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Man Dies When Emergency Responders Can't Get To Him After Crashing His Car Into Bee Infested Abandoned Home!

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Man dies after crashing car into bee infested home! The swarm kept first responders at bay!

A man died in St. Charles, Michigan after crashing his car into an abandoned home.

The crazy part is… well, its unsure whether or not the crash killed him or what happened right after the crash.

The home he hit hadn't had human residents for a while, but it technically wasn't fully abandoned… it was infested with bees.

Seems like bees have been a bit of a problem recently!

He was apparently driving around a curve when his car left the road, driving straight into the house.

When witnesses tried to help the crash victim, they were driven back by a swarm of bees!

Local Sheriff Lt. Randy Pfau said:

"The house, we're being told, has not been occupied for many years. There were just large swarms of bees within the home. It was so infested, they couldn't get to him."

Eventually, people were able to get a tow strap attached to the man's car and they pulled his vehicle away from the bee infested house.

Emergency personnel then tried to save the driver's life, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

That's all just so awful!

We're just glad no one else was injured by the bees — but sorry that this man's life ended so abruptly!

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