the ocean, she simply went to tank that YOU spend money to KEEP dolphins in. Smh..

  12. joinSD says – reply to this


    There's only one thing more irrelevant than her and thats PETA! Focus on creatures in need and not things you can't do anything about

  13. 13

    Poor dolphins pulling Kim whale ass, I hope they poured valtex in the water…I'd hate for them to catch something

  14. 14

    Re: lacroix – The sad thing is that dolphins do catch diseases from humans. Yet another reason this form of entertainment should be banned.

  15. 15

    Re: rosebud99 – Also keep in mind, you are swimming in their toilet (some of those dolphin pools do not meet international standards). Last time I visited Puerto Aventuras (where there is a Dolphin Discovery), the water looked pretty bad. No clean.

  16. Augur says – reply to this


    I think what PETA said was "It's deplorable that they allowed a killer whale to swim in the same tank as these beautiful dolphins". And of course the kartrashian made it all about herself.

  17. 17

    First time I have witnesses a whale mounting a dolphin. Poor thing, hope it didn't catch any diseases!

  18. MichJB says – reply to this


    Couldn't someone have lied and put her in the shark tank instead?

  19. 19

    dumb bitch needs to get educated

  20. steve says – reply to this


    WOW! Never seen a MUDSHARK ride a dolphin before!

  21. Judy Youngman says – reply to this


    That self absorbed airhead will do anything to get her photo in the news.

  22. girlplease says – reply to this


    WOW so much ignorance in the comments. I am not a big supporter of PETA, however it is undeniable that cetaceans do NOT belong in captivity, it is cruel and unnecessary torture for money, plain and simple. These animals travel 100+ miles a day in the wild, and their ability to use echolocation in tanks is hindered. They suffer from psychosis and are extremely isolated and depressed, whereas in the wild they spend their entire lives with their family. If we are the so-called 'highest evolved species' we can find other ways to entertain ourselves rather than enslaving threatened animals. You want to see a dolphin go visit them in the ocean!! EDUCATE yourselves on the truth behind marine mammal captivity

  23. ohdear says – reply to this


    No surprise here. Just like her following and her app, idiotic. PETA's intention is to segue into the slaughtering of dolphins and raise more awareness to that. Smart. (side note: Some of the commentators need some education. )

  24. Dina Strange says – reply to this


    That's why i can't stand that stupid moron. She also wears fur, knowing that animals (smart, intelligent, social animals) sit in dirty cages, going mentally insane and then either skinned alive or anally electrocuted so this ugly piece of fat ass will wear them.

    Pathetic ignoramus. If you want to peddle porn and dumbness do it, but stop exploiting animals.